Why You Should Be at SB2: Investing in the Arts

Sarasota has long revered its identity as a beacon of culture along Florida’s southwestern coast. As the home of countless causes to bring all forms of art, dance, music, theater, culinary arts and culture to the region, it only makes sense that SRQ | The Magazine should host an SB2 symposium dedicated to keeping these institutions alive. While we’re not specifically delving into the kinds of cultural organizations that Sarasota and Bradenton are home to, we are interested in hearing from local panelists and our keynote speaker on how to maximize the potential of these institutions along the Gulf Coast.

Here’s why we think you should be at SB2: Investing in the Arts on January 28, 2016

  1. We tend to agree with Woody Dumas, former mayor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana when he said, “The arts are the best insurance policy a city can take on itself.” While the arts provide us with a sense of beauty, wonder, imagination and release from the mundane, they also provide our region with very concrete, real reasons that people should be invested in Sarasota and Bradenton. We are home to countless cultural treasures that can’t be found in equally beautiful destinations and cities both near and far. Our arts set us apart. They give us staying power and a regional flavor that it is all our own. They attract jobs and tourists and have a fringe effect on the rest of our economy. We think the arts are just as important as a healthy business climate and a state-of-the-art healthcare system. When we invest in our arts, we invest in our region.

2. We’ll learn about one of the nation’s most prestigious arts festivals, Spoleto USA. Held every year in Charleston, South Carolina since being founded in 1977 by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Gian Carlo Menotti, this event is a captivating affair for the entire city for 17 days and nights each spring. Heading the development for this major institution of theater and music is Julia Forster, our keynote speaker for SB2: Investing in the Arts. We look forward to hearing from Julia on how to develop a strong, relevant donor base and how lean on the whole community in support of the arts.

3. When it comes to local notables, our panel is covered. Representing a host of arts and culture organizations through support, board service and development of an effective mission, we are eagerly anticipating the great things that we will learn from Brian Mariash, Tom Luzier, Anna von Gehr and Jedediah Shoemaker. Through their service of major cultural institutions (like the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota Film Festival and Selby Gardens), we know that their expertise goes far beyond acting as a board member or employee. They have witnessed some of the finest initiatives our community has ever offered in support of the arts. Their perspective will enlighten our community to ways that we can better serve, support and preserve arts in our region.

4. Of course, we can’t round out the reasons why you should be at SB2 without mentioning the delicious breakfast that awaits you. The friendly faces at The Francis outdo themselves at each SB2. We’ve been known to get a little overzealous about the bacon, but it isn’t the only item on the menu that keeps us coming back every month. The home fries are some of the most flavorful that we’ve ever tasted, full of tender onion and peppers and laced with fresh thyme. It may be an early gathering, but we promise that the coffee is hot and the food is as satisfying as the conversation.

We can’t think of a better way to kick-off the new year than a symposium dedicated to strengthening and supporting local artists, storied programs and cultural icons that continually put us on the map. Don’t miss out on a morning full of conversation on how we can further develop and grow our status as the culture capitol of Florida. For more information on our keynote speaker and talented panelists, visit our website. Tickets are available for purchase at SRQSB2.COM.

Special thanks to CS&L CPAs, The Resort at Longboat Key Club, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and Mariash Lowther Wealth Management for their support of Investing in the Arts.

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