Meet Nina Edelsbacher: Newgate School Intern

Newgate intern, Nina Edelsbacher with the SRQ Team. Photo Credit: Lisl Liang

Newgate intern, Nina Edelsbacher with the SRQ Team. Photo Credit: Lisl Liang

Last week, the team at SRQ Magazine had quite a treat in the form of a week-long intern from NewGate School. Nina Edelsbacher is a 7th grade student with a penchant for magazines, writing and planning events. As part of her curriculum, she spent the week away from the classroom and in our office to learn a little bit about the publishing industry.

Over the course of the week, her assignments included interviews, blog posts, attending a few SRQ events (including helping us prepare for the Best of SRQ Local Pop-up Preview. Her favorite assignment was a great illustration of what a project is like here at SRQ Studios. “The assignment that I liked working on the most was an article about Mote Marine’s Turtle Run. It was exciting to interview someone, because I have never done something like that before. I had to do a lot of research about the fundraisers and the program. It’s different than what I usually do, but definitely fun.”

With such amazing talent at such a young age, we can’t help but hope that Nina will stick around the Sarasota area…although her dreams may lead her to another path. “I really want to travel when I’m older and see the world. I’d like to write about what I see and what I experience while I am there. But I also really like event planning. I still have time to figure that out, but for now I’m really interested in journalism.”

Nina Edlesbacher (center), with Gunter Edelsbacher (left) and Michael Dunaway. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Nina Edlesbacher (center) with Guenther Edelsbacher (left) and Michael Dunaway at the Sarasota Film Festival kick-off party. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

We know that wherever Nina ends up, she will surely be an incredible force. Special thanks to Nina for spending the week with us and for energizing us with her questions, fun spirit and enthusiasm.

SRQ Magazine has a recognized professional internship program developed to provide college students, high school juniors and seniors and post-secondary graduates hands-on experience in the areas of editorial, event production, photography, design, marketing, business operations and advertising. If you are looking for experience over the summer and would like to be considered, email your resume to Click here to see intern position postings for this summer’s class.

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