WRAP UP: 9/20—Where the Votes Are: Primaries Bring Out Voters


Bright and early Thursday, September 20 SRQ Magazine’s Senior Editor Jacob Ogles hosted the most recent installment of Where the Votes Are at SRQ Studios. Local political watchers gathered early to examine the voter turnout and demographics of the recent Sarasota City Commission runoff race from Districts 2 and 3.

Jacob presented his findings on local residents’ voting patterns over the course of this election and subsequent runoff. Guests enjoyed Five-O Donuts and hot coffee over political banter–and this particular Where the Votes Are fostered a healthy amount of conversation, interaction and questions from the audience. In case you missed out on Jacob’s presentation, we’ve got you covered!

SRQ‘s Findings: 

1. The District 72 race outcome looks to depend largely on independent voters. Both Democratic State representative Margaret Good and Republican State representative Ray Pilon have won races in the past. Independent voters made up 14% of the voter population in February but only 9% in August.

2. Voter turnout rates for both Sarasota County and Manatee County were much higher than they have been in years at 32% each. This year has the potential to be record setting with voter turnout.

3. The Republican Candidate for Governor RonDeSantis performed well throughout the Manatee and Sarasota region.

4. The Democratic Candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum trailed Gwen Graham locally but he won elsewhere through Florida.

5.  Even in minority districts like District 70, black and Hispanic voters are heavily outnumbered at the polls, white voters participate at a higher rate in primary elections.

6. While there were notable gains in young people voters, particularly around the city of Sarasota, both the population and participating electorate remain dominated by voters 60-89 years of age.

SRQ Media is dedicated to steadfast reporting on all political issues facing Sarasota, and with each installment of Where the Votes Are, we are pleased to bridge the gap between local media and the people that make up our great community. If you’ve never attended Where the Votes Are, join us next time. We’ll save a cup of coffee and Five-O Donut for you!

To view a gallery of images from Where the Votes Are, click here.  If you would like a copy of SRQ Magazine’s findings, please complete the form below so we can send you the Where the Votes Are handout and presentation notes from the event.

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