In Your Mailbox: Biketopia Has Arrived!


The Gulfcoast is home to year-round sunshine and some of the greatest scenery you can spot atop a bicycle saddle, so it’s only fitting that our August issue pays special tribute to the life, history, popular culture, wanderlust and treks of the modern bicycle. From the velocipede and the penny-farthing to the nimble composite beasts mounted on the walls of local bike-trotting retail meccas, we’ve covered it all.

From film to TV, as part of everyday life or the start of an over-the-top adventure, the bicycle has staked a claim in pop culture, creating iconic moments and carrying our favorite characters from scene to scene. Scour the pages and celebrate the cycle’s cinematic glory (and one hit anthem) with our pop-culture pop-ups.

As another idyllic Florida summer comes to an all-too-speedy end, we invite you to reserve a weekend for trekking in the lush preserves as we pay tribute to the almighty bicycle.



  • Trekking on Wheels: From the dirt trails here to the 10.6-mile Legacy Trail and the technical, twisting singletrack in North Port, a variety of trails—both paved and unpaved—take bicyclists off the beaten path.
  • Wheels of History: “The bicycle goes hand-in-hand with the circus,” says Scott O’Donnell, executive director of Circus World Baraboo up in Baraboo, WI, where the Ringling brothers first opened their own circus in 1884, just two years after the town’s founding. And it’s a relationship built on something far more fundamental than the spectacle of bears and chimpanzees on bikes or elephants on trikes or even unicycles on the high wire.
  • Cycleology: Navigating the mystifying world of finding the perfect match.
  • Cycling Loves Company: As bike riders clock hundreds of miles on Florida trails, sweating side-by-side, a special bond is forged. Where the rubber meets the road, camaraderie grows. These clubs are not one size fits all, but offer clubs for speed racers, beach cruisers, snowbirds and even programs for young ones.


Starting Line


Agenda: Cycling Toward the Future: Transportation leaders blaze a bike-friendly trail for the Gulf Coast.

  • Kit Overhaul: Take your cycling kit to a new level with these fresh new pieces.
  • Road Warrior: Take to the trails with biking gear that’s both functional and fashionable. From baskets to pumps and classic bells and a high-tech GPS, cyclists can customize their rides as the occasion calls for, and even bring along a couple passengers.
  • Spin Doctors: Tending to your two-wheeler.

Pick up the August issue and ride like the wind! We can’t wait for you to be blown away by the Biketopia that awaits within the pages of this month’s issue.

— The SRQ Team

Click here to access the pages of the August SRQ digital edition.


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