Meet the Newest Members of SRQ’s Class of 2016 Interns


In May, SRQ welcomed four college interns, hailing from Florida State University, Columbia University and Loyola University in Chicago. This month, SRQ became the part-time home to four new faces, students at the University of South Carolina and three local schools: Pine View High School, Riverview High School and Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. Our summer intern class above, from left to right: Emily Tobias, Ksenia Chikankova, Elizabeth Steiner, Diana Morales, Heidi Stone, Emily Caldwell, Sammi Fisher and Francesca Ispaso.

Meet the newest interns working with the SRQ team this summer:

Heidi Stone, Photo and Art Associate: Heidi is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Visual Communication and minoring in Islamic World Studies. Although she was born in Pittsburgh, her parents were Sarasota snow birds until moving here full-time in 2014. Heidi is working with Photo Editor Wyatt Kostygan, and hopes to gain a better understanding of how photography works from a publication standpoint. She never fails to eat ice cream daily, and her favorite flavor is cookies and cream. Heidi seeks to pursue a career in photojournalism.

Emily Tobias, Design Associate: Emily is a rising high school junior at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School in Bradenton, Florida. She works with Art Director Anthony Casto and her favorite project so far has been working to design new logos and revising sketches digitally. Emily would love to pursue a career in fashion and can see herself arranging window displays in clothing stores or putting her skills to use in advertising.

Francesca Ispaso, Marketing Associate: Born and raised in Sarasota, Francesca is a rising high school senior at Pine View School. She is first and foremost a musician who spends most of her free time practicing or teaching one of many instruments. Francesca loves organizing performances for her quartet and fellow musicians throughout Sarasota County. She will be working alongside Associate Publisher Ashley Ryan by implementing different marketing packages for the magazine.

Sammi Fisher, Design Associate: Sammi is a rising senior at Riverview High School and moved here from Chicago in the 5th grade. Her goal at SRQ is to experience the magazine behind the scenes and is working with Art Director Anthony Casto to learn about design in publishing. Sammi’s favorite food is chocolate chip cookies and hopes to one day move to New York City to work at a magazine.

Internship opportunities are now posted for Fall 2016. Click here to review the positions and for more information.

Thank you Francesca for helping us craft this Inside the Brand post!

The SRQ Team

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