Check Your Mailbox! July’s Modern World Has Arrived


Our secret. Though we love every month equally, July may just be the favorite child. Truly, how could you not adore a double issue headlined by the exquisite Pamela Fiori, former editor in chief of Town&County and Travel+Leisure, and architecture innovator Carl Abbott? On one side, you’ll find your trusted SRQ in full swing with authoritative commentary, interviews and local beats. Flip to the other side and a sleek modern home designed by Del Vescovo Design Group signifies entry into a world dominated by clean lines, big personalities and interiors that meld with the natural habitat—welcome to Modern Home magazine.

This July, SRQ curates an enticing medley of people, food and art, beginning with the headlining story Pamela Fiori: Women in Business 2016 Trailblazer. Here, magazine mogul and master connector Pamela Fiori shares her insights with women in the business world with our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Ashley Grant, lending her expertise to go-getters on Florida’s West Coast.

July’s food roundup won’t disappoint, either–from the Japanese secret ingredient koji (Making the Mold) to delectable home-made quiche baked just steps away from the SRQ office—lucky us!—in Our Daily Quiche to a hearty trifecta of Sarasota’s best chops (Meat Market), you might have to reconsider your summer body diet. And don’t forget Phil Lederer’s take on arts and culture, where he unpacks the legacy of the late Banyan Theater Director Jerry Finn (Shadow of the Banyan) and gets the scoop on the new season of HD at the Opera House (More to See).

This year’s Modern Home issue takes stock of a life well-lived and well-built, with the seminal profile of architectural maverick Carl Abbott. In Defending a Vulnerable Art, Senior Editor Jacob Ogles brings you into Abbott’s career, illuminating the inside story of the greatest living voice of the Sarasota School of Architecture. In Spirit of Modern, Associate Editor Aviel Kanter straps you into a time machine, chronicling the Center for Architecture Sarasota’s inaugural Modern Show, sending readers back to 1950s America (when the Modernist movement came to a head) with tours of rarely seen homes by the likes of Paul Rudolph and Victor Lundy, a vintage fashion show and a Mid-century furniture exhibit and pop up boutique.

Whether you’re an architecture junkie like us, or just want to salivate over good food, walk—no, run— to them mailbox to pick up your July issue. See you on the flip side!

The SRQ Team

Click here to access the pages of the July SRQ digital edition.

Click here to access Modern Home’s digital edition.


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