BIG NEWS: SRQ SkillSHARE is Coming Soon!

SRQ Media is thrilled to announce SRQ SkillSHARE on February 18, 2015.

SRQ Media and its Women in Business Initiative are thrilled to announce a brand new networking program,  SRQ SkillSHARE, on February 18, 2016.


One of the most fun parts about serving the local community is witnessing connection. Since we introduced our Women in Business Initiative several years ago, it has been incredible to watch it grow into a platform that connects people to each other and to our locally-focused brand. Each month, members of the Women in Business Leadership Circle gather for the Seaside Salon Series, held at The Resort at Longboat Key Club. In the conversations that have blossomed about leadership and developing and serving young women in the business, education and philanthropic organizations in our community, this group of dynamic women is ready to share their skills and smarts with the future leaders of the Gulf Coast.

On February 18 at 5 PM, we’ll introduce SRQ SkillSHARE, a speed mentorship program powered by the Women in Business initiative. Under the leadership of Women in Business Leadership Circle Delegates Angela Massaro-Fain (Grapevine Communications) and Sandra Rios (The Resort at Longboat Key Club), this event will cultivate the connection that SRQ Media thrives on.

What is SRQ SkillSHARE?

One of the major challenges that makes conventional mentorship so cumbersome is the commitment of time for the mentor and the mentee. Seasoned professionals in a particular field may have a lot to share with an eager protégé, but finding the time for a traditional mentor relationship isn’t always easy. For those looking for sage advice and guidance, finding the right person to rely on is easier said than done. And there’s so many other variables – what if a mentor relationship isn’t the right fit? What if you can’t commit to being available long-term but want to help out a young go-getter in a real way? Well, we thought about that. And we thought about the way we would want to be mentored in the speed of the digital age. That’s how SRQ SkillSHARE was born. And now, we’re so excited to watch it take on a life of its own.

How Does it Work?

Members of the Women in Business Leadership Circle have agreed to share their ideas, opinion, advice and ‘atta-girls’ with young female professionals at our studios on February 18th. Focusing on Professional Development, Management, Philanthropic Engagement and Entrepreneurship / Business Growth, they’ll be on standby to listen and to guide area professionals in all-things leadership.

How Can You Sign Up?

Participation will be limited, so signing up in advance is highly encouraged! SRQ Media will accept applications for participation through February 10 at We’re asking each applicant to supply a few questions that will help us make an ideal match for the mini-sessions of mentorship with our very talented Leadership Circle members. Questions will be presented in advance to be sure that our mentors are sharp and quick with their responses, ensuring that everyone is able to make the most of each mini-session. To register, visit Applications must be received by February 10th to qualify for participation.

What Should I Expect?

In addition to the application, expect to receive a packet of information when you arrive to SRQ Studios. Within the pages, you’ll learn the mentors you’re paired with for the evening. After a networking period, the whole group will jump right in and for mini-sessions that last up to 10 minutes. When signaled, the participants will switch to their next mentor, learning as much as possible from as many talented women as possible.

What If I Make a Great Connection?

Of course, we would love that. If a particular mentor-participant match is made in heaven and you’d like to connect beyond the speed session, the ball is in your court! Our role is to take make a targeted introduction and encourage a meeting of the minds between mentor and participant.

Get Ready!

Information about our incredible panel of mentors is available on the SRQ Women in Business website, Applications are accepted through February 10th. Be sure to invite your friends to come and learn from the very best!

See you in February!
The SRQ Women in Business Team

PS: Nominations are OPEN for the 2016 Women in Business competition! If you know of a worthy candidate to be recognized by this influential program, nominate them by clicking here. 


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