In Your Mailbox: #LOCALON with SRQ Magazine’s Summer 2020 Edition

The resiliency of the Sarasota community proved unstoppable during the pandemic crisis of COVID-19. For weeks on end, time stood still, but the locals who make this city great, keep busy moving from the offices, charities and businesses that were now suddenly stationed at home. Food banks banded together to make sure no Sarasotan went hungry and philanthropies worked over time to raise money virtually. Beyond efforts to keep residents safe, healthy and business prosperous; this creative community showed how even in the midst of an uncertain time, art can help pull people through the darkest of times. Murals popped up downtown, some took to making scenic postcards while others sewed one of a kind fashionable masks for donations. This LOCAL ON issue, showcases how mothers weathered the COVID storm, how the unwavering love of a pet can get us through, and how when you love local, it makes it that much easier to live local.


  • Pets We Love: A roundup of this year’s paw-sitively paw-esome animal friends and the stories our readers share about them.
  • Unmasked: The hands behind Sarasota’s selfless sewers.



  • Virtually Unstoppable: The Giving Challenge faced its own challenge this year – falling right int he wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Feeding Our Region: Food banks and hunger programs face a greater challenge than ever amid a global pandemic.


  • Road to Recovery: The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a rapid blow to Florida’s economy, with job losses unseen since the Great Depression. SRQ MEDIA convenes economic leaders to discuss the impact on the region and the path forward.


  • Brain Boost: How the brain health initiative provides world-class insight and resources to mobile devices.


  • Foragers Ahead: Local Farms and food vendors prove tenaciously nimble as farmers markets are forced to pull the plug.


  • Moments: Capturing local vignettes during the pandemic.


  • 3D Illusions: Seeing is believing at this irreverent pop up museum.
  • Postcard Art: Tim Jaeger revisits memories captured in humble swatches of mail.
  • Stitch in Time: Cassia Kite soundstiches Mable’s roses.


  • Mom’s World Mid-Pandemic: Five local mothers adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic (and celebrate Mother’s Day in a whole new way).
  • Roar of a Survivor: From hopeless to homeless, a young Sebrena Pawley would eventually come to learn that falling ill to a life-threatening virus is just another survival obstacle to overcome.

Get in on all the goodness and check out the SUMMER 2020 issue today!

-The SRQ Team 

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