In Your Mailbox: SRQ’s 2018 November Issue is Here


An eclectic collection of architect and design stories grace this month’s annual edition dedicated to all things house and home. Design trends turn the corner this fall with insight from domicile builders including Nutter Custom Construction, Murray Homes and Yoder Homes. We also dive into trends for tiny spaces—including how to “Get the Look” with treasures from local boutiques. Read on and enjoy! #LOVELOCAL


  • Living Small: Scale down to size with snug staycations in tiny homes, intimate gatherings in backyard sheds, remodeled shipping containers as unconventional work studios and full-service mobile mini-bars. These compact structures remind us to live simply and find cozy splendor in boutique-style spaces.
  • Rudolph Lives On: Paul Rudolph would be walking the earth at 100 this year—Sarasota Architectural Foundation commemorates the maverick of mid-century modern by giving some TLC to his iconic Cocoon House design on Hudson Bayou.
  • Prairie Retreat: The Goodmans left idyllic farmland and their rustic mountain home to migrate to the Gulf for a coastal lifestyle in a custom-built modern abode. There was only one architect for the job.

SRQIST- Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown

  • A Modern Movement: [STRANG], a stylish architect firm brings fresh eyes to Sarasota, having recently moved into the new Rosemary BOTA Center.
  • Social Sales Team: Dealers United discuss innovating car sales in a social media world.
  • A Stronger Mission: Finish Line’s Julie Henry explains how nonprofits can evolve and become stronger.
  • What’s Up Doc?: Amongst the hustle and bustle of academic administration, Dr. Larry Thompson’s finds his own roadmap for Ringling College.

CULTURE CITY- Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Artsheet

  • The Jaeger Maestro:  Local artist Tim Jaeger takes the helm of Sarasota’s newest gallery—GAZE Modern.
  • Audio Empire:  Brazilian conductor Alexandra Arrieche makes her Sarasota Ochestra debut.
  • 700 Shades of Grey: From its origins in ancient China to its arrival at ArtCenter Manatee this month, the traditional art of Sumi-e painting remains as demanding as it is delicate.
  • Dual Roles: From SARTQ to the Sarasota Museum of Art, Rae Ramos has his hands full with the local arts scene.

CARGO- The Goods, Design Dossier, Retail Therapy, Antique Story, Nest, Books

  • Rug Revival: Go for a magic carpet ride on any one of these exotically sourced area rugs.
  • Purest Intentions: Purify: An Urban Sweat Lodge brings a hot new hobby from LAX to SRQ.
  • Riding Dirty: Buckle up—a rare Cord 812 Phaeton convertible from the 30’s demands your attention.
  • Solar Light: An increasing number of high-end products allow you to light up your domicile using solar power cells to brighten the lanai through the evening.

FORAGE- At the Table, Foodarama, Restaurants, Foodie Life

  • Culinary Improv: Eatery 84 combines technical prowess with a commitment to fun—and the result is a recipe for joy.
  • Pass the Sriracha: Drizzle red and spice up your feed with some Sriracha sauce, three ways.
  • Love Local Beertail: Check out SRQ’s 20th Anniversary specially-made cocktail with Louies Modern

RECONNOITER- Case Study, Agenda

  • Red, Red Tide: Harmful algae blooms went to Southwest Florida’s head this year, impairing business and politics.


  • Voyage to Paradise: A preview of the Paul Gauguin exhibit come to Selby Gardens.

Get in on all the goodness and pick up a copy of this month’s edition today!

-The SRQ team

Click Here  to access the pages of the NOVEMBER 2018 SRQ digital edition.



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