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Meet the Newest Members of SRQ’s Class of 2016 Interns


In May, SRQ welcomed four college interns, hailing from Florida State University, Columbia University and Loyola University in Chicago. This month, SRQ became the part-time home to four new faces, students at the University of South Carolina and three local schools: Pine View High School, Riverview High School and Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School. Our summer intern class above, from left to right: Emily Tobias, Ksenia Chikankova, Elizabeth Steiner, Diana Morales, Heidi Stone, Emily Caldwell, Sammi Fisher and Francesca Ispaso.

Meet the newest interns working with the SRQ team this summer:

Heidi Stone, Photo and Art Associate: Heidi is a rising senior at the University of South Carolina, majoring in Visual Communication and minoring in Islamic World Studies. Although she was born in Pittsburgh, her parents were Sarasota snow birds until moving here full-time in 2014. Heidi is working with Photo Editor Wyatt Kostygan, and hopes to gain a better understanding of how photography works from a publication standpoint. She never fails to eat ice cream daily, and her favorite flavor is cookies and cream. Heidi seeks to pursue a career in photojournalism.

Emily Tobias, Design Associate: Emily is a rising high school junior at Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School in Bradenton, Florida. She works with Art Director Anthony Casto and her favorite project so far has been working to design new logos and revising sketches digitally. Emily would love to pursue a career in fashion and can see herself arranging window displays in clothing stores or putting her skills to use in advertising.

Francesca Ispaso, Marketing Associate: Born and raised in Sarasota, Francesca is a rising high school senior at Pine View School. She is first and foremost a musician who spends most of her free time practicing or teaching one of many instruments. Francesca loves organizing performances for her quartet and fellow musicians throughout Sarasota County. She will be working alongside Associate Publisher Ashley Ryan by implementing different marketing packages for the magazine.

Sammi Fisher, Design Associate: Sammi is a rising senior at Riverview High School and moved here from Chicago in the 5th grade. Her goal at SRQ is to experience the magazine behind the scenes and is working with Art Director Anthony Casto to learn about design in publishing. Sammi’s favorite food is chocolate chip cookies and hopes to one day move to New York City to work at a magazine.

Internship opportunities are now posted for Fall 2016. Click here to review the positions and for more information.

Thank you Francesca for helping us craft this Inside the Brand post!

The SRQ Team


Check Your Mailbox! July’s Modern World Has Arrived


Our secret. Though we love every month equally, July may just be the favorite child. Truly, how could you not adore a double issue headlined by the exquisite Pamela Fiori, former editor in chief of Town&County and Travel+Leisure, and architecture innovator Carl Abbott? On one side, you’ll find your trusted SRQ in full swing with authoritative commentary, interviews and local beats. Flip to the other side and a sleek modern home designed by Del Vescovo Design Group signifies entry into a world dominated by clean lines, big personalities and interiors that meld with the natural habitat—welcome to Modern Home magazine.

This July, SRQ curates an enticing medley of people, food and art, beginning with the headlining story Pamela Fiori: Women in Business 2016 Trailblazer. Here, magazine mogul and master connector Pamela Fiori shares her insights with women in the business world with our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Ashley Grant, lending her expertise to go-getters on Florida’s West Coast.

July’s food roundup won’t disappoint, either–from the Japanese secret ingredient koji (Making the Mold) to delectable home-made quiche baked just steps away from the SRQ office—lucky us!—in Our Daily Quiche to a hearty trifecta of Sarasota’s best chops (Meat Market), you might have to reconsider your summer body diet. And don’t forget Phil Lederer’s take on arts and culture, where he unpacks the legacy of the late Banyan Theater Director Jerry Finn (Shadow of the Banyan) and gets the scoop on the new season of HD at the Opera House (More to See).

This year’s Modern Home issue takes stock of a life well-lived and well-built, with the seminal profile of architectural maverick Carl Abbott. In Defending a Vulnerable Art, Senior Editor Jacob Ogles brings you into Abbott’s career, illuminating the inside story of the greatest living voice of the Sarasota School of Architecture. In Spirit of Modern, Associate Editor Aviel Kanter straps you into a time machine, chronicling the Center for Architecture Sarasota’s inaugural Modern Show, sending readers back to 1950s America (when the Modernist movement came to a head) with tours of rarely seen homes by the likes of Paul Rudolph and Victor Lundy, a vintage fashion show and a Mid-century furniture exhibit and pop up boutique.

Whether you’re an architecture junkie like us, or just want to salivate over good food, walk—no, run— to them mailbox to pick up your July issue. See you on the flip side!

The SRQ Team

Click here to access the pages of the July SRQ digital edition.

Click here to access Modern Home’s digital edition.


The Women in Business Leadership Circle Rock Another SkillSHARE!

The SRQ Media Studios buzzed with excitement as we hosted the second SkillSHARE Mentorship Summit this past week where mentors from the Women in Business Leadership Circle and community guest mentors collaborated and exchanged insight and guidance that inspire personal and professional growth with women throughout the Sarasota and Bradenton communities

04Above: Dr Cynthia Clark, Gabriele Vest and Lisette Callejas.

The room was filled with eager participants ready to learn and skilled mentors prepared to share their own experiences on the specific topics of challenge submitted by the participants in advance. During four rounds of 20-minute concentrated mini-sessions, the SRQ team paired experienced mentors with participants looking for direction on everything from navigating the ladder to success and managing corporate growth to starting a business and work life balance. Both mentors and participants embraced the atmosphere of candor and support by sharing their thoughts on overcoming obstacles in their professional careers. The conference room transformed into a Reflection Lounge where individuals could mingle, engage in ice-breakers and reflect on the ideas and feedback they received.

Above: The June 16 class of SkillSHARE Summit mentors and participants.

The atmosphere was casual, intimate and filled with laughter and illuminating insights. Mentors and mentees alike shared their delight in learning from each other and the conversations were so engaging that time was extended for this second session to allow for more in-depth exploration. “I hope that my sessions brought light to some of the questions that my mentees had.  Each one inspired me and gave me plenty of ‘AHA’ moments,” said mentor and Women in Business Leadership Circle Class of 2016 ambassador Katie Moulton.

Above: Leadership Circle Ambassador and Mentor Joy Randels and a SkillSHARE participant.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. “My goal for the evening was simple: Surround myself with forward thinking women committed to having an impact.  This was easily attained. I thank you and your team at SRQ Magazine for bringing SkillSHARE to life. The great group of Mentors assembled who willingly gave of their time and talent to offer insight, advice and counsel was very impressive.”  April Speck-Ewer says, “I really enjoyed the evening and applaud your vision for SRQ. I’ve never seen a magazine partner with a community the way SRQ does!”

Above: Leadership Circle Ambassador and Mentor Katie Moulton, guest mentor Lisa Krouse and a SkillSHARE participant.

“The enthusiasm at the event was palpable,” shared participant Frances Bermudez. “It was energizing and inspiring to be in the company of such varied, creative and dynamic women who are not only developing themselves, but the community we live in as well.  It was fun.  It was fast.  It was fabulous!”


The SRQ Media team would like to thank the extraordinary mentors at the event who created innovative conversations and lasting impressions. To all our enthusiastic participants we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey as you continue to learn and grow throughout the community.


The next SkillSHARE Summit will take place on Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 5-7:30pm. To submit your application to participate in the Oct 20 SkillSHARE, please click here to register online or visit us at SRQMAG.COM/skillshare.

Click here for more information on the SRQ Women in Business Initiatives or visit us online at

Click here for more photos from the June 16 summit!

Dive Into Summer


The June issue is full to the brim. It’s overflowing with a host of summer’s must-do’s, from slurping down oyster shooters at Owen’s Fish Camp to hard-core athletic camps at IMG Academy, adorable otters at Mote to Splashin’ Saturdays at Selby Gardens—all chronicled in this year’s Summer Sizzlers. The cover says it all: Baker and Wife’s octopus soppressata embodies the ethos of summer—just a little salty, both crisp and refreshing and yet, it still sends a tingle of suspense down your spine.

And adding a healthy dose of adrenaline, The Granddaddy of ‘Em All chronicles our experience at the Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo through words and up-close-and-personal photos. Watch the Bionic Bull Rider Barry Brown prove his worth as bulls muscle for control. Hear the roar of the crowd as a purple-haired barrel racer hurdles around hairpin turns. Hang on for dear life, it’s a wild ride.

And who could forget Sarasota’s biggest week—Film Fest? We certainly didn’t. In Outside the Frame Jacob Ogles and Phil Lederer take you on a journey past the crowds and flashing lights to dig deeper into this year’s focus on mental health; a psychologist interviews a documentary filmmaker and stars like Caitlin Fitzgerald, Rosie Perez and Treat Williams talk grief, mental illness and the state of powerful female leads in film.

The June issue challenges you to make the most of your summer, whether you’re on a mission to try all the flavors and restaurants listed in Summer Sizzlers or finally get up on a bucking bronco and live your rodeo dreams. We can’t wait for you to jump in!

-The SRQ Team