IN YOUR MAILBOX: SRQ’s November Chic Modern Homes Issue is Here!


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Its finally starting to feel like fall and with that comes SRQ Magazine’s November 2017 issue, all about aspirational living, so sit back, relax and let us take you inside the some of the area’s most spectacular homes, buildings and sporting events along the Gulf Coast.

November Features

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Minimalist Modern: Outside meets inside seamlessly in architect Dale Parks’ Collins Residence, where glass features create an airiness that connects the structure to the exterior environment.

Siesta Sleek: Inside an already lauded tower, designed by an iconic Sarasota architect, the Donnelly Condo is an interior renovation that merges beloved history with brand-new beauty.

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World Rowing Championships: 921 rowers, 369 boats and thousands of friends and family from 69 countries around the world— all focused on the glistening 2,180 meters of still blue water at Nathan Benderson Park for the return of the World Rowing Championships. Once a pasture, then a sandpit and now one of the premier rowing destinations in the world, Nathan Benderson Park transformed into an Olympic-style athletic village for the nine-day international competition, bringing world-class competitors to sandy, sunny Sarasota in search of excellence, gold medals and that elusive perfect stroke.

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Building of the Year Awards: SRQ Magazine proudly presents Building of the Year, a competition celebrating the new commercial, mixed-use and public buildings enhancing the skyline along the Gulfcoast. Judged on design concept, function and usage, integrity of design, creativity and features, we recognize the stunning structures that garnered this year’s top awards.

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SRQIST- Local Heart & Soul Stories About the People, Places and Experiences that Define Our Hometown 

  • New CFAS Exec: Tammy Hauser has spent a lifetime woking in the arts, founding Blue Sky Thinking to consult and provide administration for cultural institutions locally and around the country. Now, she heads up the Center for Architecture Sarasota, celebrating the beautiful physical environment in a community that helped drive the modern movement. We spoke with the new CFAS executive director about her own foundation.
  • Natural Palette: For floral artist Bruno Duarte, Mother Earth is a canvas and medium all in one.
  • East Main’s Next Reel: Regal upgrade is the first big move for BBC Main.
  • Dear Millennials: How taking phone pics of old buildings keeps Millennials in love with the Gulf Coast.
  • Ferry Tale Landing: A catamaran could connect Sarasota Bayfront, Bradenton Riverwalk and Anna Maria.

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CULTURE CITY- Arts + Culture, Performing and Visual Arts, Portfolio, In Studio, Artsheet

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CARGO- The GoodS, Retail Therapy, Book Brand, NicNacs, Nest

  • Warm Metals: Embrace the modern lines and classic look of copper and its offspring alloys.
  • Tactile Tiles: Tiles of varying relief add depth and movement to one-dimensional surfaces.
  • Vintage Bulbs: Timeless filament bulbs honor the old with new adaptations and applications.
  • Going Atomic: Interest grows in Greenbriar’s Mid-Century Mod homes.
  • Antiques from the Orient: Jadeite wonder from the other side of the world.
  • Book It: Experience the culture of the Renaissance alongside the adversities of the Floridian frontier with these selections, both of which will take readers to the past.

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FORAGE- At the Table, Crumbs, Restaurants, 5 Ingredients, Pantry, Foodie Life

  • Not Your Average Spin Off: Bravo Coastal Bar and Kitchen may steal some thunder from its established parent restaurants, but Sarasotans are better for it.
  • Jennings Downtown Provisions: Jennings Downtown Provisions presents the total package.
  • Zen and Art of Noodles: Follow the Japanese tradition of mindful action comes richly flavored noodle bowls from State Street’s hidden gem of a chef, Nori.
  • Sour Suds: More than a year in the making, Calusa Brewing’s Wildest Dreams Sour Ale make it worth the wait.

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RECONNOITER- Collaborative Dialogue, Dispatches, Case Study, Agenda, Rattlebag

Get swept away by the incredible thins enhancing the skyline, shoreline and even the finish line along the Gulf Coast and pick up your copy of SRQ’s November issue today!

-The SRQ team

Click here to access the pages of the November SRQ digital edition.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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