SRQ Studios Hosts It’s First Cooking Demonstration


Organic baked acorn squash with quinoa, walnuts and cranberries. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

SRQ Studios hosted its first live-food demonstration event this month. Mariash Lowther Wealth Management and Bliss Entourage teamed up to present Healthy Eating: Healthy Living in partnership with keynote speaker Carol D’Anca, a Chicago-based nutritionist and Academy of Plant Based Nutrition educator and local food purveyor Richards Foodporium.


Deva O’Donnell of Richards Foodporium and Ashley and Stacey Koski of Bliss Entourage.
Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Carol is the author of the plant-based, gluten-free cookbook Real Food for Healthy People, a project she conceived of to inspire a food revolution one bite at a time with elegant, delicious and fun-to-eat recipes. Her desire to create awareness about healthy diets quickly caught the attention of Bliss Entourage and the staff at Mariash Lowther Wealth Management.

“The synergy between Carol D’Anca, Bliss Entourage, Richard’s Whole Foods and SRQ’s Live Local brand is clear,” says Stephen Fancher, a Mariash Lowther Wealth Management financial advisor who shares the team’s aspiration to educate, connect and contribute to healthy living for Sarasota’s newcomers. “One of the attractions of our community is its capacity to create deep, local connections to a health-conscious lifestyle.”


Cookbook author and food revolutionist Carol D’Anca (left)
. Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.

Be courageous. Be happy. Be human. That’s the Bliss Entourage message. Co-founders Ashley Stewart, Stacey Koski and Allie Koski launched the organization two years ago to teach personal empowerment in achieving health and happiness. With plans under development for a six-week program directed at clients interested in creating change, Ashley and Stacey demonstrated how plant-based diets can break the barriers to achieving conscious fitness and mindful living.

“Spirit is the funnel point to inner self-love,” says Ashley. “It’s a domino affect. You need to heal and grow all parts of yourself.” The audience fell is love with the organic baked acorn squash with quinoa, walnuts and cranberries.

Carol grew up eating a Mediterranean-diet. “My mother would give me a pomegranate for Christmas,” she remembers fondly. With more than 20 years of experience internationally, her passion for nutrition will continue to inspire a future of healthy eaters.


 “I want to inspire everyone to change the nation,” she says. “Eat from the right plant – not a manufacturing plant.”

We were happy to host Healthy Eating: Healthy Living at our studios. If you’re an SRQ client interested in booking our studio space, please contact Ashley Ryan at (941) 365-7702 x211 or at

Happy eating!– The SRQ Team



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