In Your Mailbox: SRQ’s January Tribute to Business Issue is Here!


Hello 2018! Time for new beginnings, fresh perspectives and even better stories. From stories on business titans to circus themed goods, take a peak, and glance through the business savvy pages of our January issue.


January Features

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Father & Son, Inc.: Taking over dad’s shop holds a level of mythology in the American dream—a belief in the power and promise of honest entrepreneurship as great as the basic vision of a mom-and-pop store. We spoke with the Gulf Coast’s warmest generational business teams who build up brands, whether in real estate, car sales or manufacturing, that transcend simple surnames.


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Franchise Emperor: Jim Abrams doesn’t just start businesses, he creates national brands. The mind behind such home service franchises as Ben Franklin Plumbing and the vision behind Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers, he’s spent decades successfully building familiarity and trust with companies. It’s a little surprising, then, that the Sarasota businessman has never jumped into the world of chain restaurants, an industry closely associated with the franchising model. That’s why people paid serious attention last year when he announced the opening of two new restaurants downtown: PBnT and Element.


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PINC Possibilities: It can be a difficult sell, the notion that spending all day sitting in a dark theater is good for you. But the annual PINC Sarasota conference may just be the exception. It’s more than entertainment; it’s art and culture and science and business and community. In short, it’s humanity—a  little slice of species-wide affirmation in conference form, letting us all know that somehow, somewhere, some of our fellow featherless bipeds have figured it out and made this existence worthwhile in a way all their own.


SRQIST- Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown 

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  • Rogan Donelly of Tervis: Tervis’ Rogan Donelly raises a glass to football, spearfishing and Wisnlow rifles.
  • The Violin Shop: Sarasota’s newest violin shop aims to keep the luthier craft alive for the area’s deep roster of musicians.
  • Travel Globally, Act Locally: Tom Koski brings his experience and resources to boost education in Sarasota County.
  • Sarasota Cosmos: DeSOL Gallery’s Modern Sol finds inspiration in galactic imagery, Japanese printmakers and the Sarasota School of Architecture.
  • Coastal Commute: Art Conforti, founder of Bloomerang, rides the waves to work.
  • Cheering #SRQHacks: Students gather to code and chart the future of their education.
  • Pushing Through: Donna Cheek and Rebecca Rusch blaze trails into the Women’s Sports Museum MVP Awards.


CULTURE CITY- Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Artsheet

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  • Crowded Campus: The galleries of Ringling College gear up for a new year.
  • Glass Houses: Ringling Museum unveils the Kotler-Coville Glass Pavilion for Sarasota Glass Weekend 2018.
  • Lady du Cirque: Dolly Jacobs keeps circus arts alive.


CARGO- The GoodS, Retail Therapy, Book Brand, NicNacs, Nest


  • Circus Inspiration: From vintage figurines to bedazzled boots, celebrate the circus with this collection of Big Top-inspired merchandise.
  • Dance for the Ages: Hidden away in the closet of a historic Bradenton home, two lonely red shoes with over a century of history contained a mysterious note: “For Ma Wagner.”
  • Book It: Learn more about one of the world’s most intense military trials and how to catch a murderer in this month’s selections.


FORAGE- At the Table, Crumbs, Restaurants, 5 Ingredients, Pantry, Foodie Life

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.36.25 PM.png

  • Classic Cuisine for Futurist Foodies: Element’s interior feels like a reception hall for a space yacht, but with a menu that hearkens back to food that feels good.
  • A Talent for Tacos: Malin Parker spices up the Gulf Gate foodie scene with a from-scratch taqueria full of savory meats and house-made salsas at Screaming Goat Taqueria.
  • Blue Marlin: Four reasons we love this fresh seafood hideaway on Bradenton Beach’s Bridge Street.


RECONNOITER- Collaborative Dialogue, Dispatches, Case Study, Agenda, Rattlebag

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 1.38.58 PM.png

  • Chamber Chiefs: Sarasota Chamber President Kevin Cooper and Manatee Chamber President Jacki Dezelski on adapting to the market, guarding against future recessions and the ongoing issue of affordable housing.

Start your year right and grab a copy of the January issue today!

-The SRQ team

Click here to access the pages of the January SRQ digital edition.

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