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SB2: What We Learned About Retirement, Our Aging Community and Workateering

Panelists with Moderator Wes Roberts. From L to R: Kelly Caldwell, Erin McLeod, Wes Roberts, Kathy Black, Robert Karnick, Aubrey Lynch and Tim Hearon.

Panelists with Moderator Wes Roberts. From L to R: Kelly Caldwell, Erin McLeod, Wes Roberts, Kathy Black, Robert Karnick, Aubrey Lynch and Tim Hearon. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

At SB2 last week, a crowd gathered early to get an answer to a big question: is retirement still retirement? We, too, were curious. In fact, we were so curious that we assembled some of the most knowledgeable people we know in their respective fields to get their perspective. We had a lot of ground to cover – from financial and estate planning to employment opportunities for the aging, life expectancies and even universal design. But with the help of our esteemed panelists, we got some answers and feel better prepared to navigate the road ahead.

Aubrey Lynch of CS&L CPAs served as the opening presenter. Specializing in estate planning, Aubrey provided the perfect introduction for the symposium. Florida is an attractive state for relocation – and retirees in particular, due to the state’s friendly tax environment. In serving families that have lost a loved one, or a surviving spouse, Aubrey reminded those in attendance that when planning for the future proper communication is the most valuable preparation anyone can provide.

Panelist Robert Karnick answers a question during the panel discussion.

Panelist Robert Karnick answers a question during the panel discussion. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Of all the ground our panelists covered, the most important ideas for our region can be boiled down to this:

1. If you can, work longer.

  • People are living longer. It’s a fact. And the longer we live, the more expenses we incur. If the age of retirement remains constant at 65 without taking into account the increasing life expectancy, retirees could find themselves in unexpected financial hardship. Kelly Caldwell of Caldwell Trust Company recommends an exercise in expectation in order to plan realistically. “First, you need to determine what is your desired quality of life.” Meeting with a planning professional can help you set attainable goals for the future and can bring perspective to your planning. “If you can, work longer. If you can work part-time in retirement, you should.”
  • Echoing that sentiment, Kathy Black, Ph.D Professor of Social Work and Gerontology, University of South Florida at Sarasota/Manatee shared news from a recent study. “Work as long as you can. Save as long as you can.”
  • Programs and organizations like Boomerswork, operated by panelist Tim Hearon are working to change the way employers think about hiring boomers. “Our mission is to help employers think in a different paradigm by embracing hourly, monthly an even flexible payment scenarios.” 

2. As you age, utilize the resources available to maintain a high quality of life. 

  • With the rapid advancements in technology, we can expect that new and emerging products will make daily life much more accommodating for the aging. Robert Karnick of ROBRADY Designs clued us in on what we can expect. “With home heath care, we will see a convergence of medical devices and consumer products.” The takeaway here is that it will become increasingly easier for individuals to take responsibility of their health with the introduction of new technology. We were particularly interested in his mention of consumer products that would assist in monitoring the health and wellness of the elderly-transforming the role of the caretaker. “These technologies would give you peace of mind as we care for aging parents.”
  • Take advantage of programming that will keep you engaged, social and involved. Erin McLeod of The Friendship Centers touched on the importance of caring for seniors on both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. “The Rubin Center for Healthy Aging serves low income seniors over the age of 50. Serving them are retired doctors and health care professionals. In the parking lot is everything from bicycles to Lexuses.” Erin also introduced us to a new word, “workateering” – she has met many senior volunteers throughout the years with storied careers that need an outlet. They are committed to keeping themselves sharp and active by working or volunteering in their field for a small amount of pay.

3. Have a plan.

  • Though it may be uncomfortable, make your wishes known. It is never too early. All too often, surviving family members spend the time immediately following the death of a loved one engaged in a legal battle over assets. “Get your plans done so that the legacy you leave is not that your kids don’t speak to each other” says Kelly Caldwell.
  • Communicate” says Aubrey Lynch. Surviving spouses are left in a precarious situation and can feel helpless. Sometimes it is an uncomfortable situation to have, but it is important to think about.”

4. Get ready, we’re about to be front and center. 

  • It is no secret that we live in the midst of an aging population. According to Erin McLeod, 40% of our local population is over the age of 60. And since the entire population of the US is aging, all eyes will be on our area to see care for and accommodate a large elderly population. Her advice, “start cultivating best practices now. We have 125,000 seniors in our community and only 5,000 nursing home beds.” Tim Hearon of Boomerswork acknowledges the situation ahead of us when it comes to the way we are preparing for high amounts of caregiving, “We should be the flagship for the whole country.”
Members of the audience listen to the panel discussion.

Members of the audience listen to the panel discussion. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

The bottom line is that there are an incredible amount of resources in our community for the elderly and aging to get involved, to work, to volunteer and to effectively plan for the road ahead.

Special thanks to CS&L CPAs for sponsoring this event and recognizing the importance of this topic in our community. To view photos of the event, click here.

A Fashionable Affair: Lafayette 148 Runway Show with Lisl Liang

SRQ CEO and Editor in Chief, Lisl Lian with models of the Lafayette 148 Resort Wear models and Creative Director Edward Wilkerson.

SRQ CEO and Editor in Chief, Lisl Liang with models of the Lafayette 148 Resort Collection and Creative Director Edward Wilkerson. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

It’s not everyday that we find ourselves on a runway with a notable fashion design company, but on January 22nd SRQ CEO and Editor in Chief Lisl Liang was front and center with Lafayette 148 New York’s Creative Director Edward Wilkerson for a collection preview. Together they introduced the gorgeous 2015 Resort Collection at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Mall at University Town Center. With each look that fluttered down the runway, the flawless composition, feminine silhouettes and luxurious fabrics delighted the audience.

As each look was introduced, Wilkerson elaborated on the texture, print, construction and silhouette trends represented in each piece. Among the notable traits of the collection are several looks inspired from his very own artwork. Transforming Wilkerson’s paintings of bold florals, delicate watercolors and edgy impasto designs onto fabric lends a personal touch to the variety of looks within the seasonal line.

Attendees take in the gorgeous 2015 Resort Wear Collection of Lafayette 148 New York in Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at University Town Center.

Attendees take in the gorgeous 2015 Resort Collection of Lafayette 148 New York in Saks Fifth Avenue at The Mall at University Town Center. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

The collection of dresses and stylish separates are carefully crafted out of lightweight materials in styles that work perfectly for warm days and sophisticated summer nights. The construction of each piece is a nod to the season: incorporating airy lace with leather adds a feminine edge and lightness that is fresh and easy to wear. Suiting in breezy whites and flowing silks embody the enviable, breezy look of resort style. Always on-trend, Lafayette 148’s leather looks are virtually weightless and lined to keep you fashionably cool – no matter the rising temperature.

Bold prints in delicate fabrics were the highlight of Lafayette 148's 2015 Resort collection. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Bold prints in delicate fabrics were on display at Lafayette 148’s 2015 Resort collection runway show. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

has had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Lafayette 148 through our partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue. As sponsor of our Women In Business program, Saks Fifth Avenue hosts the members of the SRQ Women in Business Leadership Circle for a monthly breakfast series in Sophie’s restaurant. Recognizing the uncanny parallels of the SRQ celebration of outstanding women in our community and Lafayette 148’s #WomenWeLove social media campaign, a friendship between our brands has blossomed.

Lisl Liang and Edward Wilkerson are all smiles during the runway show.

Lisl Liang and Edward Wilkerson are all smiles during the Lafayette 148 New York runway show. Photo Credit: Evan Sigmund

Find out more about Edward’s inspiration and his creative vision for the Lafayette 148 New York by picking up copy of the January issue of SRQ | The Magazine. Photos from the Resort 2015 runway show can be viewed here.

Special thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue for hosting SRQ at this event, and to Lafayette 148 for including us in their amazing show.

Cool Sh!t – Animation Event at Ringling College 1/30

SRQ Magazine is proud to support events at Ringling College of Art and Design through student and faculty publication, Landline.

SRQ Magazine is proud to support events at Ringling College of Art and Design through student and faculty publication, Landline.

Well, if anyone were to ever know the definition of Cool Sh!t, our money is on the students of Ringling College of Art and Design. On January 30th at 8pm, student organization “The Designimators” are going public with this knowledge and they’re ready to educate the rest of us.

Made up of 40 student members and five officers of The Motion Design Department, The Designimators are showcasing their amazing talents at the upcoming Motion Design Exhibition, COOL SH!T, on Friday, January 30 from 8- 10 pm. Entirely student planned, promoted and produced, the Designimators are pleased to feature over 60 submissions in the exhibition.

With five monitors (one designated for each student level and one featuring all submissions with sound), this event encourages audience interaction and mingling. Submissions highlight the entire motion design process: starting with storyboards outlining the creative process, style frames that carefully illustrate the envisioned piece and the animated segment.

SRQ is proud to promote these and other on-campus events in partnership with Landline and the students of Ringling College of Art and Design.

Stop by Ringling College’s Exhibition Hall next Friday to be blown away by the young talent in our community. Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served. For a map of the Ringling College of Art and Design campus, click here.

See you there!

Behind The Scenes: Best of SRQ Local Votes

The 2015 Best of SRQ Local polls are open through midnight, February 14, 2015.

The 2015 Best of SRQ Local polls are open through midnight, February 14, 2015.

We are nearing the home stretch for voting in the annual 2015 Best of SRQ Local Competition! With a month left in the competition, it’s fair to say that anything can happen!

Throughout the competition we’ve been reminding you to vote for your favorite locations, businesses (and even moments in our local history) that inspire you to live local. And you’ve obliged – showing up in record numbers to tell us about the best of the best in our community.

While we can’t share any spoilers of who’s in the lead, we will give you a sneak peek at the hardest-hitting categories.

The way into your hearts is clearly through the stomach, with two of the top three categories simmering away in the food group. Coming in at first place, Best Breakfast. In third place, Best Local Burger. Hungry yet? …And establishing what we already know about the heart of this great community, the second highest hit category: Best Local Non–Profit.

But why stop voting now? With a month left, there’s still time to support your very favorite places around town. Polls are open through midnight on February 14, 2015. Winners will be announced in the April 2015 edition of SRQ Magazine. Visit Best of SRQ Local site to cast your ballot.

Get the word out. Tell your friends. Vote local. Live Local.

Marketing Opportunity: Show Us Your (Home) Makeover!

Reserve your spot in the March edition Home Makeovers: House + Home Roundtable today!

Reserve your spot in the March edition Home Makeovers: House + Home Roundtable today!

The days of winter are starting to dwindle and before you know it, spring will be in the air. Spring – that glorious time of year when the days get longer, the weather is perfect and you’re suddenly inspired to clean and organize every square inch of your home. Some of our readers will take this annual Spring Cleaning ritual to new heights this year and seek out a team of experts to get their homes in tip-top shape.

Seize the season this spring and join forces with SRQ to get the word out on your company’s most inspiring home makeovers! From boosting curb appeal to stately additions to interior refreshes, the March issue is the right time to show your best before-and-afters. Featuring the winners of the Annual Home of the Year Awards, this edition is a local authority of home improvement, architectural beauty and notable interior design (not to mention a mainstay on our readers’ coffee tables for months to come)!

Space closes soon, so contact a member of our team today at

The SRQ Media Marketing Team

SRQ Announces 2nd Annual Women in Business Competition 2015 Judges

The 2015 SRQ Women In Business Judges. From L to R: Wanda Lipscomb-Vasquez, Jo Watson Hackl, Donna Orender, Bond, Nancy Whitworth, Jill Langford Dame, LOS

The 2015 SRQ Women In Business Judges. From L to R: Wanda Lipscomb-Vasquez, Jo Watson Hackl, Donna Orender, Sam Bond, Nancy Whitworth, Jill Langford Dame, Linda Simmons

This January, SRQ | The Magazine produces the second annual Women in Business Competition, recognizing women who have made meaningful contributions to the Sarasota and Bradenton communities through their business, non-profit and philanthropic endeavors. Local community residents will be asked to nominate women who they believe are deserving of recognition. Nominees have the opportunity to submit formal applications sharing their stories of success. Our panel of judges will review and identify the finalists and winners. This year, our judges panel is represented by successful women from Tampa Bay, Melbourne and Jacksonville, FL and Greenville, SC. Nominees, finalists and winners will be recognized in the May 2015 edition of SRQ.

Meet the 2015 Women in Business Judges:

Sam Bond, president and owner, Sam Bond Benefit Group, is president and owner of Sam Bond Benefit Group, an agency focused on fulfilling small business insurance needs and an Associate Member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). She currently serves on the Board of Network of Executive Women, a thirty year old professional association.

Linda Simmons, president and CEO, R.R. Simmons Construction Corporation, is president and CEO of various entities that comprise the R.R. Simmons family of companies, including R.R. Simmons Construction Corporation, a Tampa based Design/Builder of commercial and industrial facilities. She has been a member and/or board member of a number of business and professional organizations including the Tampa Bay Chapter of CREW, the Brandon Chamber of Commerce and the Mid Florida Chapter of Associated General Contractors, among others. A philanthropist, Linda also served on the United Way of Tampa Bay Board of Directors and was a founder of UW Women’s Leadership Program.

Wanda Lipscomb-Vasquez, director, Florida Institute of Technology Women’s Business Center is the director of the Women’s Business Center at FIT where she consults start-up businesses and works with the Women’s Business Center to grow the IGNITE 360 mentoring program for second-stage businesses. As co-owner of Acureach Consulting LLC, Wanda helped small to mid-size companies develop effective business models and profit-driven cost structures through a research-based approach.

Jo Watson Hackl, attorney, Wyche, P.A., is an attorney with Wyche, P.A., in Greenville, South Carolina where she concentrates her practice in corporate and securities law. She is past President of the Greenville County Bar Association and was selected by The Best Lawyers in America listing as the 2015 Greenville Business Organizations “Lawyer of the Year.” She is a Liberty Fellow and Riley Fellow and has been recognized as a “Woman of Achievement” by the YWCA. She was the first woman to serve as Chair of the Greenville Area Development Corporation. She also serves on the Boards of the United Way of Greenville County, EMRYS and Camperdown Academy.

Nancy Whitworth, deputy city manager, director of economic development, City of Greenville,  is responsible for commercial and neighborhood revitalization, downtown development, business recruitment and retention, planning and zoning and building codes. A native South Carolinian, she has been in Greenville for over thirty years and has played an integral role in Greenville’s transformation. Nancy is also a member of The University Center of Greenville, Inc., Board of Trustees, Greenville Professional Women’s Forum, Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) Upstate and Clemson University Advancement Board for Real Estate Development.

Jill Langford Dame, executive director, Leadership Jacksonville, Inc.,  is a longtime resident of Jacksonville, Florida. She has served as a volunteer and consultant to nonprofit organizations focusing on organizational development, fundraising, and strategic planning. Jill has served as president of the Junior League of Jacksonville, PACE Center for Girls Jacksonville, the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida and Willing Hands. Jill currently serves as the executive director of Leadership Jacksonville, Inc. Her many honors and recognitions include being chosen as a 2013 Women of Distinction by Girl Scouts of Gateway Council and a 2014 Woman of Influence by the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Donna Orender, CEO, Orender Unlimited, is a recognized leader and business executive. The Jacksonville based company assists other companies and people in making a transformational impact in their own lives and the marketplace. Donna recently launched GENERATION W, a brand focused on educating, inspiring, and connecting women and girls. Most recently, Donna served six years as the president of the Women’s National Basketball Association. Serving as the league’s second president, her focused management resulted in growth in every business metric, including sponsorship, attendance, television ratings, digital growth, and merchandise sales.


Nominations for the 2015 Women in Business Competition open on Monday, January 12 and close on Friday, February 6, 2015. To make a nomination, visit SRQMAG.COM/HearMeRoar. For information on the 2015 SRQ Women in Business competition, please visit SRQMAG.COM

Our Resolution: Live Local in 2015, January Edition of SRQ Is Here

The January 2015 Edition of SRQ Magazine hits newsstands on New Years Day.

The January 2015 Edition of SRQ Magazine hits newsstands on New Years Day.

Happy New Year! We’re not shy about sharing our resolution: celebrating the region by living local! And the January edition of SRQ is full of reasons to celebrate. We are taking a deep look into some of Sarasota’s most precious cultural gems; the circus, theater, locally designed art and artists, the decisive art of sports and the creativity of fine cuisine. SRQ is proud to provide you a peek into the creative process of fashion design with Edward Wilkerson, creative director of international fashion brand Lafayette 148 New York. Especially significant, this feature story embodies our partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue for the Women In Business program and Lafayette 148 New York’s support of our very own local business leaders through their Women We Love campaign.

Join us for an inspired look at the legacy of John Ringling – our city’s undeniable patriarch. Masterfully imagined by Senior Editor Jacob Ogles, this feature has changed the lens with which we view our great city. We wish you a healthy, happy and fulfilling New Year. Join our resolution and purchase your copy of SRQ Magazine today and live local.