SRQ MEDIA hosted SkillSHARE: Mentoring at the Speed of Life on Thursday June 13, 2019. Powered by the Women in Business Initiative, SkillSHARE is a speed mentor summit focused on management, entrepreneurship, philanthropic engagement, professional development and business growth.  

SkillSHARE leverages the art and science of mentorship to create a meaningful program that engages insightful interactions between local women professionals in challenge areas while also inviting spontaneous connections. 

SkillSHARE is a type of ‘potential incubator’,” says SRQ MEDIA Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement Ashley Grant, “where women of all ages and walks of life can come and connect with others in a safe environment to brainstorm creative solutions to challenges, learn practical tools to pursue their passions, and explore intelligent risk-taking all in an encouraging and supportive space that celebrates growing to each person’s full potential whether that be personal, professional or both. It is a very powerful thing to see these incredible women realize through the magic of connection and collaboration that the sky is the limit for them and we are so proud and thrilled to be able to facilitate this process.”

SRQ MEDIA would like to thank the mentors and mentees who participated in the program! We loved watching you connect.

Click here to view photos

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