SRQ Studios Transforms Into BLOTCHED Film Set, Dec 12


SRQ Studios channeled our inner Hollywood by transforming our office into a movie set for the upcoming indie film, Blotched on December 12. Crew members unloaded equipment, set the scene and patiently worked on obtaining the perfect shot while we got an inside look at this drama/sci-fi slated to be released late next year.

Blotched follows Ann, a struggling journalist who does her best to get by despite being inflicted with a facial disfigurement that seems to dictate every aspect of her life. After losing her mother and receiving shocking news regarding her health, she must reconnect with her sister Julie, a beautiful actress and celebrity that does her best to make sure the public is unaware of her relation to Ann, as well her estranged father, the only person with the correct biological makeup that could potentially save Ann’s life.

Amidst the challenges Ann must face, is a mysterious 20 story high reflective sphere that appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago downtown, creating a perpetual cloud of smog around all who dwell in the city, a sphere that vanishes away those that dare touch it. Blotched is an affirming and innovative story about self-reflection,  learning to find companionship in the most unlikely of places and understanding what true beauty really is.

“The movie Blotched is really about embracing the imperfection in all of us,” says Blotched Director, Writer and Producer Robert Burdsall. “I came up with the idea working as a 1st Assistant Director in Hollywood and seeing actresses take all of this time with their hair and makeup. I wanted to make a movie about a character that is the complete opposite of that.”

After he completes Blotched, Burdsall hopes to send the film to domestic and international festivals, distribution companies as well as host screenings locally and in Los Angeles, CA.

For more information on Blotched and Orensis Films, click here.

Best of luck to you!
SRQ Media Team

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