Best of SRQ Nominations are Now Open

SRQ readers set a record in last year’s Best of SRQ Local Competition—coming out in greater numbers than ever before to show all the love for their hometown favorites. Can we set another record this year? Nominations for the 2022 Best of SRQ Local Competition are officially open! The people and places garnering the MOST nominations during the first phase of the competition make it to the voting playoffs in January. 

So spread the word and get those nominations coming in to get you on the voting ballot!

2 thoughts on “Best of SRQ Nominations are Now Open

  1. I strongly recommend Sunnyside Village as a truly outstanding retirement community that takes excellent care from Independent Living through Assisted Living, Nursing Care and Memory Care.

    The living accommodations are excellent and the environment of the Community promotes peace and relaxation. The vegetation and landscaping are very good.

    The personal care, entertainment and enjoyment leave nothing to be desired. Happy residents and their personal care and enjoyment are more than adequate. The highly qualified staff from top to bottom excel in providing the best of care and entertainment, a long with personal security… they have servatn’s hearts and are very qualified to give truly outstanding care to all.

    I had a ministry of visiting the elderly in nursing homes and have never been in or even heard of a place that compares to the loving and enjoyable service of Sunnyside. it is outstanding in every area.

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