IN YOUR MAILBOX: Best Of SRQ Awards Are Live!


Hometown heroes are the focus of the April issue, where each year we open up the floor to readers and business owners alike to make their voices heard on what local establishments constitute the best of the best. Hang on tight and see where readers took us this year.

Cover Feature: Best of SRQ Local Reader’s Competition

To bring you the highly anticipated results of the 9th annual Best of SRQ Local competition, we donned some rose-colored glasses and peace-sign necklaces to celebrate the big winners and finalists in each of the 59 categories we opened up this year. From potholes to trivia nights, food festivals to fish markets, it ultimately comes down to our last write-in question: Why do you love Sarasota?

Interview With: Dr. Larry Thompson

As the college today undergoes the greatest capital investment and physical expansion of campus since the school opened in 1931, Dr. Larry Thompson  proves to be the driving force behind the explosion of growth. As he puts it: “We’re on our way to being the preeminent art school in the country, and we’re on the fast track to get there.” Take a look at the academic pushing the boundaries of traditional higher education.


Out and About 

SRQAPR17-food life-PEANUTS.jpg

At the Table



Hunting and Gathering

  • Embrace the open road with road trip essentials that will keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Bathe in color with sprightly prints from Charlotte Osterman.
  • The future’s looking up inside a Venice Island mid-century hideaway.


Medical marijuana passed in November, but moratoria delay dispensaries.


Karin Murphy of the Urban Design Studio evaluates water taxis for Sarasota.

Body and Wellness

Learn about what the future holds for research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Parting Shot

Passing of the books into Ringling College’s new library.

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