Why You Should Be at SB2: Taking Care

There is nothing more precious in life than your health. Each month, we devote an entire column in our magazine to health and wellness – and this month, we’re taking the show on the road. On May 28th, SRQ | The Magazine is hosting SB2: Taking Care – Advancements in Women’s Health. As far as experts go, our panel is a sure-fire bet to shed light on the most important and pressing issues in physical and mental wellness for women. You should join us, it will be good for you!

Meet the Panelists: 

Dr. John P. Fezza, MD, Cosmetic Facial Surgeon
Center For Sight

Chippy Nalluri, M.D., Cardiologist
Heart Specialists of Sarasota 

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan, Dermatologic Surgeon
Founder SkinSmart Dermatology

Christina M. de Guia, Psychiatrist
Private Practice

What We’ll Cover:
The topic of women’s health is incredibly broad, but we promise to cover with our panelists the most innovative advancements in preventative care, specialized procedures and treatments and ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle as women age. If you have a burning question about the state of health care in Sarasota, if you’re looking to explore new and emerging specialties, or if you’re just looking for general guidance in selecting specialized physicians or care, join us.
Take care,
The SRQ Team

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