In Your Mailbox: The January Health & Wellness Issue is Here!

This January, dive into 2020 as your best self. Health and wellness are more than just hours on the treadmill. Instead, try a delicious vegan creation at Leaf & Lentil tempting meat eaters to switch to plant-based. Skip the boring salad, and drink your veggies at local juicers. Escape to a relaxation retreat, and bliss out in a zen garden, or return to youth in an upgraded tower treehouse. This issue of SRQ Magazine urges you to explore your wanderlust, meditate on mindfulness and find your happy! #LIVELOCAL #LOVELOCAL
  • New Year New YouHappiness, often renders health, longevity, well-being and success. But happiness isn’t something that just happens. Optimists may look at the glass half full, pessimists rather see it bleakly emptied. But opportunists, they grab the glass and go fill it themselves. Everyone has the power to make small changes in their lifestyle – from surrounds, relationships and mindfulness, to diet, fitness  and sleep behavior – that can help se the course for a brighter mood and sunny disposition. With the dawn of a new decade, get strong, be well and prosper.
  • ASID-Florida West Coast Chapter Brand Story: The American Society of Interior Designers-Florida West Coast Chapter makes waves in the world of design.
  • Top Doctors Special Awards Section: Top Doctors peer review and highlights from our 2019 Nominees.

SRQIST: Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown

  • Secret LifeDavid Steiner opens up about life as a gear junkie.
  • Blowing Up: The Modern Girl Party & Co. wants to make sure your next party is poppin’.
  • Don’t Worry, Bee Happy: Hey Honey is the bee’s knees for natural skincare.
  • Grey Matters: The Rosekamp Institute shows light at the end of the tunnel for Alzheimer’s research and development.

CULTURE CITY: Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Art-sheet

  • Double Bill: In conversation with Asolo Rep directors Peter Amster and Frank Galati.
  • Seeing GreenThe visionary landscape art of Linda Richichi.

CARGO: The Goods, Design Dossier, Retail Therapy, Antique Story, Nest, Books

FORAGE: At the Table, Foodarama, Restaurants, Foodie Life

  • Living on the VegLeaf & Lentil’s shapeshifting menu is changing the status quo on vegan eating.
  • Juiced UpFor the cold-pressed groupies who crave nutritionally potent potions of clean energy.
  • Sausage Savants: A modern revival of a maligned mystery meat.

AGENDA: Insight on Politics, Government and Business 

  • Behind the Voucher Debate: School Choice offers some parents a lifeline, but schools fear the resources will hurt their ability to serve kids.



  • The Future Now: A fun Q&A with David House, Futurist, House & Associates.

Get in on all the goodness and pick up a copy of this month’s edition today!

-The SRQ team 

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