This Weekend! Taste Art on a Dish – LUX LIFE Magazine’s DishART 5×5

SRQDAILY_MAR16_DISHART 5X5This weekend, cancel your plans. We’ve got something very exciting happening at a selection of local restaurants called DishART 5×5! In the 2016 edition of LUX LIFE Magazine, a gorgeous feature story was dedicated to two fields of the arts: fine art and the culinary arts. Local restaurants selected a work of art by notable arts Dolores Coe, Eleanor Merritt, Susan Zukowsky, James Griffin and Barbara Krupp and used their gorgeous canvases to imagine a plate captivating the sensory feeling of the artwork.

Beet carpaccio, beef tartare and black truffle by Chef Fran Casciato of Muse. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Beet carpaccio, beef tartare and black truffle by Chef Fran Casciato of Muse. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Chef Fran Casciato of Muse Restaurant developed a stunning beet carpaccio, beef tartare and black truffle dish that paid homage to the vibrant colors of Gee Wizz by Dolores Coe.

F_SRQ_0216 Dolores Coe - Gee Wizz

Gee Wizz by Dolores Coe. Used with permission of the artist.

A stunning representation of minimalist yet impactful plating of sushi is as much a work of art as any other form of culinary discipline. In creating the Harmony Roll, chef Daniel Dokko of JPan Sushi looked to a mixed media work by Eleanor Merritt. “When I first saw Harmony, I found the name of the artwork very special, because harmony is considered an important virtue in Asian culture in philosophy.” The Harmony Roll boasts a delicate balance of shrimp, asparagus, avocado and cream cheese topped with salmon and kanikama salad, garlic chips and eel sauce.

Chef Don Schoenberg of Beulah on Main Street selected a charming and evocative mixed media creation by Susan Zukowsky that invites the viewer into a scene that is as real and tangible as the dish it inspired. Chef Don Schoenberg was transported to the French and English countryside and developed a pan roasted pheasant brea with long grain rice, delicate chanterelles and a chasseur sauce.

The bright blue sky of James Griffin’s Sentinel harkens to that of the expansive blue above the beach at Siesta Key. Chef Isaac Johnson of Pomona Bistro envisioned himself on the beach and crafted a dish that captivates the feeling of blissful days along the shoreline. Working with organic, local products, he developed an herbed smoked white fish over quinoa and puffed rice, butterfly pea flower “roe” with dehydrated mushroom, roasted French breakfast radish and parsnips. While this exact dish will not be available as a special this weekend, Chef Johnson will produce a similarly stunning inspired dish.

F_SRQ_0216 Barbara Krupp - The Desert Of Forbidden Love

The Desert of Forbidden Love by Barbara Krupp. Used with permission by the artist.


The powerful punch of color in the form of bright red anchors the abstract painting The Desert of Forbidden Love by Barbara Krupp is very clearly represented in the visual plating of Trio Tiradito Ceviche by Chef Isaac Sanchez and Jose Luis Chavez of Selva Grill.

Trio Tiradito Ceviche at Selva Grill. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan

Trio Tiradito Ceviche at Selva Grill. Photo credit: Wyatt Kostygan


Set aside time this weekend! To sample these incredible flavors, plan your trip to Pomona Bistro, Jpan Sushi, Muse, Selva Grill and Beulah over the weekend of February 26th. For reservations, please contact the restaurants directly.

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