SRQ Welcomes Art Director and Senior Designer Anthony Casto


Meet Anthony Casto, SRQ Magazine Art Director. Photo Credit: Gene Pollux

There’s nothing quite like welcoming a new member to the SRQ Team. We, of course, pepper said individual with questions and make it our mission to get to know every little thing about them. Our new Art Director and Senior Designer Anthony Casto was welcomed to the SRQ fold last month and has stepped up and fit right in with our team.

Genuine and fun from his very first day, Anthony is as valued for his amazing design work as he is for being a great officemate that challenges us to think creatively about the way we do everything. One of the things we all appreciate is that he is dedicated to his craft. He is one of those people that can pinpoint the exact moment when he knew how he intended to spend the rest of his life, “It began with a larger than life cover image, the feel and even the rustic smell of the freshly printed pages of my first comic book. It was the bold, graphic, visual story-telling and adventurous pace that grabbed my attention.” From that moment on, he set out to become a graphic designer.

As we understand it, Anthony not only knew exactly how he would spend his life’s work – he was also an early bloomer. Getting a jump start on his dream of art and visual design, Anthony earned a two year Commercial Arts degree in design and advertising before he even graduated high school. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2001 for Graphic Design and Advertising in his home state of Ohio.
Not only does Anthony posses a natural knack for telling a story through art and design, he has also picked up tricks of the trade in previous positions. In newspaper publishing, he was able to revitalize the design and functionality (emphasis on FUNctionality) with a community publication. He has worked for various publications in the region and has generously served a startup magazine in an advisory role, and even became a “creative engineer” for a philanthropic publication, working to spread the word on charitable organizations that really make a difference in peoples’ lives.
Anthony’s talent has received recognition from the Charlie Awards of the Florida Magazine Association, The Florida Press Club and Florida Society of News Editors. In 2013, he was awarded Employee of the Year for hard work and good character in the sight of his superiors, community and peers. Though we’ve only worked with Anthony for a little while, we’re not surprised by that distinction in the least.
At home, Anthony’s passion are his two young kids, musical musings on his guitar or drum set and a nightly bowl of cereal before bed. In his spare time, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’s working out – a major tenant of Anthony’s life is clean eating and physical fitness.
Please join us in welcoming Anthony to the SRQ Family!

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