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Spotted! SRQ Magazine’s La Strada Video on ABC7 – Sarasota

What are you doing Saturday?  SRQ Magazine hopes to see you out on Dolphin Street, Downtown Sarasota from 6:00pm to 11:00pm to celebrate SRQ Magazine’s 20th Anniversary at La Strada | SRQ 20th Anniversary Street Festival.

This video can also be spotted on ABC7 Sarasota – WWSB, our new partner!

Bring the family out for a magical #LOVE LOCAL evening celebrating 20 years in our hometown!

LaStrada | SRQ’s 20th Anniversary Street Festival
Saturday, October 20, 2018
6:00PM to 11:00PM
Dolphin Street, Sarasota, FL 34236
(located between S. Orange Ave. and S. Pineapple Ave., South of Ringling blvd.) 


Advance Admission | $10/person online
At the Door Admission | $15/person
Kids 12 and under, free

VIP Ticket | $45/person, includes access to the SRQ Studio VIP space, featuring exclusive live performances, catered bar and bites

Reserved Festival Table | $150, includes admission for six and reserved table street-side for the evening

SRQ MEDIA would like to thank 20th Anniversary Season Sponsor Ringling College of Art and Design for its support of this monumental milestone. We would also like to thank LaStrada event sponsors, Sarasota FordSabal Palm BankMarina JackAloft SarasotaAl Purmort InsuranceGold Coast Eagle DistributingChillounge Night and Sir Speedy Printing.

The beer and sangria proceeds will go to support our exclusive LaStrada | SRQ 20th Anniversary Street Festival Nonprofit Partner, Suncoast Charities for Children.

For event questions please contact Associate Producer of Marketing, Events and Programs, Rebecca Brey at rebecca.brey@srqme.com or 941-365-7702 x221.


SRQ Staff Writer, Phil Lederer Speaks to Ringling College of Art and Design Students, Nov 9



SRQ Staff Writer speaks to Ringling College of Art and Design Students 


Last week, SRQ Magazine’s Staff Writer, Phil Lederer spoke to a group of Ringling College of Art and Design students about the components that create a well-written article. The group consisted of three illustration majors and one game art major who will be conducting interviews and writing articles about trending news and topics on the Ringling College campus.

“There’s so much about journalism that can’t be taught except by doing,” says Lederer. “The research, the interview, the writing and skills relating to all of these can be taught to some extent, but the actual implementation relies more on repeatedly doing.”

Lederer equipped the students with tips on how to go about researching a subject before an interview, how to conduct an interview and then how to construct a meaningful article that not only informs but is enjoyable to read. Ringling College often supplements their classroom activities with visiting professionals and guest speakers and we are thrilled that Phil could represent SRQ MEDIA.

“Speaking to students provides a further opportunity to impress upon them the importance of journalism and give them the confidence to pursue it,” says Lederer. “It’s their right as journalists to ask the hard questions and tell the hard truth honestly. Confidence is key in that regard and although journalists should be prepared to stand alone if necessary, a foundation of community support and professional encouragement goes a long way.”

SRQ Daily Introduces New Columnists!


At SRQ Magazine, our constant force in delivering the story of our region is always focused on one thing: the very best way to live local. Each day, SRQ Daily hits inboxes bright and early in the morning to wake up our readers to the issues facing our community, need-to-know information and a hearty helping of events taking place along the Gulf Coast. On Saturdays, we break our regularly scheduled programming to bring you important topics directly from the voice of community influencers. While the topics vary depending on the week, our guest columnists are a critical part of the SRQ Daily platform. Sometimes the best way to live local is to listen local. 

Beginning in August, we are introducing new columnists to our already impressive roster of local community leaders, including: Kevin Cooper, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce; Susan Nilon, owner and general manager of WSRQ and host of The Nilon Report and Sarasota Tomorrow; the executive team at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and Catherine Antunes, President of Sarasota Citizens for Responsible Government and Vice president of Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations.

Meet the New Columnists:
  • Roxie Jerde: President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County
  • Donald O’Shea: President of New College of Florida
  • Carol Probstfeld: President of State College of Florida
  • Larry Thompson: President of Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Christine Robinson: Executive Director of The Argus Foundation
  • Tom Barwin: City of Sarasota, City Manager
  • Jim Shirley: Executive Director of the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County
These new perspectives will join our existing panel of local columnists on a rotating basis. To receive your very own freshly-brewed SRQ Daily each morning, sign up at SRQMAG.COM. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

SB2: What We Learned About Regional Filmmaking

Panelists of SB2: Behind the Lens. From left to right: Dr. Larry Thopmson, Jeanne Corcoran, Tony Stopperan, Joe Restaino, Debbie Meihls.

Panelists of SB2: Behind the Lens. From left to right: Dr. Larry Thopmson, Jeanne Corcoran, Tony Stopperan, Joe Restaino, Debbie Meihls. Photo credit: Evan Sigmund.

SRQ | The Magazine hosted SB2: Behind the Lens this Wednesday at the Powel Crosley Estate to discuss the importance of regional film development and what we are doing as a community to attract large scale productions and foster local talent and creativity through film.

As the program opened, the evening’s sponsors drew our collective attention to the importance of film. Not only by the ability to connect each of us to art, but to connect us to a place. Representing Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Elliott Falcione reminded us of the profound impact of film on tourism. People travel to see where their favorite movies and television shows are filmed. It generates interest in a region and aldo spurs travel to the places seen in movies – which translates to economic support of a destination.

Joe Grano, president and founder of Next-Mark, a full-service marketing and communications firm in Sarasota, is a very proud supporter of film in our community. Next-Mark sponsors the Sarasota Film Festival every year and recognizes the ability of film and the arts the strengthen or region.

Our panel represented some of Sarasota and Bradenton’s most steadfast supporters of the industry: creators of independent films and advocates for programs and infrastructure that create opportunities for filmmaking in our region.

Meet the Panelists:

  • Jeanne Corcoran: Sarasota County Film Commission
  • Debbie Meihls: Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Joe Restaino: Skyway Film Festival
  • Tony Stopperan: Independent Film Producer
  • Larry Thompson: Ringling College of Art and Design

Here’s what we learned:

The Ringling College of Art and Design Soundstage: what will large-scale film productions be on the lookout for and how does the college plan to attractive to them?

The answer is simple. In an industry that is based upon acting, the Ringling approach is authenticity. Being a good partner and being trustworthy are paramount to attracting sustainable business. It also doesn’t hurt that the facility will be state-of-the-art, in a desirable destination and surrounded by people that are inspired, creative and eager for opportunity. Larry Thopmson addressed a question from the audience on how the college plans to maintain their commitment to student work when the prospects of multi-million dollar projects are scheduled for the soundstage. Even the structural planning of the soundstage addressed this very question. The soundstage will house multiple recording areas to accommodate the smaller-scale film productions initiated by students when large projects are underway. When the larger studio is not accommodating an outside production company, that facility will be dedicated to the use of students. And when there are major projects, it is his mission to be sure that Ringling students are in the studios – working alongside and learning from large-scale film productions.

Panelists participate in the discussion at SB2: Behind the Lens. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Panelists participate in the discussion at SB2: Behind the Lens. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

What is the state of funding and incentives for filmmakers and television in our local and state budget?

Jeanne Corcoran and Debbie Meihls shared the state of affairs for current governmental funding and tax incentives for production companies within the state of Florida. Comparatively, Florida doesn’t offer significant incentives to attract large-scale and television crews as other states. Though the recent past budgeting has brought on projects like Burn Notice, without forward-thinking parameters on how to best budget to prolong the funds available, we are left with little to offer production companies throughout the fiscal year. One of the most thought provoking questions to Debbie and Jeanne came from a member of the audience (himself a filmmaker) who asked why the regional film commissions don’t pool their resources together and join forces in order to compete with the likes of Miami and other regional hotspots for film and production. The answer boils down to red tape. With the budgeting of such programs coming from county and city taxes, the jurisdiction does not allow for “pooling” of resources. However, that doesn’t mean that such organizations should not work together to maximize their impact. According to Jeanne Corcoran, the film commissioners from around the region to discuss how to best utilize the tools and funds available within each jurisdiction for the greater good of the area. After all, attracting film to our region is good for all of us.

Jeanne Corcoran expounds on the mission of the Sarasota County Film Commission. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Jeanne Corcoran expounds on the mission of the Sarasota County Film Commission. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Advice to Filmmakers

No panel on regional film development would be complete without hearing from the creative minds developing the films that we love. Tony Stopperan and Joe Restaino provided their insights on the importance of the film festivals. Not only are they a celebration of film and an chance for collaboration – a proverbial “meeting of the minds,” but they also draw attention and awareness to independent films. While creativity is always king in the arts, Tony Stopperan offered advice to a member of the audience who asked for guidance on how to best access governmental and private financial support. As the force behind the film, it is just as much the filmmaker’s responsibility to know the business side in order to garner the financial support and backing from investors. Committing and sticking to budgets, deadlines and schedules is just as critical as the creative passion that it takes to make a film. In the end, like almost all passion projects, filmmaking boils down to work ethic.

We learned a great deal and look forward to the coming season of film festivals in the area. If you love independent and local films sign up to follow SRQ Backlot, our blog that is dedicated to news and projects in the regional film industry.

Joseph Grano, second from left, represented sponsor Next-Mark as opening presenter.

Joseph Grano, second from left, represented sponsor Next-Mark as opening presenter. Photo credit: Evan Sigmund.

Special thanks to our sponsors of SB2: Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, CS&L CPAs and Next-Mark.

To view photos from SB2: Behind the Lens, click here.

Don’t miss out on the March SB2: Creating A Vibrant Bayfront on March 19, 2015 at 7:30 AM at the Francis featuring renowned landscape architect  and keynote speaker Thomas Balsley, FASLA. To learn about the event and purchase tickets, visit www.srqsb2.com.

Why You Should Be at SB2 On February 18th


We are so excited about the upcoming SB2: Behind the Lens on February 18th at 5 PM. This is going to be one for the history books. So right now, stop what you are doing and go to www.srqsb2.com and purchase your tickets. Once you’ve done that, continue reading.

Here’s why we are counting down the days until the 18th:

1. Our panelists have the inside scoop on the local film scene.
And that’s the point, right? Each SB2 we bring in the best and brightest to help understand key issues facing our region and also to enlighten us on the most current happenings that affect us. This month we’ll hear from Larry Thompson of Ringling College of Art and Design, Debbie Meihls of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (and she’s also the Bradenton Area Film Commissioner), Joseph Restaino – the Artistic Director of Skyway Film Festival, Jeanne Corcoran of the Sarasota County Film Commission and Tony Stopperan, owner and operator of House of John Productions. The amount of talent, experience and vision in this group of panelists is incredible.

2. Soundstage anyone?
We’ve been hearing lots of a buzz about Sarasota needing to have a soundstage. Ringling College of Art and Design is building one that will open in 2016. President Larry Thompson will have all the details about this 30,000 square-foot-building and its impact on film development in the region.

3. The Powel Crosley.
Need we say more? The iconic estate is draped in beauty. It is intrenched in history. It is a local landmark. And, it’s the venue for February’s SB2. This is a gorgeous setting that you don’t want to miss. After the panel draws to a close, guests may take self guided tours to explore the property. If you need a little afternoon inspiration, take a look at the Powel Crosley’s site and imagine yourself there on February 18th.

To find out more about the event, our incredible panelists and to purchase tickets, visit our website.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Next-Mark and Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for bringing this symposium to life.

See you on the 18th!

Cool Sh!t – Animation Event at Ringling College 1/30

SRQ Magazine is proud to support events at Ringling College of Art and Design through student and faculty publication, Landline.

SRQ Magazine is proud to support events at Ringling College of Art and Design through student and faculty publication, Landline.

Well, if anyone were to ever know the definition of Cool Sh!t, our money is on the students of Ringling College of Art and Design. On January 30th at 8pm, student organization “The Designimators” are going public with this knowledge and they’re ready to educate the rest of us.

Made up of 40 student members and five officers of The Motion Design Department, The Designimators are showcasing their amazing talents at the upcoming Motion Design Exhibition, COOL SH!T, on Friday, January 30 from 8- 10 pm. Entirely student planned, promoted and produced, the Designimators are pleased to feature over 60 submissions in the exhibition.

With five monitors (one designated for each student level and one featuring all submissions with sound), this event encourages audience interaction and mingling. Submissions highlight the entire motion design process: starting with storyboards outlining the creative process, style frames that carefully illustrate the envisioned piece and the animated segment.

SRQ is proud to promote these and other on-campus events in partnership with Landline and the students of Ringling College of Art and Design.

Stop by Ringling College’s Exhibition Hall next Friday to be blown away by the young talent in our community. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. For a map of the Ringling College of Art and Design campus, click here.

See you there!

Adrian Grenier of Entourage Fame Interviews with SRQ Magazine

We have to admit – even we get star-struck sometimes. This week was one of those “sometimes.” Adrian Grenier of HBO’s Entourage visited Ringling College of Art and Design as part of their Studio Lab series. SRQ had the honor of participating in an interview with Grenier about his upcoming project, 52: The Loneliest Whale. SRQ Magazine Staff Writer Phil Lederer joined the conversation to gain insight on his passion for this project.

Adrian Grenier and SRQ Staff Writer Phil Lederer pose for a photo after an interview. Photo Credit:  Rich Schineller

Adrian Grenier and SRQ Staff Writer Phil Lederer pose for a photo after an interview. Photo Credit: Rich Schineller

“The goosebump factor is what drew me to this project,” said Grenier when Lederer asked why this particular story caught his eye. And we have to admit, we got the goosebumps, too.

52: The Loneliest Whale is a (forgive the pun) whale-sized mystery. Discovered in the 1980s through sonar of whale calls, the 52-hertz call of a whale in Pacific Ocean has never been matched to the language or call of another whale. This particular whale is speaking an entirely different dialect and it seems that no other documented whale understands his calls. Grenier is partnering with this film project to track and find 52 in search for answers. The goal?  To answer the whale’s calls into the void of the deep blue.

For more on this project, follow the 52-hertz whale project team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information about the Ringling Studio Lab series, visit www.Ringling.edu. To read more on Phil’s interview with Adrian, visit the SRQ Backlot blog.