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February is Here. And It Is Delicious.

The February 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The February 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The new edition of SRQ | The Magazine is here! And if you’re hungry for stories on some of the hottest food trends along the Gulf Coast, get your copy of February while it’s hot. Gracing the cover is a a plate of golden, Double Dipped Fried Chicken from Made, setting the table and mood for an edition that is devoted to the culinary arts and eats in Sarasota and Bradenton. From local kimchi to kombucho to a story of desserts that will induce very sweet dreams, we’re pretty sure that every single flavor discernible by the human palate is covered in the February edition. The very best part is that all of it is local. The fine foods and purveyors of delicious meals you’ll read about in the February edition of SRQ don’t require use of frequent flyer miles and a trip across the country (or a year long wait list) to enjoy every bite. Partaking in one of these fine meals only requires that you choose to eat local and explore your own city. What’s not to love about that?

Of course, every edition of SRQ | The Magazine has something for every appetite, not just by way of dreamy food. In the February edition, we’re proud to produce the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Annual Report, which sheds light on the ways our chamber serves as an active voice for attracting and sustaining business and cultivating a strong community of leaders along the Gulf Coast. Our Senior Editor (and resident political guru), Jacob Ogles looks into the redistricting of Florida’s Congressional lines and its impact here within those lines. We’ve got an in-depth interview with Connie E.W. Smith of Wells Fargo and Company of Florida on how major gifts are distributed on a local level. Staff Writer Phil Lederer explores avant garde art in Sarasota. And if you’re planning to read the February edition of SRQ as the clock strikes cocktail hour, turn to our story about Troy Roberts and how Siesta Key Rum began as a dream and is now one of the top rum distilleries in America. If you prefer to sip bourbon neat, you’ll want to pay close attention to the feature story on this brown spirit’s beginnings, resurgence and time honored traditions around its gleaming bottles.

We hope that the February edition of SRQ leaves hungry for new ways to savor, explore and live local.

Cheers and bon appetit,

The SRQ Team


The new edition of SRQ ACCESS is available for purchase now!

The new edition of SRQ ACCESS is available for purchase now!

When our the editors of SRQ | The Magazine introduced a newcomer and visitors guide in 2007, there simply wasn’t a doubt of what to call it. Ever since, SRQ ACCESS has been a mainstay in local hotels and visitor centers across the region as the official guide to the region. Much more than the title of the publication, SRQ ACCESS is just that – a point of entry, rite of passage, unprecedented access live local and a guidebook to the most magical things to see, do, taste and enjoy while in Sarasota and Bradenton.

This year, we’re happy for you to meet this annual publication and know that it will grant you access to the countless treasures along the Gulf Coast. Opening with how to navigate the region, SRQ ACCESS accounts for those that plan to drop anchor here and venture out to the nearby keys and beautiful areas just outside of our community.

If you’re looking to learn (or brush up) on Sarasota history, SRQ ACCESS has you covered. If you’re hoping to plan out your social calendar with major cultural events for the full year, SRQ ACCESS has a calendar of major functions. But if the way to your heart is through your stomach, come hungry. SRQ ACCESS has the most comprehensive list of places to dine and enjoy the flavors of the region.

The convenient go anywhere size of SRQ ACCESS makes it the perfect totable tour guide for visitors and locals alike.

The convenient go anywhere size of SRQ ACCESS makes it the perfect totable tour guide for visitors and locals alike.

While we are proud to provide SRQ ACCESS for newcomers and visitors, we know that there are those of you (like us) that love to live local, and that there’s nothing more special that knowing where you live like an old friend. With SRQ ACCESS, we’re sharing all of our secrets with you – shopping tips, where to eat, what to order, what you should do over the weekend and the long story of where we come from. The go anywhere size is perfect for stashing in your tote or beach bag to plan your adventures in Sarasota, Bradenton and beyond, whether you’re a tourist or a tourist in your own town. As you go through this year’s copy and dog-ear the pages and make a master list of everything you want to try this year, we hope that you get to know feel closer to this great region and that gain access to Sarasota and Bradenton like never before.

SRQ ACCESS can be purchased on newsstands throughout 2016.

Calling All Foodies, Rock the Vote for BEST OF SRQ LOCAL


This afternoon, the team at SRQ Media indulged in a little bit of nostalgia. We thumbed through past editions of SRQ | The Magazine going many years back. Somewhere in the time warp that is real life, it doesn’t seem like 2009 should feel like that long ago. But it was longer ago than we like to think. That year, we launched one of our most favorite platforms, The Best of SRQ Local Competition and began a tradition of listening to our readers and publishing their favorite things each April.

Back in 2009, Libby’s Cafe and Bar was the hot new restaurant and swept many categories including, Best Salad, Best Soup, Best Chocolate Dessert, Best Service, Best Martini, Best New Restaurant and Best Place to be Seen for an After Work Drink. We’re happy to see that local favorites like Libby’s Cafe and Bar are still thriving and setting the standard for the hot, new places to eat (like their sister restaurant, Louie Modern, which took home Best Modern Cuisine in 2015).

Really, the possibilities for the winning restaurants and dishes are endless. We’re just happy that we don’t have to come up with the list ourselves – we’re sure that staff meeting would end with a litany of to go boxes and maybe a friendly screaming match over the best pizza. We are serious about pizza.

Your tastebuds can swing the vote on categories like Best Sushi, Best Breakfast, Best Modern Cuisine, Best French Fries, Best Burger, Best Seafood and Best Restaurant. Years down the line when we look back at the winners of the 2016 competition, make sure that we remember the year fondly and that our stomachs growl a little louder before lunch. Be sure that when we rush out of our office to remember the taste of the burger that won in 2016 that it’s a good one.

So what can you do to leave your mark on the 2016 Best of SRQ Local competition? You can vote. You can tell your family and friends and neighbors and people next to you in line at Pasty Art or at the Sushi Bar at Jpan or waiting for their drink at State Street Eating House to cast their ballot. You could start a Best of SRQ Local club and make it your mission to hit every hot spot in town and vote for the definitive best. Host a party at your house with takeout of your favorite dishes and get your friends to vote together. Whatever you do, support the local kitchens that make our community as tasty as it is beautiful.

The greatest thing about Best of SRQ Local is that when local restaurants win, we all win. Living Local means that each one of us gets to savor every bite of local dishes that are prepared by men and women that make our community what it is today.

Stay hungry. And vote.

See you in April,
The Best of SRQ Local Team


Get Ready for Season with the October Edition of SRQ

The October 2015 Edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The October 2015 Edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

Today is the first day of the month! How is October already here? Working in publishing is a funny thing – you’re in advance of every season (if you hear SRQ employees singing Christmas carols, it is for good reason—we’re already in knee-deep in the December edition). And then when the first day of each month rolls around, you’re shocked that it has managed to pop up so quickly, even though you’ve long moved on in spirit.

Often for us, we’re so engrossed with future editions, that we forget to savor the present. Each month we’re treated to a box of advanced copies of SRQ | The Magazine. In that moment, we all stop what we’re doing and we read our new edition and spend a few precious moments in the present.

This edition is special. We’re fond of it in a way that is distinctly different that other monthly editions that land in your mailbox each month. There’s a special tribute to the late Allyn Gallup, an undeniable and very missed force in the Sarasota art scene. Written by Staff Writer Phil Lederer, this story is one that we are enormously proud of – in a similar way of the pride we have that Sarasota was his home.

Our cover story is one that strikes a chord with our staff and community: “Young, Creative and Adrift” explores the reality of life as an artist (the good, the bad and the artsy) along Florida’s culture coast. And speaking of art, we turned our attention to The Rosemary District for an exploration of the proposed developments that promise a change of scenery and artful buildings just north of Fruitville Road.

For the first time, we have a fancy digest that turned our gaze to the upcoming season, called the Culture Coast Primer. In it is everything you need to know about this year’s major performances and productions. Designed for quick reference, we’re sure you’ll refer back to it all year long.

Of course there’s food in this edition. And if you’re looking for the season’s hottest trends, we’ve got you covered there, too. We hope that you enjoy this great edition of SRQ | The Magazine. And we hope it inspires you to live local.

See you next time!
The SRQ Team

PS: Our annual gala, Bal Masqué is on Saturday, October 3rd! We love the chance to mix and mingle with our friends and others who make it their mission to live local! We hope you’ll come and experience a great evening of food, entertainment and libations at one of Sarasota’s most historic and premier event venues, The Opera House. A portion of proceeds go to local community organizations. If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, HURRY! Price increases at the door and you’d hate to miss out on a fun filled evening. Visit SRQBALMASQUE.COM for details!

Captain Brian’s Joins SRQ Nosh Channel

If you’ve ever thumbed through an issue of SRQ Magazine, you already know. We don’t just report on the restaurants and dishes around town, we wax poetic about them. That’s why we’re excited to share our new food channel, Nosh, with you. Consider Nosh an invitation to our table: the spot where we spill juicy scoop on the latest food happenings around town. A collaborative program with local restaurants, Nosh is our unique way to tell the story behind the food and to share of the moment news from local eateries.

A memorable meal could be as simple as your favorite comfort food, or a new dish that opens a flavor profile that you’ve never tried before. Either way, we believe in the power of delicious eats.

Enter Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant

The man. The legend. Our first official SRQ Nosh partner. As this is our first foray into the world of content marketing, we found it only reasonable to drive to his place on North Tamiami Trail to celebrate in an appropriate fashion (read: ask him as many questions as he would allow). What he told us made us love him even more. Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant started 32 years ago this September, a milestone that his restaurant will be celebrating. Considering the amount of change our region has faced since 1983, we immediately acknowledge that he must be doing something right. For 11 of those years, he’s been in his current location just north of the airport. Being so close to planes has its benefits, namely, flying in the freshest seafood you can imagine. Especially lobsters.

Captain Brian shows the SRQ Team a fresh Maine Lobster for the nightly special at his restaurant on N. Tamiami Trail

Captain Brian shows the SRQ Team a fresh Maine Lobster for the nightly special at his restaurant on N. Tamiami Trail

Walking into the restaurant, guests are greeted by a tank full of feisty Maine lobsters, each with gargantuan claws. “We run a special everyday on a lobster dinner,” said Brian, pulling an enormous lobster from the tank. “Guests seated before 5:30 can order a whole steamed lobster and a side for $17.95. You don’t see deals like that around town every day.” Nope. You sure don’t. We immediately scribbled “GO TO CAPTAIN BRIAN’S NEXT WEEK BEFORE 5:30PM” in our day planners.

The gourmet and specialty food section of Captain Brian's Seafood Market & Restaurant.

The gourmet and specialty food section of Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant.

Rounding the corner to check out his impressive display of fish, oysters, clams and shelves full of gourmet and specialty ingredients, it’s clear that all you need to do is walk through the door for inspiration to cook your own seafood feast at home. If you’d rather relax and have your meal prepared for you, he’s got that covered, too. “Everything on the salad bar is homemade. We do our own dressings and you’d be surprised how much of a difference that makes for flavor.” The salad bar is a new addition to the restaurant and is a point of pride for the good captain.

As we sat at the bar Brian told us about his most recent change to the restaurant. “In December, we added in a full bar. We now serve cocktails in addition to beer and wine,” he said. Nodding to an automated system behind the bar he told us about his decision to invest in a computerized system to serve as his bar back. With thousands of drink recipes programmed and ready at the touch of a button, every pour is consistent and keeps his staff’s focus on preparing great meals.

Drink specials at Captain Brian's Seafood Market & Restaurant.

Drink specials at Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant.

A large saltwater fish tank serves as the dining room’s focal point. “Large” might be a misrepresentation. Brian tells us the exact size–16 feet long by four feet wide by three feet tall. His idea was to have the tank serve as a room divider between tables. Holding 1,500 gallons of water, this is not an ordinary pet store fish tank. “I clean it myself,” says Brian, proving that he is more than the owner of the market and restaurant. He is clearly the Captain.

The SRQ Nosh team looks forward to bringing you more information on Captain Brian’s Seafood Market and Restaurant throughout the year. Look for his Kitchen Confidential profile in the September 2015 issue of SRQ Magazine and other bites of information on SRQ Daily and on our website.

Get a Table
Captain Brian’s Seafood Market & Restaurant
8412 North Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL  34243

2015-02-Captain Brian_Layout 1

HOT OFF THE PRESS: June is Here!

The June issue of SRQ Magazine hits newsstands today!

The June issue of SRQ Magazine is on newsstands now!

It’s official. The temperature is spiking, Memorial Day weekend is in our rear view mirror and we’re suddenly craving a popsicle for no reason at all. The dog days of summer are here! We’re kicking off the season of sunshine with a brand new edition of SRQ | The Magazine and you’re going to love what’s between the covers.

The official wrap-up from Sarasota Film Festival, written by the talented SRQ editorial team (Jacob Ogles, Phil Lederer and Shane Donglasan) is the ultimate recap of the films, parties and events surrounding one of our city’s greatest festivals to date. You’ll want to drop everything and spend the afternoon planning how to spend the upcoming weeks once you read the “Live Summer Like the Locals.” It is packed with the best way to live local in our beautiful region, bar none. We’re talking food, beverages, events, camps for the kiddos and creative ways to beat the heat.

And of course, it wouldn’t be an issue of SRQ if there weren’t a few mouthwatering muses, right? Hold on tight – we’re introducing a donut shop on Anna Maria Island that you will be talking about for days. A local food truck that specializes in wood fired Neapolitan pizzas? Once you’ve had a bite, following the truck around town will become your summer mission. There’s also a tasty bite about the Artisan Cheese Shop on Main Street. If you’re a cheese lover, this is the closest place to heaven west of Tamiami Trail and beyond. And the fact that each of these great companies call the Suncoast home makes us beam with pride.

The June issue of SRQ is on newsstands now! Be sure to pick one up, or visit our website to subscribe and never miss an issue.

Happy summer. And happy reading!

The SRQ Team

Meet NOSH, the New SRQ Foodie Channel!

2015-09-Nosh-M2Sales-POSTCARDNormally in publishing, we use the phrase “hot off the presses” – but with the launch of Nosh, our new foodie channel, we’re tickled that it is served hot from Sarasota’s greatest kitchens!

SRQ Media is pleased to embark on our tastiest adventure yet. Through Nosh, we can’t wait to explore the culinary gems throughout our region and bring back tasty bites of information to savor with you, our loyal audience.

The Dish
The idea of Nosh has been simmering for a while now, and we’re pleased to serve it up fresh this fall. Starting with the exclusive Kitchen Confidential in the September edition of SRQ Magazine introducing our foodies to the chefs of this year’s Nosh restaurants, the journey into our culinary culture is just beginning. For participating local restaurants and purveyors of fine foods, Nosh is all about engaging with SRQ’s audience through bite-sized content.

Got a new menu item? How about a specialty ingredient that is so cool you just have to get the word out. Or the crowd-pleasing dish on your menu that has humble roots that you’ve always wanted the community to know about? This is the perfect way to tell the story of your food to a hungry crowd. These tasty tidbits will be shared through our network of digital content channels (including SRQ Daily, SRQMAG.COM, CocoTele and other outlets). We’ll also be showcasing participating kitchens in the 2016 SRQ ACCESS – our annual visitor and newcomers guide.

Stay tuned for more information. And stay hungry!

The SRQ Team