Seasons Greetings! Join the SRQ Holidays At Home Gift Guide

2015_11_Holiday Gift Guide_web

‘Tis the season to get ready for the holidays! Before you know it, bells will be ringing and lights will twinkle outside along the streets. As shoppers prepare their lists this November, be sure they’re ready to shop local! We’re introducing the Holidays At Home gift guide in the November 2015 edition of SRQ to promote local stores and wares for every gift giver in town.

Editorially inspired, this special section is designed with “making a list and checking it twice” in mind. Each participant will feature a product image of their choosing, a brief section of copy (enticing buyers to get the perfect gift at their shop), and contact information (a great way to share your holiday hours!).

Options are available for full, half and quarter pages. We hope you’ll join us for a holiday shopping experience like none other! And since Holidays At Home is brought to shoppers by the same people delivering the very best ways to live local every month, we know they’ll be ready to gift fabulous finds from the Gulf Coast to everyone on their list.

If you’d like to join the list of premier shops in Sarasota and beyond, let us know at GROWMYBUSINESS@SRQME.COM

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

The SRQ Team

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