SRQ MEDIA Internship Program Continues to Create Opportunities

SRQ MEDIA is thrilled to announce the addition of three interns, as well as welcome back former interns as freelancers. The internship program at SRQ MEDIA was developed in July 2001 for college students, high school juniors and seniors and post-secondary graduates. Since then, it has provided professional industry experience for over 130 individuals in the areas of editorial, event production, photography, design, marketing, business operations and advertising.

“Real-world experiences guide our interns in cultivating pathways that truly engage their professional passions with the workplace,” says President and CEO Lisl Liang. “ We embrace a truly collaborative spirit where our interns spark inspiration and challenge us to synthesize new perspectives that ultimately amplify our mission.”

Creative Production Intern Shpresa Mehmeti is a student from Kosovo at Ringling College where she is studying Business of Art and Design. She works closely with our video production and marketing teams to plan and execute our videos on SRQ TV. Graphic Design Intern Nilyana Rodriguez is a student at the University of South Florida, Sarasota Manatee studying graphic design. She supports our marketing and design teams by creating editorial layouts and imagery for community engagement programming. Edorital Intern Chloe Cuyler is a graduate of the University of West Florida with a BA in Communications. She works closely with Senior Editor Britt Mattie on our digital platform, SRQ Daily.

Former SRQ interns Gabriella Alfonso and Winona Nasser are returning as contributing freelancers, and will work with team members on a part-time basis. Having participated in the virtual 2020 SRQ MEDIA Summer Internship Intensive Program, they were invited to join the team as they continue their education at local Florida colleges: Gabriella Alfonso as Client Services Associate working with mentor Associate Publisher Ashley Ryan Cannon on client traffic and advertising and Winona Nasser as Graphic Design Associate crafting client print and digital banner creative assets.

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