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Women In Business Leadership Circle Member, Stefanie Overturf Gets Published in Passionistas

Stefanie Overturf.jpg

Business Owner, Stefanie Overturf shares her inspirational story in Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. 


Business owner, “enterprenueress” and 2015 SRQ Women In Business Leadership Circle member, Stefanie Overturf started 2017 on a high note by having her inspirational and empowering story published in the book Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams.

Over 40 powerhouse and fellow Passionistas, including entrepreneurs, founders of brands and small businesses, women in business and the entertainment world, speakers and authors, share their authentic, from-the-heart stories that promise to inspire and make you better. This book touches and relates to exactly what the reader may be going through with powerful tips and inspiration on how to get through challenging obstacles and come out the other side more determined and validated than ever.

Stefanie Overturf2.jpg

SRQ Women In Business Leadership Circle members receive copies of Passionistas: Tips, Tales & Tweetables.


“I am so excited to be a part of Passionistas: Tips, Tales & Tweetables! This book challenged me to dig deep and format my story in a way that would not only tell my story but also provide inspiration to the reader. We’ve received emails and facebook posts from women who read the book and decided to start a business! Others are inspired because they’ve realized that they aren’t alone in some of the things they are going through. I can’t wait to see where else it takes us and the impact I know it’s going to have!” says Stefanie Overturf.

Passionista: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams can be found on and is currently a best seller.

SRQ RUMBLE Reports Out: Has Our Region Failed Our Young Professionals, February 28


083 _DSC9719-X2.jpg

Left to right: Panelists Jacob Grollman, Jag Grewal, Raymmar Tirado, Wes Roberts (center, host), Frank Maggio, Candice McEylea and Doug Grosso battle it out at the SRQ Rumble. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan


SRQ MEDIA transformed the Powel Crosley Estate into an academic arena where strategic arguments, amiable jabs and rhetoric were used to debate a topic some consider “too hot to handle” at the launch of the SRQ Rumble on Tuesday, February 28th. The purpose of SRQ Rumbles is to provide the community with articulate, well-researched, presentations on both sides of the motion structured around transparent and civil public dialogue.


110 _DSC9932-X2.jpg

Rumble event sponsor, Kelly Clark from the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau welcomes guests. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan. 


After opening remarks from event sponsor Kelly Clark of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, event moderator, Eric Massey discussed the modified Oxford Style debate guidelines and presented the motion stating “Our region has failed our young professionals.” To further develop perspective-taking skills in advancing civil dialogue, teams were randomly assigned and eager to argue their point in what some considered a polite and cultured intellectual blood sport–winner take all in a battle of wits and ideas.


002 _DSC0023-X2.jpg

Event moderator, Eric Massey presents the format of the Rumble and motion for the evening. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan. 


Criminal defense attorney Jacob Grollman, of Glenn and Hibbert PA, began the debate arguing that the region has indeed failed young professionals. “We continue to discuss this problem but nobody offers any solution,” he stated. Jag Grewal, Commercial Real Estate Broker with Ian Black Real Estate, added that county leaders failed to attract North American Roofing which in turn lost high-paying jobs for the region. To close out the argument for the motion, Raymmar Tirado, Chief Disruption Officer for Clear Idea Labs, implied the departure of numerous Sarasota-trained college grads from the region, further proves that the needs of millennials are not being considered. “All you have to do is ask a young person,” Tirado said. “They do not get involved because it is not advantageous to be involved.”

005 _DSC0119-X2 11.09.56 AM.jpg

Criminal Defense Attorney, Jacob Grollman presents the opening argument in support of the motion. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan.


On the opposing side, Frank Maggio, of Centennial Bank suggested that an infrastructure has been in place for 15 years that empowers professionals, but it’s on young people to become more engaged. “The community is doing what it can to attract and engage young professionals,” he said. “There are many of us that are actually doing something and influencing things.” Doug Grosso, a broker associate with Dwell Real Estate, said many millennials are living in the area, either on their own or with their parents and noted that the Sarasota-Bradenton market lags behind only Orlando and Dallas in terms of business development and job growth. Candice McElyea, owner of ThreeSixOh PR, noted many successful professionals today grew up in the region and chose to stay here because of the opportunities and quality of life. “The people I went to school with, everybody made a name for themselves,” she said.

038 _DSC0664-X2.jpg

Candice McEylea argues that the region has not failed young professionals. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan.


Audience members were able to ask their hard-hitting questions about the motion during the Q & A portion of the evening. Both debate teams were begging for more time to answer each thought-provoking and concise question that was posed.

033 _DSC0578-X2.jpg

Event host, Wes Roberts facilitates audience Q & A. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan.


Onlookers weighed in on who made the best case by either voting “for” or “against” the motion upon arrival and again at end of the debate. The winner of the SRQ Rumble was decided by which side swayed the most votes to their side.

066 _DSC1025-X2.jpg

Cheif Disruption Officer, Raymmar Tirado presents closing argument supporting the motion that our region has failed young professionals. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan. 


In the end, it was determined that the region has failed young professionals with an 11 percent sway of the crowd as opposed to the 3 percent sway on the other side. SRQ Rumbles serve as a reminder that we can disagree mightily, and then walk away friends through evoking change in our region.

080 _DSC9703-X2.jpg

From left to right: Rumble champions,  Jacob Grollman, Raymmar Tirado and Jag Grewal celebrate their victory. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan. 


To view a full gallery of images from the February, 28th SRQ Rumble, click here.

The next SRQ Rumble will take place on Thursday, June 22 at the Powel Crosley Estate  on the impact school vouchers would have on public education in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

Motion: School vouchers will harm public education more than they will help.

Purchase your tickets at: and join us for the next “rumble!” Seats are limited at the location, so reserve yours early.

In Your Mailbox: LUXLIFE 2017 Is Here!


LUXLIFE magazine is all about tapping into the joie de vivre that makes living on the Gulf Coast so incredible. This year, we dive into all things luxury, from homes to art, cars to food and even to the people who have had a hand in molding Sarasota into the paradise it is.

LUX17_HH_Aquadisia_Layout 1.jpeg

Cover Feature: Aquatic Tranquility

Fashion meets architecture in the Aquadisia estate, a multi-million dollar Sanderling residence that taps into the elemental.


Looking back at 90 on the monumental life of Murf Klauber.

The Block

Essential auctions from the spring collections at Sotheby’s and Doyle’s New York.


Looks and trends leaping off the spring runways at fashion weeks around the world.

LUX17_INTERVIEW-Murf2_Layout 1 COPY.jpeg

Contemporary Reverie

A marriage of old and new with Guy Peterson’s addition to a Paul Rudolph icon.

Modern Ranch

Inside a Sweet Sparkman remodel that exudes livability.


Journey to the ends of the earth with accommodations that defy the imagination.

LUX17_DishArt_Layout 1.jpeg


Masterpieces to delight the sight and the palate.

In Grateful Seclusion

Looking at the Sarasota legacy of seminal photographer Walker Evans.


From land to sea, explore the hottest vehicles being released this year.

LUX17_Walker_Layout 1-1


Tips to survive the gala season.

À Bientôt

Roosters, two ways.

SRQ Hosts SPRINGboard Marketing Camp For NewGate Students, February 21



NewGate Montessori IB visits the SRQ Studio for SPRINGBOARD Marketing Camp.


The SRQ Studio was full of vibrant and energetic elementary school students eager to learn at our interactive SPRINGboard Marketing Camp last week hosting first, second and third graders attending NewGate School. The workshop was in preparation for NewGate Montessori IB’s Entrepreneur Fair in which students create, develop and sell a product of their choice.

“We started the Entrepreneur Fair because students really did not have a lot of experience with money,” says NewGate elementary teacher Cheryl Allen. “They have the choice to either work in groups or on their own. They still get that teamwork element though because they are so excited to buy each other’s products. We have a $15 per child start-up budget so that we can have an even playing field for each student and they have to figure out how to make that money work. They pay the class back 20% of their profits for rent and advertising and then we go on a field trip with it.”


SRQ Photographer, Wyatt Kostygan works with students on photographing their inventions. 


The morning started with a workshop touching on the ins and outs of advertising. From there, teams filled out their marketing, photo and design worksheets unique to each of their avant-garde inventions. Students then got to sit in the director’s chair and take charge of a photo shoot for their product, choosing the angle and background color for their promotional image. From there, students worked with our design team to build an full-page ad for their product. The SRQ staff went through the step-by-step production process, touching on what to consider when building an ad such as font, product placement and effective taglines. By the end of the workshop, these young entrepreneurs were able to see their vision come to life in their very own advertisement.

_NewGate_Template_KIDS FUN BAKERY.jpeg

“Spending the morning with NewGate’s young entrepreneurs was a thrill for our team,” says SRQ MEDIA CEO and President Lisl Liang. “When we launched SPRINGBoard to power out-of-the-box community engagement, we had no idea that two years later, we’d be doing a consumer deep dive with the founder of the GooBalloon. Doing a mind meld with six, seven and eight-year-olds about white space, sans serif, zippy headlines and branding resulted in the creation of “The Brookie: Brownie Meets Cookie” and my favorite, “Flying Pretzels: The Most Flying-est Snack’. Our crew loved every minute!”


Web-Flying Bagels.jpg


“We’re planning to formalize the SPRINGboard Marketing Camp half-day program to offer other elementary and middle schools the opportunity to engage their students in the art and science of advertising production, design and creative thinking,” says Liang.

We would like to thank NewGate Montessori IB students and faculty for allowing us t0 share our craft with you.

If you are interested in scheduling a SPRINGboard Marketing Camp with SRQ MEDIA please email 

Winners Recognized at the 2017 HOTY Awards Ceremony

COVER-SRQSEPT16_Mag Edition_RGB800px.jpg

The March 2017 edition of SRQ Magazine has officially hit newsstands and with it comes one of our most popular features, the annual SRQ Home of the Year Competition. We recently hosted our SRQ Home of the Year winners and contributors at SRQ Studios for an awards ceremony and celebration where we distributed the very first launch copies of the magazine which were snapped up within minutes.


SRQ Sales and Business Development Associate, Suzanne Munroe (right) congratulates Dales Parks of D Parks Architects (left) and photographer Wayne Eastep (center) on their winning project. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan.

This year SRQ Magazine received over 40 entries in the categories of Overall Home Over $2 Million, Overall Home $1-$2 Million, Overall Home Under $1 Million, Renovation/Remodel, Landscape Design/Pool, Sustainable/Green Home, Bathroom and Kitchen. Each year the competition delivers the most stunning examples if architecture, construction, design and landscaping. Contestants submitted their projects along with photos and a written concept statement to present their submission—including significant techniques and materials used and challenges encountered along the way.

Josh Wynne and his team at Josh Wynne Construction (center) win big at the 2017 Home of the Year Awards Ceremony. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Our panel of qualified judges hailed from regions outside the geographic area of the HOTY competition and represented excellence in the areas of architecture and interior design. They reviewed entries based on innovation, functionality and overall design aesthetic to name SRQs Home of the Year Platinum, Gold and Silver award winners. The SRQ Home of the Year Competition is presented by SRQ Magazine and sponsored by Tempus Pro Services, a remarkable company that handles full-scale home automation throughout Florida’s West Coast. Their team is skilled in designing whole home systems that cover everything from digital networking to security, lighting and audio/visual. Thank you for your continuous support of this ever growing competition!

Jacob Broadway from Tempus Pro Services, Home of the Year sponsor, speaks to attendees about the company and the services they provide. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

To view a gallery of photos from this year’s Home of the Year awards ceremony, click here. And to view the amazing homes and survey the incredible talent of the architects, builders and landscape companies in Sarasota and Bradenton, pick up your copy of the March 2017 edition of SRQ Magazine today!

If you can’t get enough of gorgeous homes (like us), you should join us for the upcoming Modern Home Symposium on March 9th at SRQ Studios!  Hear from our community’s most notable forces in design/construction and the inspiration behind some of Sarasota’s most iconic homes. A $5 cover includes one glass of wine or beer and light bites. Please RSVP to

IN YOUR MAILBOX: Annual SRQ HOTY Award Issue Arrives!


March is all about attention to the finer things in your home, from a showcase of exceptional residences in our annual Home of the Year Awards, to a look inside the world of real estate mogul Michael Saunders and the green-tinged life of landscape architect David Young. Relish in the glory of each beautifully designed page.

Cover Feature: SRQ Home of the Year Awards

Announcing the winners of the 13th annual Home of the Year Awards, where local builders architects, designers and landscape artists are celebrated for the best of the best in stunning spaces along the Gulf Coast. 

Feature: Interview with Michael Saunders

Possibly the most recognizable name in the game, Michael Saunders has redefined real estate and reshaped the community where she was raised. From the shores of Longboat Key to the terraces of multi-million dollar villas, Saunders has forged her own path.

Feature: Future of the Bayfront

After years of stagnation, the 42 acres comprising the Sarasota Bayfront project receive another stab at revitalization as local leaders look to leave a lasting cultural and economic legacy. 


Out and About

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Hunting and Gathering:

  • Be forever known as the host with the most with killer party essentials.
  • Start a fitting room inside Tracy Negoshian‘s new St. Armands Circle boutique.

Body Dimensions: Find out the new meaning of strength with trainers from the worlds of yoga, pilates and CrossFit. 

Parting Shot: Abstract oil on canvas by the enigmatic Mr. Krisztian.