Start the New Year With SRQ’s January Edition

The January 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

The January 2016 edition of SRQ | The Magazine is on newsstands now!

At SRQ | The Magazine, January is full of reasons to celebrate! Our first edition of 2016 has arrived and we haven’t been able to put it down yet. Of course we don’t like to play favorites with our monthly editions. But every year,  January is special. Just like the month itself. A fresh start, a new year and the feeling that anything is possible. For most people, this is the time of year that we set resolutions on ways to grow, to simplify, to achieve very specific goals – and the January edition of SRQ has the same feeling: stories and people and places that are reaching out to do their very best. That collective striving for greatness has a sort of gravitational pull on our region, encouraging good things, new ideas and a fresh perspective to the people who live and work here.

If our feature stories in January could be summed up with one word, it would be potential. In this edition, you’ll learn how local organizations and initiatives are encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship in our youngest residents. Cultivating dreams should start at an early age, and SRQ Senior Editor Jacob Ogles connected with the people who are teaching our youngest dreamers how to turn their ideas into more than just a great idea. In the same vein, the January edition explores the potential of Port Manatee with the upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal later this year. For local businesses and for the region as a whole, the potential of  this expansion is extraordinary. That’s why the port has diligently invested in its facilities so that it is ready for whatever the coming year may hold. And speaking of expansion, SRQ spoke with Jesse Panuccio, Executive Director of Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. Specifically, we wanted to learn about his vision and forecast for the job market in the state and the potential for business growth.

But those aren’t the only reason’s we’re celebrating! The January edition of SRQ has a special feature dedicated to the winners of the inaugural Building of the Year Competition. If you know and love our annual Home of the Year feature (which is still open for late submissions), prepare yourself. This sister competition is nothing short of spectacular. To put it lightly, our region is experiencing a growth spurt. With new buildings popping up along our horizon (some large and stately and glamorous, and others tucked away as a secret for only residents to enjoy), we thought the time was right to introduce these magnificent structures to you, our loyal readers. The submissions blew us away. The photos and renderings were of the highest caliber. And the projects themselves? We couldn’t be happier that they’ll be here in Sarasota and contribute to the heightened beauty of our community. See who the judges deemed worthy of the winning title in each category!

It wouldn’t be a complete edition without the playful columns that inspire a whole new way to live local, like In Brief, where we learn about Mark Pritchett‘s love for true Kentucky Bourbon, fish tacos and Seinfeld. Or At The Table, where this month the flavors are geographically widespread – we’re learning about global food traditions from Japan to Germany to Ethiopia that celebrate the New Year. Or if getting in shape and eating fresher, healthier foods is your resolution, we’ve scouted out some dishes around town that will be the perfect way to experience flavor while honoring your new dietary commitments. If you’re thinking of joining a gym, Staff Writer Phil Lederer checked out some of the most popular CrossFit studios with local roots. Find which one is right for you in the January edition.

We hope that you love the January edition of SRQ as much as we do! The new edition is on newsstands now.

May your New Year be full of potential and love for all things local!
The SRQ Team


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