In Your Mailbox: SRQ’s May 2018 Women Who Roar Edition Has Arrived!


It’s Roar Time! SRQ’s Women in Business Leadership initiative celebrates it’s fifth anniversary with a Roaring Retrospective. May’s Special Tribute Edition showcases participants who share their stories of insight, inspiration and empowerment, as we recognize their success as influential and impactful leaders in Sarasota & Bradenton.


  • STEM VS. STEAM: Few acronyms developed such ubiquity in the world of education as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Meanwhile, the concept of STEAM (adding an ‘A’ for Arts), gains ground.
  • His Stand: Novelist David Baldacci on assassinating illiteracy.

SRQIST- Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown

  • Of Tech and Tesserae: From computer science pioneer to celebrated mosaic artist, Dr. Ken Knowlton blurs the lines.
  • Detail Work: The tiny parts in medical devices come from a Sarasota firm.
  • The Right Strings: Jack Dezelski at the Manatee Chamber is ready to Help Ya, Help Ya, Help Ya.
  • Point. Click. Drive?: How will new online companies reshape the Gulf Coast car market?
  • Stepping Stones: The Studdiford’s put their hearts behind the new foundation helping local college-aspiring kids.
  • Shear Genius: Fashion Focus Academy attracts cutting-edge coaching from the best in the industry.
  • 30 Under 30: The Marketing Guru, Marissa Rossnagle and The Constant Colleague, J. Barton Lowther.

CULTURE CITY- Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Artsheet

  • All For One: On the public-private partnership that brought international sculpture to Sarasota, and what this means for the future.
  • Dressed to Impress:  New Ringling Museum exhibition gives a behind-the-seams look at the work of costume designer extraordinaire Miles White.
  • Conjuring the Canvas: Journey to another world with the art of Barbara Krupp.
  • The Stuff of Magic: Amongst writers, directors, actors and audiences, one man helps bring them all together.
  • Art Sheet: Events not to be missed this month.

CARGO- The Goods, Retail Therapy, Book Brand, NicNacs, Antique Story, Nest

  • Lucky Lavender: Immerse yourself in the it color of the year.
  • Endless Summer: Jacob Shields dives into the ins and outs of what makes this community shred.
  • You’re Just the Type: Sarasota Vintage Typewriters take you on a journey through history.
  • Book It: Broadening horizons and exploring the unknown, these thought-provoking picks will be great for your reading lists.

FORAGE- At the Table, Crumbs, Restaurants, 5 Ingredients, Pantry, Foodie Life

  • All in the Family: Pazzo Southside offer a homey spot for Italian-American comfort food.
  • Jarring Nibbles: Feast on creative bites served in trendy glass jars.
  • Coconut Crazed: Learn how to get your coconut fix in a trichotomy of different forms.
  • 4141. S Tamiami Trail: Strip Mall Findings–Amongst the overlooked and undersung, scope out these choice options.

RECONNOITER- Collaborative Dialogue, Dispatches, Case Study, Agenda, Rattlebag


Get in on all the goodness and pick up a copy of this month’s edition today!

-The SRQ team

Click Here to access the pages of the MAY 2018 SRQ digital edition.


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