February is Here. And It Is Delicious.

The February 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The February 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The new edition of SRQ | The Magazine is here! And if you’re hungry for stories on some of the hottest food trends along the Gulf Coast, get your copy of February while it’s hot. Gracing the cover is a a plate of golden, Double Dipped Fried Chicken from Made, setting the table and mood for an edition that is devoted to the culinary arts and eats in Sarasota and Bradenton. From local kimchi to kombucho to a story of desserts that will induce very sweet dreams, we’re pretty sure that every single flavor discernible by the human palate is covered in the February edition. The very best part is that all of it is local. The fine foods and purveyors of delicious meals you’ll read about in the February edition of SRQ don’t require use of frequent flyer miles and a trip across the country (or a year long wait list) to enjoy every bite. Partaking in one of these fine meals only requires that you choose to eat local and explore your own city. What’s not to love about that?

Of course, every edition of SRQ | The Magazine has something for every appetite, not just by way of dreamy food. In the February edition, we’re proud to produce the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Annual Report, which sheds light on the ways our chamber serves as an active voice for attracting and sustaining business and cultivating a strong community of leaders along the Gulf Coast. Our Senior Editor (and resident political guru), Jacob Ogles looks into the redistricting of Florida’s Congressional lines and its impact here within those lines. We’ve got an in-depth interview with Connie E.W. Smith of Wells Fargo and Company of Florida on how major gifts are distributed on a local level. Staff Writer Phil Lederer explores avant garde art in Sarasota. And if you’re planning to read the February edition of SRQ as the clock strikes cocktail hour, turn to our story about Troy Roberts and how Siesta Key Rum began as a dream and is now one of the top rum distilleries in America. If you prefer to sip bourbon neat, you’ll want to pay close attention to the feature story on this brown spirit’s beginnings, resurgence and time honored traditions around its gleaming bottles.

We hope that the February edition of SRQ leaves hungry for new ways to savor, explore and live local.

Cheers and bon appetit,

The SRQ Team


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