Modern Home Symposium Wrap Up

As part of the SRQ Modern Home Magazine programming, SRQ MEDIA hosted the 2019 Modern Home Symposium. An evening focused on modern architecture along the Gulf Coast, local architects and builders that participated in the 2018 and 2019 editions of the SRQ Modern Home Magazine engaged in a moderated discussion, where they had an opportunity to discuss their design ethos and expand on how architecture and design plays a factor in the aesthetic of our region.

Panelists included Mark Sultana, DSDG Architects; Nathan Cross, NWC Construction; Jonathan Parks, SOLSTICE Planning and Architecture and Steve Murray; Murray Homes. The panelists discussed topics that ranged from environmental practices, client relationships, technology, and the past, present and future of architecture in the Suncoast region.

Mark Sultana, AIA, Principal Architect at DSDG Architects discussed how his firm facilitates the design process through state-of-the-art renderings to give clients a hyper-realistic understanding of projects. Using three-dimensional modeling that bridges concept and construction, Sultana described how technology is changing how architects can interface with clients in dynamic and visually engaging ways. He highlighted several of the firm’s recent residential projects, which are clean and elegant concepts that incorporate sustainability and a ‘warm modern’ aesthetic. Sultana also acknowledged the area’s unique architectural history as being a catalyst for modern residential design. “Sarasota is all about good architecture,” explained Sultana, “Not only do the architects care about architecture, but the community cares about architecture.”Nathan Cross of NWC Construction delved into the custom home building process and emphasized the importance of incorporating sustainably-driven practices and materials into his work. He shared that as a craftsman who often creates high-end, bespoke elements within his custom homes, strong client relationships are invaluable to successful design. For Cross, who takes on two to three projects at a time, it’s all about finding the right, mutual fit. “I interview our clients just as much as they interview us,” shared Cross. This focus and attention to detail allows NWC to build with integrity and quality. “I think of it this way,” said Cross, “While I’m building your home, in the moment, I’m actually building my own home.”Jonathan Parks, AIA of SOLSTICE Planning & Architecture has an extensive portfolio of both commercial and modern, residential design. As the architect behind well-known civic spaces, hospitality and multi-use buildings, Jonathan Parks expanded on how he considers the urban gesture to guide the design of his projects. Parks provided the audience with insight into his thought process behind the Art Ovation Hotel and the St. Armand’s parking garage. Rooted in concept and experiential design, Parks envisions the planning of projects in a holistic way that remains appropriate to scale and site.  As an architect who has seen Sarasota evolve throughout the years, Jonathan Parks discussed regionalism and what makes Sarasota unique:  “There are lot of places that have beaches, sand and the sun, but what makes Sarasota special and separates it, is the arts,” Parks said. “What’s changing is, Sarasota used to be very inward focused, but with more young people here than ever before, it’s become more of an outward focused place with a ton of things to do, shows to see, places to go. The architecture community is building upon that.”Steve Murray, President of Murray Homes discussed the family-owned firm’s luxury, residential design and custom home building practices. “If you cannot find what you want to buy, you have build it. It has to be designed.” stressed Murray. Working closely with clients to establish a plan for their dream home often evolves into tight-knit relationships, which is a rewarding aspect of the process for Murray that also establishes repeat clients. Murray shared that he has once worked with a client nine times, a testament to the quality of a custom Murray Home residence as well as the high level of client engagement. Guided by a series of core values that have become the firm’s philosophy: Dream Big. Build Better, Murray shared with the audience that, “We always place our core values at the front of our conversations with clients.”

The insightful evening culminated with audience q+a and post-presentation networking between designers, architects, builders, and industry experts.

A special thank you to our stellar panelists for participating in the SRQ Modern Home Symposium and to all of our attendees. To learn more about the panelists, read the latest edition of SRQ Modern Home Magazine ONLINE.

Click here to view more photos from the 2019 SRQ Modern Home Symposium

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