Dear Pimento Cheese, Thank You. (And we’ll see you at Bal Masque)

Southern favorite (or is it a delicacy?) pimento cheese will be on the menu at Bal Masqué on October 3rd.

Southern favorite (or is it a delicacy?) pimento cheese will be on the menu at Bal Masqué on October 3rd.

Recently, the SRQ Team gathered around the kitchen island in our beautiful studio and snacked on pimento cheese. Homemade for a birthday celebration, we all shared stories on how our own favorite recipes of this time-honored spread are made. The beauty of pimento cheese is that no two recipes are exactly alike. Easy to make and the perfect bite to bring to a party or lunch, when following a tattered family recipe, there’s not many ways you can go wrong making this southern delicacy.

In our opinion, pimento cheese is the belle of the proverbial southern food ball. She has humble roots – often stored in well-worn Tuperware and eaten on a fold over sandwich over the kitchen sink, pimento cheese can now be found gracing menus of high-class establishments from New York to San Francisco and Portland to Miami. We can’t help feel a little nostalgic about pimento cheese in a way that the rest of the country may not understand. We are proud of her – making her mark on this big world (especially coming from such humble beginnings). And don’t dare mess with her—she needs no fancy ingredients to make her expensive or pretentious. Simple is best when it comes to this classic dish. She is just fine the way she is, no need for caviar or bacon or imported cheeses.

In an era when southern food is having a moment, we couldn’t be more excited about the menu for Bal Masqué on October 3rd. All of your favorites will be there. Traditional classics like shrimp and grits will be served up alongside elegant interpretations of simple southern staples. Come hungry! The talented team of culinary experts at Fete Catering have crafted a menu that will make your mouth water. Of course, we would never neglect the cocktail menu, either. This year, craft spirits will be served with Tito’s Handcrafted Vodka and Siesta Key Rum and an assortment of imported and local beers, and wine will be available at each bar.

Pimento cheese will be there. We think you should be, too. Tickets to Bal Masqué are available online at SRQBALMASQUE.COM.

See you on October 3rd!

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