ICYMI: SRQ Magazine’s May/June 2022 Edition

Pets We Love

It’s hard to put into words what our pets mean to us. It doesn’t matter what species, breed or age, where we find them or how we find them—they become part of you, your family and your home. You love them hard, and they love you back even harder. Well, cats might be another matter, but as long as we feed them, right? From a number of dog rescues and a munchkin kitty to a vivacious parrot and farm-family donkey, it’s time to honor our furry and feathery friends for their endless adoration and entertainment. Give a warm welcome to SRQ’s 4th Annual Pets We Love Contest winners. We thoroughly enjoyed reading through all the heartwarming submissions—including purrfect personalities, funny quirks, naughty habits, impressive tricks and adorable traits. You’re all in for a real treat… 


Jamie Ruetz of Triton Music Services provides instruments to students who would otherwise not be able to afford them. With a lime squeeze and a pinch of salt, Hiatus Tequila entices you to pause and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Bradenton manufacturer SeaSucker, designs vacuum seal technology for cycling and angling expeditions. Portrait photographer Susan Sidebottom brings focus to the affordable housing crisis in Sarasota.

Culture City

Daniel Lind-Ramos pays homage to his native Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria with an exhibition at Sarasota Art Museum. Kathryn Parks, an award-winning Sarasota film maker, chronicles the marriage and performing arts career of her parents, The Fabulous Ohs.


Celebrate Mothers Day and Fathers Day with the perfect gift or moms, dads, and those special parental figures in your life. Surge Style boutique brings a new and youthful approach to clothing with an elevated vision of beachy-chic.


With an understated menu, in an understated restaurant, Meliora makes dishes worthy of a canvas.

Giving Coast

Visionary leader Nicole Murby looks for ways to increase happiness and decrease burdens for families affected by disabilities.

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