In Your Mailbox: July’s Double Issue SRQ+Modern Home Magazine Has Arrived!


Summer is in full swing and the July edition of SRQ Magazine is bringing the heat with our double issue headlined by beauty titan and CEO, Nancy Bernardini and the Center for Architecture Sarasota’s Modern Show. On one side you will find your trusted SRQ in full swing with authoritative commentary, interviews and local beats. Flip to the other side and celebrate the newest and most spectacular applications of modern architectural style in our region—welcome to the newest edition of Modern Home magazine.

July 2017 Cover Feature: Beauty of Balance Women In Business 2017 Trailblazer 

“What makes you unique makes you beautiful” is part of the foundational philosophy at Laura Mercier, one of the most successful companies in the international luxury cosmetics and skin care arena. And at the forefront of the company’s mission and message is Nancy Bernardini, general manager of Gurwitch Products LLC and CEO of Laura Mercier and ReVive, an innovative yet grounded leader who is a master at flourishing personally and professionally with balance and perspective. Bernardini divulges how thriving at home and work is the key to her successful roar.

Modern Home Magazine 2017 Annual Edition 

Join us and join our amazing local architects, as they break free of gravity and exalt in the expression of space as a human art. Modern Home magazine captures the passion of modern architecture on the Gulf Coast—from celebrating the Center for Architecture Sarasota’s creative minds to the coolest, hippest modern abodes being fashioned here on the West coast of Florida. We meet the Coast’s hottest architects by browsing their portfolios of recent projects and reading personal stories that chart innovation, client collaboration and spectacular finished spaces.


Interview With: Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz

Evolving a downtown waterfront into a cultural asset brings a daunting task. As Sarasota leaders look toward the future of the Bayfront, they can see the work of other communities who have tackled such tasks before. Manny Diaz, the mayor of Miami from 2001 though 2009, led the city through exciting changes, including turning aging parks into public treasures. He came to town this spring to speak at events organized by the Center for Architecture Sarasota, and he sat down exclusively with SRQ to share how Miami’s experiences could guide this community forward.

  • From the homes of Bird Key to the streets of Downtown Sarasota, the 2017 CFAS Modern Show celebrates the art and architecture of the region.
  • The Goods  Interior Artforms. Compelling conversation pieces.
  • Architecture Books Authors explore the history and impact of modern architecture around the world and in Florida.



Out and About


At the Table


Hunting and Gathering

  • Operation Oasis Adrienne Barrack, chairwoman of Dolphin Tower’s design committee, talks about turning a two-bedroom in a previously troubled tower into her place of Zen.

Whether you’re an architecture junkie like us, or just want to salivate over good food, walk—no, run— to the mailbox and pick up your July issue. See you on the flip side!

The SRQ Team

Click here to access the pages of the July SRQ digital edition.

Click here to access Modern Home’s digital edition.



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