October SkillSHARE Mentorship Summit Wrap Up

SRQ MEDIA recently hosted the seventh rendition of SkillSHARE, a Mentorship Summit where a powerhouse group of women from a variety of professions and backgrounds met to engage through conversation and deep relationship building.

Dubbed ‘Mentorship at the Speed of Light,’ SkillSHARE is a networking-focused program that engages insightful interactions between local women professionals.

Mentors from the SRQ Women in Business Leadership Circle exchanged valuable, experience-based advice and guidance with a group of motivated mentees through deep dive engagement, ah-ha! moments, and dialogue.

A huge thank you to our fabulous mentors and mentees who participated in SkillSHARE at SRQ Studios this October! Photos from the program can be viewed HERE.

Missed this session? The next SkillSHARE program will take place in February 2020. Learn more at: srqhearmeroar.com

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