Calling All Foodies, Rock the Vote for BEST OF SRQ LOCAL


This afternoon, the team at SRQ Media indulged in a little bit of nostalgia. We thumbed through past editions of SRQ | The Magazine going many years back. Somewhere in the time warp that is real life, it doesn’t seem like 2009 should feel like that long ago. But it was longer ago than we like to think. That year, we launched one of our most favorite platforms, The Best of SRQ Local Competition and began a tradition of listening to our readers and publishing their favorite things each April.

Back in 2009, Libby’s Cafe and Bar was the hot new restaurant and swept many categories including, Best Salad, Best Soup, Best Chocolate Dessert, Best Service, Best Martini, Best New Restaurant and Best Place to be Seen for an After Work Drink. We’re happy to see that local favorites like Libby’s Cafe and Bar are still thriving and setting the standard for the hot, new places to eat (like their sister restaurant, Louie Modern, which took home Best Modern Cuisine in 2015).

Really, the possibilities for the winning restaurants and dishes are endless. We’re just happy that we don’t have to come up with the list ourselves – we’re sure that staff meeting would end with a litany of to go boxes and maybe a friendly screaming match over the best pizza. We are serious about pizza.

Your tastebuds can swing the vote on categories like Best Sushi, Best Breakfast, Best Modern Cuisine, Best French Fries, Best Burger, Best Seafood and Best Restaurant. Years down the line when we look back at the winners of the 2016 competition, make sure that we remember the year fondly and that our stomachs growl a little louder before lunch. Be sure that when we rush out of our office to remember the taste of the burger that won in 2016 that it’s a good one.

So what can you do to leave your mark on the 2016 Best of SRQ Local competition? You can vote. You can tell your family and friends and neighbors and people next to you in line at Pasty Art or at the Sushi Bar at Jpan or waiting for their drink at State Street Eating House to cast their ballot. You could start a Best of SRQ Local club and make it your mission to hit every hot spot in town and vote for the definitive best. Host a party at your house with takeout of your favorite dishes and get your friends to vote together. Whatever you do, support the local kitchens that make our community as tasty as it is beautiful.

The greatest thing about Best of SRQ Local is that when local restaurants win, we all win. Living Local means that each one of us gets to savor every bite of local dishes that are prepared by men and women that make our community what it is today.

Stay hungry. And vote.

See you in April,
The Best of SRQ Local Team


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