In Your Mailbox: SRQ’s Special Edition August 2018 WATER issue!


Water, water, everywhere. Every August, our team works undercover to curate our “mystery box” special edition. This year, we turn our pens and lenses to the waters surrounding Sarasota and Bradenton. Unarguably one of the region’s most powerful assets, the Gulf Coast beaches from Anna Maria down to Venice play quintessential matchmaker to the many residents who have come and fallen in love with our coastline.


  • Six Decades Studying the Sea: More than six decades later, the laboratory continues to provide a foundation for marine and science-based industry in the region.
  • All in for Seafood: Nothing makes living on the Gulf Coast more like paradise than easy access to some of the best seafood in the country.
  • Beneath the Surface: In 2016, a recreational diver found human skeletal remains off the coast of Manasota Key, setting off a flurry of activity that culminated in an impossible discovery.

SRQIST- Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown

  • Live Your Legend: From the Cape of Good Hope to the Gulf Coast of Florida, the legend of Van Hunks comes to Sarasota in superlative form.
  • Supremacy of the Seas: A royal vessel’s voyage to the Gulf Coast.
  • Body of Knowledge: How marine biology students at New College of Florida are quietly amassing a serious scientific study.
  • Clear Skies Ahead: After rocky years of scarce funding and beached sailboats, New College of Florida senior Ren Chock leads the sailing team into calmer waters.
  • Making of a Mascot: A year after Snooty’s passing, we look back at the greatest wonders of his life.
  • Eye of the Beholder: The secret to understanding the Bowhead whale could be staring scientists right in the face.

CULTURE CITY- Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Artsheet

  • Putting on a Show: With the annual convention and exhibition coming to town, Florida Watercolor Society President Jerome Chesley preps a citywide canvas.
  • Shape of Water: From Myakka to the mangroves, artist Jean Blackburn captures the region’s waters unlike any other.
  • ArtSheet: Fish your heart out, party on the pass, get your pioneer on and get groovy at the Very Merry Jerry Day, August closes out summer in style.

CARGO- The Goods, Retail Therapy, Book Brand, NicNacs, Antique Story, Nest

  • Life Aquatic: “Seas” the day and soak up these opalescent, watercolored finds—inspired by the planet’s hydrosphere and its marine dwellers.
  • Shark Charmer: Charming Shark owners unearth fossilized shark teeth in Morocco to make Hawaiian-style necklaces and distribute its surf jewelry worldwide, all from their office in Osprey.
  • Diver Down: A vintage diving helmet resurfaces from the depths and finds shelter in Sarasota Architectural Salvage’s warehouse.
  • Book It: A new graphic novel from the celebrated creators of Artemis Fowl highlights the perilous journey of many modern migrants, a murder mystery unfolds at a Hampton beach house and a centuries-old Chesapeake Bay crabbing community faces an uncertain future.


  • Riding the Waves: Watercolorist Judy Saltzman rides an award-winning wave with Sarasota Bay-inspired painting.

Get in on all the goodness and pick up a copy of this month’s edition today!

-The SRQ team

Click Here  to access the pages of the AUGUST 2018 SRQ digital edition.

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