This August Connect with Families with SRQ’s Back2School Guide

The summer is peaking around the corner – the promise of long days at the beach and no homework are upon us. Every year around this time our internal clocks start to run a little slower to make way for the dog days ahead. One part of summer break is as certain as daylight savings time: back to school season!

As families everywhere unwind for a couple of lovely months this summer, don’t miss the chance to reach them with messaging on preparing for the coming school year in SRQ’s Back2School Guide. New clothes? A fresh pair of shoes for gym class? A protractor? Or even an annual check-up? Whatever your business specializes in – join us in August to get local families prepped for the fall. From private tutoring and classes to music lessons, from sports to braces, from memberships at local attractions to birthday parties, reach families looking for your help to make their children’s school year a success!

The August issue of SRQ Magazine will feature a special Back2School section devoted to all the necessary purchases and requirements before the coming year. We’ll be sure your business makes the grade when it comes to prepping the Suncoast for another year of reading, writing and arithmetic.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, email today for more information!


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