Ringling College of Art and Design and SRQ Media Join Forces

Connectivity makes the world go ‘round. And in today’s modern age of technology, staying up to speed on events and news is easier and more important than ever before. At SRQ Media, we are pleased to partner with Ringling College of Art and Design in a media exchange with one goal in mind: engaging both of our audiences in the local creative community.


Enter Landline, an online publication at the college started by the Student Government Association in the 2012-2013 academic year as a printed newspaper aimed at better communicating news, happenings and events with the student population. As Landline has evolved, it has grown into a source of inspiration for and reflection of the college. Now Landline will also feature arts, culture, design, architecture and networking events in the community curated by the editorial team of SRQ DAILY to engage students, faculty, prospective students, alumni and recruiters with the local Sarasota and Bradenton creative class. Robson Tan, second year Advertising Design student and Editor in Chief of Landline notes its potential to connect prospective students to the campus community, “we want to be a source of information that can help them better understand the college and be interested in us.”


Robson Tan and Megan, students of Ringling College of Art and Design and editors of Landline.


Nazanin Varasteh, a former Ringling College alumni and strategist for the Business of Art and Design program, Robson Tan and President of the Ringling College Student Government Meghan Cole approached SRQ Media President & CEO, Lisl Liang about a partnership aimed to connect the student publication to the broader, local audience. By creating a mutual flow of communication between Ringling and the Sarasota community, this collaboration provides students the opportunity to become more invested in the community and likewise to engage the community with the Ringling College community and its students. As Tan put it, “we want to encourage students to explore their interests by going out there—to take in all the sights, sounds, be involved, network, and ultimately, to have fun!” Thank you to Dean Eisner, a Ringling College trustee and local BIG concept founder for making the introductions.

SRQ Daily will promote upcoming Ringling College related happenings weekly (including gallery openings, student art, performances and the like) in a dedicated promotional column called @Ringling. Conversely, SRQ Daily will curate upcoming community events and opportunities to appear in Landline. This exchange of information represents an extended invitation to the community to explore Ringling College, get to know the incredible talent on campus and enjoy the creative work of the student body.

To receive SRQ Daily and explore @Ringling directly from your inbox, subscribe to our free enewspaper at www.srqmagazine.com. Learn more about Ringling College and experience Landline for yourself by visiting ringlinglandline.com and bookmarking the page—you’ll definitely be back for more! Stay connected with Landline on social media by following their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Special thanks to the @Ringling team, Nazanin Varasteh, Robson Tan and Meghan Cole.


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