May Has Arrived and is in Full Bloom!


This month, we’re delighted to present the May edition—an issue that celebrates change just as the seasons begin to shift. Whether it is found in the form of a new life in Hello, baby, genre-defying dishes from Servandos in Revolutionary Plates or the evolving face of Florida education in Models in Learning, you’ll feel the transformative energy as you flip through May’s pages.

And as always, we’ve got your foodie cravings covered. This month, we dive headfirst into the savory, saucy world of barbeque in Planet BBQ. From roadside food trucks to hole-in-the-wall locals-only smoke joints, each restaurant we feature has the same underlying goal: to serve good people good barbeque. Take Venice’s Yummies Donuts & BBQ, where you can find the decadent Sticky Pig Sandwich—a warm cinnamon bun barely contains tender pulled pork—an unlikely (but somehow perfect) combination of all-American meatiness and splurge-worthy desert.

Never one to forget our vibrant local cultural scene, SRQ goes above and beyond this month when it comes to covering performing arts. We directed and shot an underwater photo shoot with the stars of Venice Theater’s Metamorphoses for Modern Classic and explore another, darker underworld with actor Dylan McDermott for his new Sarasota-based web-series in Sugar, Selah, Sarasota.

May could quite possibly be our favorite month of the year—not only are jasmine trees and hibiscus plants blossoming, but we also get to honor an incredibly talented new group of Women in Business winners and finalists, many of whom are highlighted in this edition. The May issue offers up an all-encompassing local experience—we can’t wait for you to immerse yourself in the fashion, food, people and culture it contains!

Happy spring!

The SRQ Team

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