An Evening of Kismet and Connection At SRQ SkillSHARE, October 20


The October 20, 2016 class of SkillSHARE mentors and participants. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Studios was full of powerful and inspirational women looking to further their professional network at the third SRQ SkillSHARE Mentorship Summit on Thursday October 20, 2016. Powered by the Women in Business Initiatives, mentors from the Leadership Circle collaborated and exchanged insight and guidance with women throughout the Sarasota and Bradenton communities.

“Our team was thoroughly energized by the most recent SkillSHARE – a night of serendipitous connection,” shares Ashley Grant, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for SRQ MEDIA.  “Mentors and mentees dove deep into the particulars of individual challenges and opportunities. Spontaneous insights and profound ‘aha’ moments were abundant leading to concrete steps and action plans designed to attendees dreams forward. Many participants commented that they felt ‘there was a reason they were here tonight’ and noted that they left feeling a sense of renewed purpose and enthusiasm.”




Amanda Myhrberg asks questions to Gabriele Vest of Grapevine Communications, Leadership Circle Ambassador. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

The SRQ team paired our skilled mentors with participants looking for direction on everything from navigating the ladder to success and business expansion to maintaining a business and work life balance with four rounds of 12-minute concentrated mini-sessions. Eager participants were armed with specific questions looking for advice on further career advancements. Our skilled mentors were prepared to share their own experiences on the specific topics of challenge submitted by the participants in advance. Mentors and mentees alike shared their delight in learning from each other and their in-depth conversations.

“The WIB SkillSHARE event is always a positive and productive experience, for the mentors and mentees. I am always impressed with the women that participate and the scope of business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit they bring with them,” said Leadership Circle Ambassador and SkillSHARE mentor Sandra Rios of The Resort at Longboat Key Club. 



SkillSHARE Mentor Laurie Pike of MPH Hotels and particpant Catherine Finn engage in compelling discussion. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

We couldn’t help but notice a spark in the room, which was undoubtedly the spirit of connection, appreciation and witnessing growth in action. “The selection of women in business that attended came from all levels of companies, ownerships and professions, yet they all had the same common goals. It was amazing to share life experiences as professional women in the Sarasota business community to such a variation of career women,” said mentor Laurie Pike of MPH Hotels. ” I had the opportunity to mentor with doctors, lawyers, business owners and marketing managers, all excited to learn from each other’s success stories.  The take away from this evening was life changing.”


Christine Sensenig asks questions to Sandra Rios of The Resort at Longboat Key Club and the Women in Business Leadership Circle. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

“I loved how the mentors and mentees were paired together, creating an immediate rapport before even getting started. I was impressed with the level of preparation and thoughtfulness each mentor brought to the mini-sessions. I walked away with lots of ideas and a real sense of having made some friends,” said participant Laine Nixon.


Sharyn Vross absorbs information from Sandra Rios of The Resort at Longboat Key Club during a mini-session. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan

The feedback from participants and mentors alike were overwhelmingly positive and extremely rewarding to hear as an organization. “To be in a room of entrepreneurs was energizing, inspiring, and downright fun,” said participant Christine Sensenig. “I was grateful to have other experienced professional women share their stories and advice for the selfless purpose of passing along their hard earned wisdom.”


SkillSHARE Mentors, Sandra Rios of The Resort at Longboat Key Club and Dr. Sandra Stone of USF Sarasota Manatee. Photo Credit: Wyatt Kostygan.

The SRQ MEDIA team would like to thank the extraordinary mentors who created innovative conversations and lasting impressions. To all our enthusiastic participants we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey as you continue to learn and grow throughout the community.

The next SkillSHARE Summit will take place on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 5:00 pm-7:30pm. To submit your application to participate in the February 2017 SkillSHARE, please click here to register .

For more information on the SRQ Women in Business Initiatives, visit us online at

Click here for more photos from the October 2016 summit!



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