Get Your SB2 Ticket— The Tourist Agenda; May 19, 7:30am



If your business thrives on our tourist economy, you should consider joining us for SB2: The Tourist Agenda on Thursday, May 19th, 2016 at 7:30 AM at The Francis! As an organization that prides itself in facilitating relevant conversation and events that challenge us to think differently, SRQ Media loves hosting SB2 breakfasts as much as we love opening a fresh box of SRQ | The Magazine each month. We hope that you’ve already bought your tickets. We’ll welcome Chief Marketing Officer Paul Phipps of VISIT FLORIDA to the stage for a special keynote presentation on the statewide strategic marketing plan for Florida tourism and how it impacts Florida’s West Coast economy. He will be joined by Elliott Falcione of the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Jeff Mayer of The Resort at Longboat Key, Laurie Pike of MPH Hotels and Fredrick “Rick” Piccolo, A.A.E. of our local Sarasota Bradenton International Airport along with moderator SRQ Magazine’s Executive Publisher Wes Roberts to capture the trickle down of tourism trends to our region.  If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should join, we have  three reasons why we think you should wake up a few minutes earlier and join us for bacon, coffee and great discussion!

1. Paul Phipps is the keeper of the Florida tourism brand-who better for an early wake up call—no snooze buttons!

SB2: Foundations will commence with a keynote address by Paul Phipps, VISIT FLORIDA’s Chief Marketing Officer. Paul is “the guy” that implements VISIT FLORIDA’s strategic marketing plan. And that’s not anything to shrug at. He oversees the advertising, brand, editorial content, marketing solutions & sales, promotions, public relations and research teams as well as the family of websites. Before joining VISIT FLORIDA, Paul was in lead positions with Seminole IMG Sports Marketing, Florida State University Athletics, International Speedway Corporation, Executive Vice President for Major League Soccer and General Manager for several NBA Team. That’s right! We are thrilled to have him join the SB2 stage and know that he will connect the dots on the future of our tourist economy.

2. Tourism isn’t just for the tourists!

The tourism economy sparks opportunities beyond finding the perfect ice cream cone and enjoying the splendor of a Sunday sunset at Siesta Beach. We’re living part of that story. In fact, our newest recruit here at the SRQ team visited the area as a tourist with her family. And now years later, her parents have a home on Longboat Key, which got her thinking about making a life here in Sarasota. Just last week, she packed her car and left the broadcast television lights of New York City to relocate here. Mark Huey of the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County will tell you how one perfect vacation can turn into a business startup or CEO relocation.

3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Or so we’ve heard. Regardless if you’re more fruit and yogurt or bacon and eggs, we’ll have all major food groups covered on May 19th. The conversation is early, but the breakfast is delicious. And the coffee is hot. You don’t have to wake up and wonder if you’ll have time to scarf down a breakfast bar on the way to work. We’ll take care of a well balanced breakfast for you. And we promise that this event is one of the best ways you’ll spend your morning this month.

Don’t wait–buy your tickets today, visit SRQSB2.COM.

The 2015-2016 SB2 series is loyally supported by CS&L CPAs, The Resort at Longboat Key Club and Sarasota Bradenton International Airport.  Thank you!

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