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SRQ Welcomes The Fall Intern Class of 2016



From left to right: Thomas Schwarz, Taylor Young, Diana Morales, Kevin Brandt and Morgan Bortz. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Summer has come to an end and school is back in session, but our fall interns will not just be learning out of a textbook. They will be gaining hands-on professional experience with our transformative intern program. With focuses on advertising, marketing, photography and editorial, each intern will develop core knowledge and gain a deep understanding of their specific field of interest. Our fall internship program has brought us fresh faces from Ringling College of Art and Design, University of South Florida, State College of Florida and Venice High School. As an advocate of all things local, SRQ magazine strives to expose our interns to the tremendous cultural, business and educational assets in Sarasota and Bradenton so that they strongly consider making our region their home when they look for their next job.

Meet the newest interns working with the SRQ team this fall:

Thomas Schwarz, Editorial Associate. Thomas is currently a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in professional and technical communication. He is a man on a mission to effectively communicate and convey his message to a broad audience. Thomas’ dream job encompasses his passion for editing, writing and public relations. Thomas has a love for art, culture and 70s music, especially Pink Floyd and Jimmy Hendrix. His favorite activity outside the office is taking his dog Indie (a rescue from Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue) to Anna Maria Beach. He will be working closely with the editorial team creating content.

Taylor Young, Marketing and Editorial Associate. Taylor, a rising State College of Florida sophomore has always dreamed of working at a magazine and couldn’t wait to start learning the ropes at SRQ. She loves staying up to date on  the most current fashion trends and hopes to one day to do public relations for a fashion house in LA or New York. What inspires her most about fashion is that it is a form of expression. She will be working alongside Ashley Grant and Madeline Crotts on the SRQ Gives Back platform, and will assist Aviel Kanter with the magazine’s digital and print style sections.

Katlin Thompson, Marketing Associate. After receiving an associate’s degree from the State College of Florida, this Sarasota native is thrilled to intern at SRQ magazine and gain professional experience before finishing her degree in marketing and communication. When Katlin is not interning or working at a local clothing boutique, you can find her on North Lido enjoying the sun, riding her beach cruiser around St. Armands or petting every dog she sees at the local farmers market. She will be working with Madeline Crotts on the implementation of SRQ Media’s marketing, event and social media initiatives.

Diana Morales, Marketing and Editorial Associate. After graduating from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in editing, writing and media, Diana came back to her hometown longing for the beach and excited for new opportunities. Diana has a true passion for art, incorporating creativity and innovation with everything she does. During her time with SRQ this summer, Diana’s interested was peaked for our marketing and event planning programs. She has extended her internship through the fall and is excited to continue working alongside our dynamic team. She will be coordinating events and implementing marketing strategy alongside Ashley Ryan while continuing to tackle assignments for the editorial team.

Kevin Brandt, Photography Associate. Kevin is a senior at the Ringling College of Art and Design studying photography and imaging. After he graduates, Kevin hopes to find a job where he can travel the world and capture it through his camera lens. His favorite things to take photos of are landscape and wildlife. Kevin’s passion for nature stemmed from is upbringing in Stuttgart, a rural farm town in Germany. He will be gaining professional photo experience and collaborating with Wyatt Kostygan while interning this fall.

Morgan Bortz, Marketing Associate. Morgan is a Venice High senior planning on attending the University of Florida to earn a degree in business administration with a joint law degree. She is currently a leader in Community Youth Development, an organization dedicated to shaping today’s teens into successful business leaders and a driven board member of Sister Cities Association of Sarasota. She looks forward to giving back to the community, expanding her marketing knowledge and networking during her time at SRQ magazine. She will be assisting Jennifer Miller and Ashley Ryan with the special advertising opportunities.

Internship opportunities are now posted for Spring 2016. Click here to review the positions and for more information.

Thank you Katlin for helping us craft this Inside the Brand post!


Meet Nina Edelsbacher: Newgate School Intern

Newgate intern, Nina Edelsbacher with the SRQ Team. Photo Credit: Lisl Liang

Newgate intern, Nina Edelsbacher with the SRQ Team. Photo Credit: Lisl Liang

Last week, the team at SRQ Magazine had quite a treat in the form of a week-long intern from NewGate School. Nina Edelsbacher is a 7th grade student with a penchant for magazines, writing and planning events. As part of her curriculum, she spent the week away from the classroom and in our office to learn a little bit about the publishing industry.

Over the course of the week, her assignments included interviews, blog posts, attending a few SRQ events (including helping us prepare for the Best of SRQ Local Pop-up Preview. Her favorite assignment was a great illustration of what a project is like here at SRQ Studios. “The assignment that I liked working on the most was an article about Mote Marine’s Turtle Run. It was exciting to interview someone, because I have never done something like that before. I had to do a lot of research about the fundraisers and the program. It’s different than what I usually do, but definitely fun.”

With such amazing talent at such a young age, we can’t help but hope that Nina will stick around the Sarasota area…although her dreams may lead her to another path. “I really want to travel when I’m older and see the world. I’d like to write about what I see and what I experience while I am there. But I also really like event planning. I still have time to figure that out, but for now I’m really interested in journalism.”

Nina Edlesbacher (center), with Gunter Edelsbacher (left) and Michael Dunaway. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Nina Edlesbacher (center) with Guenther Edelsbacher (left) and Michael Dunaway at the Sarasota Film Festival kick-off party. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

We know that wherever Nina ends up, she will surely be an incredible force. Special thanks to Nina for spending the week with us and for energizing us with her questions, fun spirit and enthusiasm.

SRQ Magazine has a recognized professional internship program developed to provide college students, high school juniors and seniors and post-secondary graduates hands-on experience in the areas of editorial, event production, photography, design, marketing, business operations and advertising. If you are looking for experience over the summer and would like to be considered, email your resume to internships@srqme.com. Click here to see intern position postings for this summer’s class.

Meet FSU Grad Ben Reece, New SRQ Fall 2014 Editorial Associate

It’s that time of year . . . the weather is a little cooler, school buses slowly move up and down the streets, and here at SRQ we just welcomed a new associate to our team.

Meet Ben Reece, the Fall 2014 SRQ Editorial Associate.Originally from Orlando, Ben is a 2014 graduate of Florida State University. There, he majored in English and built up a repertoire to serve him in the journalism industry. While studying, the most impactful advice he ever received came from a famous Earnest Hemingway quote. “’The first draft of everything will be garbage’ (I paraphrase).” With a new beginning in journalism, this quote will hopefully serve as a comfort that all great influencers begin at the same place – the first draft. As an aspiring novelist, this advice will undoubtedly serve him well as brings pen to page and fingers to the keyboard.

In his short time with us at SRQ, Ben is already hard at work on SRQ Access, the Regional Visitors and Newcomers Guide to Sarasota and Bradenton. We look forward to Ben’s fresh perspective and insights through this project. Ben’s favorite spot to grab a bite to eat in the area is The Soda Fountain in Venice (http://www.sodafountainofvenice.com/home). “Everything there is good. I have never been disappointed. My favorite meal so far has been a hand-mixed cherry-chocolate Coke paired with their Reuben sandwich.” At home, Ben is a gamer and dedicates his skills to Dungeons and Dragons where he uses his Eagle Scout training to outwit the competition.