Abby Joins the Casto Family

SRQ Media Art Director: Anthony Casto with wife Shayne and kids Payton and Dallas. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

When SRQ’s Art Director Anthony Casto returned home from work last Friday after a typical day of design duties for the magazine, there was a surprise waiting for him at the front door. The Casto family adopted a spunky eight-week-old lab mix named Abby from Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, a non-profit that provides rescued dogs and cats with a safe, no-kill sheltered environment. “I am really happy to have Abby in our lives; she is so sweet and has such a warm disposition.” Admittedly, Anthony was a bit lukewarm about getting a dog, but his father in law, wife and kids essentially went on a hunt, and found this sweet little puppy. Casto’s wife Shayne says once she was holding the little black and white spotted puppy, she just couldn’t let her go. The SRQ studio was filled with puppy love when Shayne brought Abby, daughter Payton and son Dallas to introduce the newest member of their family to the SRQ team this Friday.

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