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SB2 Reporting Out: GOOD COAST–Our Philanthropic Giving Voice, Nov 17



Left to right: Panelists Bob Rosinsky and Teri Hansen, Moderator Wes Roberts, Keynote Speaker Stacy Carlson, Panelists Veronica Brady and Brian Mariash


Last Thursday, SRQ magazine’s  SB2: GOOD COAST A Good Place To Work, Live, Play and Give breakfast symposium shed light on the changing landscape of successful philanthropic endeavors on Florida’s West Coast starting with the importance of securing smaller donations from less wealthy donors.


Stacy Carlson of the Florida Philanthropic Network delivers keynote presentation. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

After opening remarks by event sponsor Bart Lowther of Mariash Lowther Wealth Management, Keynote Speaker, Stacy Carlson, Ph D., President and CEO of the Florida Philanthropic Network began the discussion by indulging in statistics that further proved how strong the philanthropic giving voice is not only in the region but nationwide.

“Every year, more than more than 373 billion is donated by individuals, foundations and businesses to a myriad of good causes,” she stated. “Seventy percent of Americans incorporate giving into their annual expenditures and philanthropy continues to fuel efforts to solve social problems, enrich culture and strengthen society. Middle and lower class Americans increased the share of income they donated to charity even as they earned less on average than they earned six years earlier.”

Carlson emphasized that the concept of giving is a critical component of the fabric of our society and went on to state that some of our nation’s greatest treasures and innovations are because of philanthropy.

“It is through true partnership that long sustainable solutions will be found. The benefit through local philanthropy is that it is truly local. Donated, designed and directed by the individuals located in exactly here where you live. I encourage you to find the ways that you can be most impactful their philanthropic giving.”

Carlson ended her presentation by stating: “The world had been changed forever because of philanthropy and I thank you for your part.”




Left to right: Brian Mariash, Teri Hansen, Wes Roberts (center, moderator), Bob Rosinksy and Veronica Brady. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Between bites, guests picked up pithy facts and well-honed insight from some of the region’s most inspiring and philanthropically driven organizations: Bob Rosinsky of Goodwill Manasota, Brian Mariash of Mariash Lowther Wealth Management, Teri Hansen of the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation and Veronica Brady of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.


Bob Rosinsky of Goodwill Manasota speaks on the voice of philanthropic giving. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan 

“The pinnacle of my early experience in volunteering was when I was in sixth grade, I got to be the one in charge of the Red Cross drive which meant every child brought a dime to school, and I got to collect the dimes and then give them the little white lapel clasps. I didn’t realize at that time that I would go into a career in philanthropy— my takeaway is that no matter what kind of foundation or nonprofit you run, it’s all about development,”  said Teri Hansen, President and CEO of the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, who started off the panel discussion by reminiscing about her first experiences as a volunteer .

Veronica Brady, Vice President for Philanthropy at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation shared, “My grandmother was born in China, the daughter of medical missionaries so the culture of philanthropy sort of wafted down over the generations.”

When asked about the priorities of potential donors in the area, Brian Mariash, Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at Mariash Lowther Wealth Management mentioned something in particular that resonated with the audience. “I think it’s shifted even during my career over the past 15 years. Early on, I saw donations just because their parents donated so they always donated. There is a lot more of an active role going on. I hear people restricting their gifts and they want to see the outcome. They are more likely to donate to something where they can quantify and see that impact. I think in their business lives, they were trained to look at things in that way and they are just getting more sophisticated and more educated about that.”

Veronica Brady discussed the importance of candor in donor relations. “Donors respect direct straight talk on what can be done and what can’t be done so there is no point in hiding it. I think for people who don’t know philanthropy, it’s easy to say charities aren’t honest , that’s not true. That’s the joy of Sarasota/Manatee, our community and working with community foundations is that you are working directly with individuals who know the community, who will do the research to find out more.”

Bob Rosinsky, President and CEO of Goodwill Manasota circled the conversation back to the core message of the morning. ” You are really looking at keeping mission first, communicating that mission throughout the organization and ensuring that everybody is on board with the direction you are going. And more than anything, over time, people get to live that mission.”


Representatives from SB2 Series Sponsor The Resort at Longboat Key Club . Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan


We couldn’t have learned the incredible things from this thought-provoking discussion without our series sponsors: CS&L CPAs, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and of course our event sponsor Mariash Lowther Wealth Management. Thank you for supporting the SB2 series, but most importantly, thank you for the ways you give back and help people in our community each and every day. Your example inspires us.


Representatives from SB2 Series Sponsor CS&L CPAs. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan


Click here to read the article about SB2: Good Coast in SRQ DAILY. A gallery of images from SB2: GOOD COAST: A Good Place To Work, Live, Play and Give is available online. The 2016-2017 SB2 season will continue on Thursday, January 26 with SB2 GOOD EDUCATION: Learning for a Lifetime featuring Keynote Speaker Mary Chance, President of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations. For 2016-2017 SB2 member passes, visit SRQSB2.com.


SB2: What We Learned About Attracting Tomorrow’s Donors

December SB2 Panelists. From left to right: Jeff Troiano, Julie Lyman, Jay Clarkson, Veronica Brady, Bob Blalock and SRQ Executive Publisher Wes Roberts.

December SB2 Panelists. From left to right: Jeff Troiano, Julie Lyman, Jay Clarkson, Veronica Brady, Bob Blalock and SRQ Executive Publisher Wes Roberts. Photo credit: Jessica McKnight

Philanthropy is a topic that is often discussed at our monthly SB2 Symposiums – and based upon participation, there’s a reason why! Monday’s sold out audience was treated to a panel discussion of the highest caliber.  SB2: Business of Philanthropy shared the challenges of critical planning that face non-profits in our region with insights from two community foundations and experts representing donors through financial and estate planning.

Mike McMullan of event sponsor Seaside Bank opened the discussion with a defining statement about charitable giving, “Philanthropy is about kindness, consideration and keeping an eye out for what will make a difference in the community.” Our previous SB2 events have focused on charitable giving and the organizations in our area that support worthy causes. Monday’s SB2 explored giving from the philanthropist’s perspective and what non-profits will need to do to continue to retain and develop their donor base.

The December SB2 audience listens to the panel discussion on philanthropy.

The December SB2 audience listens to the panel discussion on philanthropy. Photo Credit: Jessica McKnight

1. Recent challenges for non-profits and foundations:

  • Veronica Brady from The Gulf Coast Community Foundation says. “After the Great Recession, we had to stimulate people to feel comfortable giving again. We wanted to make philanthropy available to everyone. Not everybody can give money, but involving them with a cause is just as critical.”
  • The geographic location of the Sarasota and Bradenton area lends itself to part-time residents and individuals relocating to our community. With a potential donor base that resides and gives in another region, there is an untapped potential of donors that need to be reached with our organization’s messaging and missions. “People like to give their dollars where they spend their time,” says Jeff Troiano of Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen.
Jay Clarkson of CS&L CPAs answers a question as Julie Lyman of The Community Foundation of Sarasota listens in.

Jay Clarkson of CS&L CPAs answers a question as Julie Lyman of The Community Foundation of Sarasota listens in. Photo Credit: Jessica McKnight

2. What are donors looking for?

  • All of our panelists agreed on one element: transparency is king. “Donors used to write a check to give. Now donors are more of investors than donors. They want a sense of transparency and want to know where the funds are going once they donate,” says Julie Lyman of Community Foundation of Sarasota County.
  • Jay Clarkson of CS&L CPAs was asked about the financial statements of non-profits. “Generally, donors are looking for organizations where 85% of the budget goes to programming, leaving 15% to overhead and support services. But every organization is different and the financial breakdown depends on the year and many other factors.” Clarkson also added “measuring the outcome of programs and investments is also key. Sharing that information with donors is important.”
  • About donor trust, Julie Lyman of The Community Foundation of Sarasota says, “The role of the Community Foundation is to perform necessary due diligence to be sure that the donated funds go to the right place. We provide protection to our donors so that they don’t have to worry.”
Moderator and SRQ Magazine Executive Publisher Wes Roberts leads the panel discussion.

Moderator and SRQ Magazine Executive Publisher Wes Roberts leads the panel discussion. Photo Credit: Jessica McKnight

3. Knowledge is power.

  • When family foundations make plans to give to worthy organizations, it is easy for the more established organizations to take the lions share. According to Bob Blalock’s of Blalock Walters P.A., “with some large estates, their giving choice goes to what they know. Some smaller non-profit organizations end up getting overlooked for that reason. It is important to find out from the foundation what the end goal of donating the money is.”
  • Veronica Brady also talked about the donor’s motive. “Non-profits are all about listening—listening to the donor and not being afraid to ask questions. Sometimes donors that we expect to understand the most effective ways of giving really don’t. It is our job to ask questions, make suggestions and to think a little differently.”

If Monday’s SB2 could be summed up in one quote, it would be from Veronica Brady,  “When it comes to giving, follow what makes your heart sing.”  We couldn’t agree with that statement more. The business of giving is not always clear or easy—but it is always important.

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support in bringing this and other important topics to the forefront of our community: Event Sponsor Seaside Bank, Bradenton Series Sponsor IMG Academy and Sarasota Series Sponsor CS&L CPAs.

Representatives from Seaside Bank, the December SB2 event sponsor.

Representatives from and guests of Seaside Bank, the December SB2 event sponsor. Photo Credit: Jessica McKnight

To view photos from the December SB2, click here. Don’t miss out on next month’s Sarasota symposium on January 22nd SB2: Boomers and Caregivers-The New Retirement, visit www.srqsb2.com to purchase your tickets today!

What We Learned from SB2: Sarasota and Bradenton are Connected to the World

From left to right: Moderator & SRQ Publisher Wes Roberts, Dave Sanford, Rick Piccolo

From left to right: Moderator & SRQ Publisher Wes Roberts, Dave Sanford, Rick Piccolo

We have a confession to make: we love the monthly SB2 Symposiums as much as our loyal attendees do. Today was no exception. Rick Piccolo, President & CEO of Sarasota Bradenton International Airport and Dave Sanford, Deputy Executive Director of Port Manatee captivated the audience (and even our moderator, Wes Roberts) with insights of these valuable resources to our region.

Today’s topic, Connecting to the World, welcomed a rare peek-behind-the-curtain on operation of the airport and port for many in attendance. Learning how the airport prepares for a potential crisis and the process required of the port when receiving shipments was a thrill. Particularly notable was the comparison of the airport and port as isolated municipalities. Complete with law enforcement, transportation and a governing body, both entities are comprised of a multitude of moving parts and provide a host of employment opportunities for local citizens.

Going beyond the infrastructure of both entities, Mr. Piccolo and Mr. Sanford shared a great deal about their vision of the airport and port – and referenced upcoming changes in each sector that could affect the Sarasota and Bradenton area operations. An upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal in 2015 presents a pivotal change for ports nationwide. Preparing now to accommodate an influx of shipments is in Port Manatee’s interest.

Representatives from event sponsor, Blalock Walters, P.A. Photo Credit: Senior Photographer Evan Sigmund

Representatives from event sponsor, Blalock Walters, P.A.
Photo Credit: Senior Photographer Evan Sigmund

Mr. Piccolo noted that a surprising 12% of all passengers welcomed into the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport are traveling from another country. Maintaining a standard of excellence while meeting standard regulations is of the utmost importance. In reflection of the event, Mr. Piccolo said, “I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss the airport’s structure, financial condition and place in the global economy. The audience was fully engaged and it was a great opportunity to discuss current issues in aviation from Ebola, to security and the overall travel experience.”

Although we are not surprised, both Mr. Piccolo and Mr. Sanford noted that a high level of customer service is what sets the airport and port apart when it comes to competition. Wes Roberts, moderator of the symposium said, “when traveling into the SRQ Airport after having multiple connections, you get the feeling that you’ve just stepped into a warm hug.” Port Manatee also prides itself in the manner they do business. When working with a potential client of Port Manatee, Mr. Sanford said, “since tariffs are set by an area standard, what sets us apart is they way we do business.”

From left to right: Moderator Wes Roberts, panelists Dave Sanford and Rick Piccolo Photo Credit: Senior Photographer Evan Sigmund

From left to right: Moderator Wes Roberts, panelists Dave Sanford and Rick Piccolo
Photo Credit: Senior Photographer Evan Sigmund

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to today’s panelists and to Blalock Walters, P.A. the October event sponsor, and IMG Academy, the SB2 Bradenton series sponsor.

For photos from the event, visit www.clicksrq.com/SRQEvents.

Don’t miss the next SB2 on November 20, 2014 at 7:30-9am on International Travel Tourism & Business, at The Francis in Downtown Sarasota. For event details and tickets, visit www.srqsb2.com.

Strident Voices at the SB2 Elected Mayor Breakfast Symposium


Leaders from Southwest Florida tackled the issue of “Elected Mayor” this morning at the most recent installment of SRQ Media Group’s SB2 series. Bradenton Mayor Wayne Poston boasted successes he experienced over 14 years bearing the mantle of mayor in The Friendly City, but former Sarasota Mayor Mollie Cardamone noted Sarasota accomplished great strides in tourism and economic development with a mayor that changed each year.


Del Borgsdorf, a former city manager in California, said you can change how to elect leaders without tossing professional management, while Main Street Connection President Peter Fanning called for change in the system. “There is an ache in people that we could be doing this better,” said Chris Gallagher, incoming chair for The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce. The transcript from the event this morning will be available for download from SRQMAG.COM/DigData early next week.


This next SB2 symposium on “Connecting the World: SRQ Airport and Port Manatee” takes place on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, from 11:30am-1pm at the IMG Academy Golf Club. Symposium tickets are $35/person and include a plated lunch. Thank you to our Sarasota series sponsor CS&L CPAs and Bradenton series sponsor IMG Academy.  SB2 is produced by SRQ | Magazine.

Panelists Announced for August 6 SB2: Education and Business in Partnership


SB2 LogoSRQ Media is pleased to announce the panelists for our next SRQ | The Magazine SB2 event on Wednesday, August 6, from 11:30am-1pm at the world-renowned IMG Academy Golf Club in Bradenton. Join leaders in local education, Allen Carlson, President and CEO of Sun Hydraulics, Mary Glass, Executive Director of the Manatee Education Foundation, Jeff Hazelton, President and Chief Technology Officer of BioLucid, Jan Pullen, Saint Stephen’s Head of School, and Susan Scott, Executive Director of the Education Foundation of Sarasota County for a dynamic panel discussion as they share their insights on the private and public challenges associated with the region’s business community. Tickets to this symposium are $35/person and you can purchase online at SRQSB2.com (ticket price includes plated lunch). For sponsorship opportunities contact Ashley Grant at 941-365-77028 x204 or Ashley.Grant@srqmediagroup.com. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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