SRQ “Where the Votes Are” Returns for November Election Findings Presentation, 11/19/2014


SRQ Magazine hosted a group of influential local political watchers at our studios on Wednesday to review recent November general election results. The morning was cold, but the group assembled enjoyed coffee and bagels along with their morning dose of political repartee to start off their day. “Where the Votes Are,” presented by Senior Editor and political guru Jacob Ogles, has become a mainstay in our community. As the voter demographic information becomes available, Jacob spends hours reviewing the voter statistics and prepares a presentation divulging the biggest upsets of the political scene.



This presentation included his findings on the more notable races in our area – particularly that of U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan, the gubernatorial race, Florida Right to Medicinal Marijuana Initiative, and the voter demographic relating to age, race and party breakdown.




A few of his key findings included:

  1. Democrats produced a higher turnout than most counties in the state but Republican turnout far outpaced that.
  2. Running with party ID is better than running with none, as NPAs only did well in absence of a Dem, and then only among Dem voters
  3. White voters were the only racial demographic to come out at greater than 50 percent turnout. Similarly, only voters over the age of 40 turned out at that rate.
  4. The vast bulk of turnout for Dems was in the City of Sarasota, where Dems won for Governor, Congress and County Commission. North Port was close, with Scott winning by 500 of 19,000 votes. Venice and Longboat Key trended Republican.
  5. Marsh did well in some Republican areas like LBK, but he trailed in much of South County, including North Port.
  6. Both parties now have solid GOTV mechanisms, but sheer mass keeps the county firmly in GOP control



Special thanks to those who joined us bright and early on Wednesday morning. To view Jacob’s presentation and key findings online, visit, Dig Data. Photos from Wednesday’s event can be viewed on CLICKSRQ.COM, click here.

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