Common Entrepreneurial Myths Debunked at Sept 22, SB2 Symposium on GOOD GROWTH


Yesterday, SRQ magazine hosted a well-received SB2: GOOD GROWTH Economic Indicators breakfast symposium at The Francis in downtown Sarasota. As guests filled their plates with a mouth-watering breakfast spread, series sponsor Lesley Hatfield of CS&L CPA’s welcomed those in attendance. As a locally grown business, giving back and supporting worthwhile initiatives are just as important to CS&L as their mission to provide the finest level of personal service and technical expertise.

Tammie Sweet,
Director of GrowFL gave a compelling presentation on the common myths of entrepreneurial ecosystems and what it takes to strive economically as a community. GrowFL helps local communities build entrepreneurial efforts centered on the Economic Gardening philosophy. This philosophy embraces strategies for second–stage companies in a community, region or state. “These are companies that have between 10-99 employees and 1 million to 50 million in revenue. They are hidden in the fabric of your community. We help them identify where new market potential may be as well as provide peer environments where they can get with other CEO’s of second–stage companies.” said Sweet.

  • Myth:   Ecosystems can be created and controlled by one organization
    Fact:    When targeting areas for entrepreneurship stimulation, clusters offer a fertile environment where survival rates are higher and performance better than elsewhere.
  • Myth  You  know that you have a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem when there are more and more start–ups
    Fact: For a booming economy, bet on high growth firms, not small business.
  • Myth Job creation is the primary objective of fostering and entrepreneurship ecosystem
    Fact: Job creation is a by-product, but it is not the objective.
  • Myth  In order to strengthen your regional entrepreneurship ecosystem, it is necessary to establish co–working spaces, incubators and the like
    Fact: These types of intentionally created support mechanisms are just a piece of the puzzle.
  • Myth  There is one one recipe for success
    Fact: There is no right way to do this. Try, fail and try again.

Tammie left us with impressive statistics on our region’s economy and job market stating that the Sarasota-Bradenton area was ranked 60th out of 381 cities across the United States for jobs gained in 2015 and 5th in Florida.

sb2 panel.jpg

Between sips of coffee and bites of bacon, guests were able to hear from movers and shakers in the Sarasota-Bradenton economic community. Panelists hailed from a variety of organizations: Jeff Maultsby from the Sarasota County Government, Joan McGill from the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County, Steve Queior from the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and Peter Straw from the Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association. Panelists were passionate about the current state of our economy, the value of education and the importance of a bi-county relationship.


Jeff Maultsby of Sarasota County speaks on our communities current economic climate. Phot0 credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Steve Queior, 
President and CEO of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce kicked off the conversation by explaining how significantly our economy has grown since The Great Recession. “We lost 38,000 jobs in The Great Recession and we have since gained them almost all the way back. One of our challenges is we have to create more higher paying jobs for the standard of living for our neighbors and residents.” Steve was also recognized for this 12 years at the helm of the Sarasota Chamber, a position he will be wrapping up this coming month.

“To achieve innovation, you have to disrupt your business. The Great Recession, disrupted every business in our community and we were fortunate enough to have leadership strong enough that said ‘hey if we get together we can find solutions to this’,” Peter Straw,  Executive Director of the Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association pointed out.

When asked about the recent decision to decision made by the county in regards to turning down incentives panelists were quick to share their thoughts.

“Florida is a much more business-friendly state than it was 8 years ago. The question is what kind of incentives do you offer and what kind of payback do you get for the incentives,” said Peter Straw.

Jeff Maultsby, Director of Economic and Business Development for Sarasota County argued, “When it comes to attracting businesses to our community, incentives are probably 4th or 5th on the list of things that are important to the company that is considering our community. First and foremost is talent. Where will I get my people? That is the number one question we get all day every day. It’s challenging for us to sometimes make that case to companies.”

Education and retention of young talent were on the forefront of conversation throughout the morning discussion. “Workforce is always an issue that companies struggle with at all levels whether it’s large or small. We are working very hard with our education institutions to create training programs that are specific,” Joan McGill, Vice President of Business Development for the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County added.

“Education and training equals economic development, it equals career pathways for our young people and neighbors of all ages and we’re doing some good things in this area in education and training, ” said Steve Queior. 

 Jeff Maultsby closed the conversation by stating,”Winning for us is doing the greatest amount of good for the most amount of people in Sarasota county. The core principle of economic development is to raise the wealth of our community so if we can have that impact I think that’s a win for us.”


Thank you to our SB2 series sponsors, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, CS&L CPAs and The Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport for their continuous encouragement and support. Your example inspires us.

A gallery of images from SB2: GOOD GROWTH Economic Indicators is available online.

Join us Thursday, November 17 for the next installment of the 2016-2017 SB2 season with GOOD COAST: A Good Place to Work, Live, Play and Give. Keynote speaker and President of the Florida Philanthropic Network, Stacy Carlson will give us insight on opportunities created by our reputation as a philanthropic region.

For a 2016-2017 SB2 season pass or more information on the entire SB2 series, visit


Don’t Forget to Buy Your SB2 Ticket- GOOD GROWTH Economic Indicators; This Thursday,9/22 at 7:30am​

There is still time to reserve your spot at this weeks SB2: GOOD GROWTH Economic Indicators symposium on Thursday, September 22nd from 7:30 am to 9:00 am at The Francis! You are invited to think differently and be inspired by a discussion on the regional indicators leading economic growth. Regardless of what business you’re in, the economic climate is of critical importance. Understanding our collective finances plays a key role in how we spend, how we budget and how we make decisions in our personal and professional lives. If you aren’t convinced yet here are a few reasons you should be at SB2: GOOD GROWTH Economic Indicators this Thursday.

1. You don’t want to miss hearing from our keynote speaker Tammie Sweet

As the current Director of GrowFl, Tammie Sweet has been working with Florida Economic Gardening Institute to help local communities build entrepreneurial efforts encoded on the Economic Gardening philosophy. This philosophy embraces strategies to grow existing businesses in a community, region or state. She will be sharing the impact this has made on local communities, giving insight on assisting second–stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida.

2. Our Powerhouse Panel

Our panelists are true leaders and innovators of economics in our local community. We will hear from Joan McGill of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County, Steve Queior of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Maultsby from Sarasota County, and Peter Straw of the Sarasota Manatee Manufacturers Association. After your breakfast, you’ll learn first hand from these individuals, their experience with the economic climate in the region and how they recommend becoming financially smart.

3. Breakfast is on us

Enough said. Regardless if you’re more fruit and yogurt or bacon and eggs, we’ll have all major food groups covered this Thursday. The conversation is early, but the breakfast is delicious. And the coffee is hot. You don’t have to wake up and wonder if you’ll have time to scarf down a breakfast bar on the way to work. We’ll take care of a well–balanced breakfast for you.

The unbeatable conversations are well worth the early wake-up call. Buy your tickets today at SRQSB2.COM. We promise you’ll walk away with more insightful knowledge than you know what to do with.

The 2016-2017 SB2 series is loyally supported by CS&L CPAsThe Resort at Longboat Key Club and Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

2016-2017 SB2 Season Launches on Sept 22 with Good Growth: Economic Indicators at 7:30am


Regardless of what business you’re in, the current economic climate is a hot topic and of critical importance in the community. From diversification of the marketplace, workforce readiness, jobs, the expanding healthcare sector and economic development priorities, this massive topic is dominating  C-suite discussions.  Join us as we take look at the economic indicators currently leading our region’s growth and diversification at SB2 Good Growth: Economic Indicators on Thursday, September 22, 2016  at 7:30 am at The Francis. SRQ MEDIA is an organization that prides itself in facilitating relevant conversation and events that challenge us to think and “do” differently.

Introducing Keynote Speaker Tammy Sweet

Tammie Sweet serves as Director for GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute and leads the program throughout Florida, which helps local communities build entrepreneurial efforts centered on the Economic Gardening philosophy. This philosophy embraces strategies to grow existing businesses in a community, region or state. A 20–year veteran of economic development, Tammie holds numerous awards for her leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship. Tammie is a 2005 graduate of Leadership Collier and was part the Leadership Florida Class XXV. She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Florida Virtual School and is former Chairman of the Florida Economic Development Council.

Meet our Good Growth Panelists

We are excited to announce our powerhouse line–up of panelists who share a common dedication to economic growth within the region.

If you’ve ever attended SB2 before, you know that these events start early (7:30 AM kickoff), but that the hot coffee, friendly faces of fellow movers and shakers in the community and unbeatable conversation are well worth the wake-up call. Don’t wait, purchase your tickets today by visiting SRQSB2.COM.

The 2016-2017 SB2 series is loyally supported by CS&L CPAs, The Resort at Longboat Key Club and Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport 




IN YOUR MAILBOX: TrendSport, Kerry Kirschner After Argus and Korean Bulgogi

Our September issue shines the spotlight on noteworthy trends in fashion, food, art and innovation, keeping you in the loop on local buzz. From craft cocktails to macho motorcycles, sweltering yoga sessions and theater stages full of film favorites and polarizing politics, there’s a lot to not miss this season. TRENDSPORT lets you live it all in style. Inside, you’ll find a spread dedicated solely to fashion, where local model Emily Shaw sports high-end workwear—zooming down the street on her cherry-red Vespa in ankle-bearing culottes and a chic off-the-shoulder top, making calls and taking names in a Diane von Furstenberg ‘70s-inspired jumpsuit and working on business proposals on her lunch break in a matching Akris Punto set.
For even more daring looks, head to the @TheTable section, where writer Phil Lederer gets up close and personal with Chef Angelo DiFiore’s table-side flames in My Dinner With Angelo and wades through the exotic waters of the often forgotten Korean food scene in Hidden Kingdom. Editor Aviel Kanter heads to the Rosemary District’s newest haunt in Sprig of Soul, uncovering a rich medley of Bermudan, Texan and Carolinian flavors at The Rosemary. Finally, Chef Marco Vedovo of Osteria 7.13 deftly navigates the world of fresh veggies at the farmers market (The Hunt for Veggies).
The September issue is also all about people—people who are educating, leading and improving our community, from the not-so-retired Kerry Kirschner (After Argus) and the Senior Friendship Center’s Chief Operating Officer Erin McLeod (Busy Bliss) to writing coach Eric Sheridan Wyatt (Putting Pencil to Paper) and photographer Alyssia Lazin (Peculiar Perspective). We immerse ourselves in the pearly white couture world of fashion designer Karen Roth (Noblesse Oblige) and tour the mid-century modern sanctuary created by woodworker Dale Rieke and photographer Jenny Acheson within their Lido Beach home (Bespoke Esprit). And just when you think you’re overloaded with stories, find peaceful dreams with the in-depth health symposium on good sleep, Overnight Rituals.
September is the perfect primer for all things fall—and we can’t wait for you to experience it with us!
The SRQ Team

SRQ MEDIA’s GOOD | GALA- The Independent​ Spirit Awards, Coming October 8


SRQ MEDIA is officially kicking off season with our annual philanthropy awards evening GOOD | GALA – The Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 8pm to midnight recognizing non-profit achievements and innovation. Join us at the Historic Sarasota Opera House in downtown Sarasota for an evening of giving good stories highlighted by performances of live music, contemporary dance, circus arts and visual art installations featuring Main Stage performances by the Artist Series, Moving Ethos, The Players, Sarasota Contemporary Dance, Sarasota Orchestra, Swingtide Combo and the Circus Arts Conservatory.

Before the curtain opens, a tempting spread of inspired bites provided by Boca Kitchen will fill the Opera House with sustainable, fresh, local flavors for the discerning palate.

The Independent Spirit Awards
Juried by notable figures in Florida’s engaged philanthropic network, The Independent Spirit Awards recognize innovation, sustainability and integrity in our region’s non-profit sector. Organizations are nominated by readers who share their good story with us. These stories capture the ways in which each non-profit positively impacted a life, a family or a friend through hope, inspiration and caring. Finalists and winners in each of the following categories will be announced and recognized on stage: animal welfare, children and families, arts and culture, education, medicine and health and human services.

We would like to give special recognition to Mariash Lowther Wealth Management as the presenting sponsor for the Children and Families
 category of the Independent Spirit Awards.  As a company, our mission is to educate, connect and contribute. This event is a great opportunity for us to do all three as we connect with many of the great nonprofits in town all in one room, contribute to the gift of recognition as well as educate the community on all the good that is being done here every day,said  Senior Vice President of Wealth Management Brian Mariash.

Share your good story and help us honor our non-profits by going clicking here.

Supporting Giving Back Locally
The soul of the SRQ GOOD | GALA is a one-of-a-kind celebration, but at its heart is the Sarasota and Bradenton community. A portion of ticket proceeds from the GOOD | GALA will be set aside through the SRQ Media Gives Back Foundation to benefit each of the winners of the SRQ Independent Spirit Awards (SRQISA). Aside from monetary support, Independent Spirit Award winners will receive considerable promotion to connect with readers and future patrons through SRQ MEDIA’s powerful engagement platforms.

We hope you will join us at GOOD | GALA to recognize and celebrate this year’s Independent Spirit Award (SRQISA) award winners. Tickets are on sale now at SRQGALA.COM—purchase online.

Reserve your VIP Harlequin Package online and join us at the private GOOD | GALA VIP Party at Sophie’s at Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday, September 15, 2016 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Kick off the season with stellar performances and a night of giving good!

—The SRQ Team

SB2 July 28 Symposium on Transformational Change is a Big Success


From L to R: Keynote speaker Lilly Weinberg, moderator Wes Roberts, panelists Dr. Michael Crosby, Johnette Isham, Dean Eisner and Mireya Eavey, and opening presenter Jaime DiDomenico.
Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

It is no secret that the Sarasota and Bradenton communities pride themselves in supporting nonprofits and their missions. The high occurrence of philanthropically planned discussions and forums throughout the year are an indicator that our community and nonprofits are hungry for innovations in maximizing giving potential and managing the inevitable change that can further grow their outreach.


CoolToday President & CEO Jaime DiDomenico stressed the importance of community giving. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Last Thursday, SRQ magazine hosted a packed-out SB2: Inspiring Transformational Change breakfast symposium at The Francis in downtown Sarasota. As guests filled their plates with a delicious spread of morning favorites, event sponsor Jaime DiDomenico of Cool Today/Plumbing Today/Energy Today welcomed those in attendance and spoke to the importance of company-wide giving. Cool Today is known for giving to a variety of organizations including Goodwill Manasota that foster a strong sense of community and develop our region through the economic and business sector.


Lilly Weinberg of the Knight Foundation delivered the keynote presentation. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Keynote speaker Lilly Weinberg, Director of Community Foundations for the Knight Foundation gave a presentation focused on transformational change within our communities. Part of the Knight Foundation’s mission is to invest in civic innovators who help cities attract and keep talented people, expand economic opportunity and create a culture of engagement.

Lilly emphasized that talent actually seeks place first and then find their job, therefore place can really determine upward mobility. “We live in America – the American Dream, but that’s dependent on your zip code,” she said.

Weinberg shared her five tips for innovation within our community and the non-profit world.

  1. 1. Take Risks: start with small incremental change
  2. 2. Think big: clearly define your goals, outcomes and then measure
  3. 3. Fail fast or iterate, see what works and then scale
  4. 4. Develop and lean on a diverse cohort and network
  5. 5. Embed learning and communications within your organization


Panelists answer questions at Inspiring Transformational Change. From L to R: Dr. Michael Crosby, Johnette Isham, Wes Roberts (center, moderator), Dean Eisner and Mireya Eavey. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Between bites guests heard from the minds behind some of the region’s most inspiring organizations. Panelists hailed from every sector: Johnette Isham of Realize Bradenton, Dean Eisner of Ringling College of Art and Design’s Board of Trustees, Mireya Eavey of United Way Suncoast and Dr. Michael Crosby of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. Panelists were passionate about the importance of evoking change in the community.


Dr. Michael Crosby of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium dspeaks to accepting change. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

“Changing is not always easy but change is the law of life,” a said Dr. Michael Crosby, President and CEO of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. “If one looks only at the past or even at just at the present, you will miss the future.” This was a consistent theme among panelists when discussing the future of our community and the organizations within it. 

Dean Eisner, Chairman of Ringling College of Art and Design’s Board of Trustees referenced the disconnect between young talent in the area and local businesses seeking that young talent. “Our community has assets we are not deploying as effectively as we could,”  he said. 

To that point, Johnette Isham, Founding Director of Realize Bradenton agreed that success is achieved through community involvement. “I don’t like the word change; I like the word evolution,” she said, it should be an organic process with input from multiple people with a singular purpose. 

When faced with the tough question as to whether nonprofits should hold themselves to the same demanding market-based accountability and professional operations as for-profit businesses, Mireya Eavey, President of United Way Suncoast couldn’t wait to jump in. “I don’t know . . . maybe we all need to be in a little tent and not have office space, but at the end of the day we are a business, and I think we are a very important business, and the work that we do is so important to the companies that live in the communities that we work in, because we are taking care of and the people and we are taking care of the workers.”


Representatives from SB2 Series Sponsor The Resort at Longboat Key Club at Inspiring Transformational Change. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

We couldn’t have learned the incredible things from this motivational discussion without our series sponsors: CS&L CPAs, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and of course our event sponsor Cool TodayThank you for your support of the SB2 series, but most importantly, thank you for the ways you give back and help people in our community each and every day. Your example inspires us.


Representatives from SB2 Series Sponsor CS&L CPAs at Inspiring Transformational Change.
Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

A gallery of images from SB2: Inspiring Transformational Change is available online. The 2016-2017 SB2 season will be launching on Thursday, September 22 with SB2 Good Growth: Economic Indicators. For 2016-2017 SB2 season passes and more information, visit

August is Heating Up!


Yeehaw, August is galloping into your mailbox now! This issue is all about land, specifically Floridian land that is being both endangered and staunchly protected. In Ranch Life, we take an in-depth look at modern ranching in Sarasota and Bradenton as Senior Editor Jacob Ogles goes on a ride-along at three working ranches—Hi Hat Ranch, the Longino Ranch and Schroeder-Manatee Ranch—to get a taste of the farming world, from cattle to citrus. Take a drive to the point of the state in Headed South, where Contributing Editor Michael Adno unpacks the tenuous relationship between the Big Sugar industry and the fate of the Everglades, begging the question of who is responsible for the quick-approaching toxic algal blooms currently making headlines.

Foodies won’t be disappointed with August either—flip through our four gastronomically inspired sections and remember why you love the Sarasota culinary landscape. In The Cool Kids, you’ll find an arctic roundup of incredible artisanal ice cream creations: chill out with buttermilk basil custard at Indigenous, wild ice cream sandwiches at The Table Creekside, sweet corn-infused scoops at Beach Bistro and an out-of-this-world ice cream salad from Michael’s on East. Garden of Eden enters the lush wonderland of the garden at Shoogie Boogies while Notorious Egg Cream packs a Brooklyn punch with an NYC-style egg cream from Sol’s NYC Deli. Round out the sweets with a clean, healthy acai bowl from Island Organics or the Green Zebra Cafe, showcased in All I See is Acai.

Our culture stories are explosive this month, following along with Kevin Kohler, better known as the Backyard Scientist in Do It Yourself as he spices up the educational science game, and shining the spotlight on Italian artist/sculptor Massimo Meda’s new gallery space in Maximum Meda. And who could forget the ever-radiant Katherine Harris, who in To the Races invites us into her home to talk about her passion for plant life, her role in bringing the Modern Pentathlon to Sarasota and her beloved Bouvier des Flandres pup.

Pick up the August issue and feel the heat! We can’t wait for you to be blown away by the incredible stories within.
The SRQ team

Click here to access the pages of the August digital edition.

Madeline Crotts Joins the SRQ Team

_MG_8369e copy.jpg

Meet Madeline Crotts, Associate Producer-Marketing, Events and Programs. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

It’s always exciting welcoming a new member to our SRQ MEDIA team. We recently welcomed Maddie Crotts aboard as the new Associate Producer of Marketing, Events and Programs. She will be in charge of scheduling, coordinating and executing all of SRQ MEDIA’s marketing, event, public relations and community engagement programs.

Maddie graduated from the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality with a degree in Event Management. Upon receiving her diploma, Maddie backpacked through Europe to experience the culture and most importantly the food of various countries. She is an active member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Alumni Chapter and regularly participates in various local events.

 She is passionate about her work, and is no stranger to meeting tight deadlines all while keeping a positive attitude. Maddie joins us with a background in the non-profit world and media industries. “I love the creativity that comes from events. I strive to gain as much knowledge and experience in this industry as it is constantly evolving,” she says.

 One of the few natives from Sarasota, Maddie is happy to be back in her hometown and excited to become more involved in the community. “This town is so eclectic and unique. SRQ MEDIA embodies the essence of Sarasota, which ultimately drew me in.”

Next time you attend one of our signature events, you will see Maddie working her magic to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Please join us in welcoming Maddie to the SRQ team. We are thrilled to have you!


SRQ MEDIA Welcomes Nicole Carbon and Michael Adno; Editorial Contributors

SRQ MEDIA takes pride in delivering vibrant local content to our readers, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of our hardworking and talented writers. That is why we are so excited to welcome our two newest editorial contributors to the team: Nicole Carbon and Michael Adno. Their attention-grabbing articles will be gracing the pages of SRQ magazine for your reading pleasure in the coming months.


Meet Nicole Carbon, Contributing Writer.

Meet Nicole: After residing in Pennsylvania, South Florida, California and North Carolina, Nicole Carbon finally made her way back to Florida, and is happy to call beautiful Sarasota home. For over a decade she has been writing for both print and online media outlets about fabulous food, wine, cocktails, hotels, and other lifestyle-related finds. You may recognize Nicole from a few of her TV appearances on local NBC and Fox news affiliates as well as Cooking Channel’s Eat Street. As a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, Nicole admits to constantly getting star struck by local and celebrity chefs. She keeps a healthy balance in her life with regular Bikram yoga, meditation practices and by lacing up her running shoes. In her off time, you can find Nicole eating and drinking her way throughout the Gulf Coast and sharing her food finds.


Meet Michael Adno, Contributing Writer.

Meet Michael: Michael Adno is an avid artist and writer currently based in New York City. He is a first-generation American and a native to the Sarasota area. Michael ventured from Florida to the Big Apple to study at New York University and serves as a contributing editor for At Large magazineHis work has appeared in a number of publications including Oxford American and Autre and Huck magazines. His project Cracker Politics: The Limits of Colonial Knowledge has garnered numerous fellowships and awards for its unique historical undercurrents. Michael is continuously expanding his portfolio and is looking forward to a fellowship at Hermitage Artist Retreat in Englewood, FL later this year.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Nicole and Michael. We are happy to have you on the SRQ Team!

Don’t Forget to Buy Your SB2 Ticket- Inspiring Non-Profit Transformation; Next Thursday,7/28 at 7:30am​


There is still time to purchase tickets to our can’t miss SB2: Inspiring Non-Profit Transformation symposium next Thursday, July 28th, 2016 at 7:30 AM at The Francis! SRQ Media is an organization that prides itself in facilitating relevant conversation and events that challenge us to think and “do” differently, and let’s be honest, who can resist a well-prepared breakfast?

You will meet the minds behind some of the region’s most inspiring organizations that have challenged conventional thought to bring about progressive change to the region and local community. Keynote speaker, Lilly Weinberg, Director of Community Foundations of the Knight Foundation will give a special presentation on the strategies and cultural shift non-profit organizations can facilitate to manage internal change and transformation. Joining her on stage for discussion is our group of esteemed panelists; Dr. Michael Crosby, President and CEO of Mote Marine Laboratory and AquariumJohnette Isham, Founding Director of Realize BradentonMireya Eavey, President of United Way Suncoast, and Dr. Larry Thompson, President of Ringling College of Art and DesignJaime DiDomenico, President of Cool Today will begin the morning with a few remarks as the event sponsor, and SRQ Magazine’s Executive Publisher Wes Roberts will moderate the panel discussion to capture the “rethink” that must occur to navigate change.

If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should join us, here are 3 reasons why we think you should set the alarm early for bacon, coffee, and great discussion!

  1. Inspiring Non-Profit Transformation is going to SELL OUT! While we can’t see the future, we’re pretty sure based on the amount of interest and early ticket sales that this event is going to meet capacity. If you are planning to go, learn, enjoy breakfast and network, don’t wait! Make your purchase now.
  1. We Have a Powerhouse Keynote Speaker In support of numerous transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts, The Knight Foundation is a major mover and shaker in the non-profit community. As the Director of Community Foundations, keynote Lilly Weinberg manages the Knight Foundation’s $140 million investment in 18 non-resident communities.
  1. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regardless if you’re more fruit and yogurt or bacon and eggs, we’ll have all major food groups covered on July 28th. The conversation is early, but the breakfast is delicious, and the coffee is hot. Trade in that granola bar for a well-balanced breakfast, courtesy of the dynamic team at The Francis. Did we mention there is bacon?

Don’t wait–buy your tickets today at SRQSB2.COM. We promise you’ll walk away with more insightful knowledge than you know what to do with.

The 2015-2016 SB2 series is loyally supported by CS&L CPAsThe Resort at Longboat Key Club and Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport

 This event is sponsored by Cool Today/Plumbing Today/Energy Today.

Thank you and see you next week!