Meet SRQ Marketing and Business Associate Gina White


Photo Credit: Senior Photographer Evan Sigmund

When it comes to executing events and marketing strategies for our great partners, it helps to have an extra set of hands to pitch in and help out. Luckily for SRQ Media our help has come in the form of the ultimate go-getter, Gina White.

Gina comes to SRQ as a 2014 graduate of the University of North Florida. There, she received a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication and Public Relations and a minor in Psychology. When it comes to work, Gina sticks to the motto “’don’t think, just do.’ When my former boss told me this in the midst of a hectic day, it stuck with me. Sometimes we are faced with situations where we don’t have time to think, we just have to take the initiative and go for it.” That can-do spirit of Gina’s was hard at work in the busy preparation for SRQ’s inaugural Bal Masqué Gala, where she assisted in managing guest lists and event execution. Gina attributes her collegiate experience for preparing her for event work, and cultivating a love for event production.

When it comes to long-term career ambitions, Gina is focused more on what she can learn in the moment and who she is shaping to be holistically than a particular title. “I believe life has a way of falling into place. With a goal in mind, things can and will come together. I may not know the specifics of my career ambitions, but I do know that my goal is to be a positive role model, and inspiration and a determined leader working for a company that I truly believe in.”

No stranger to hard work, Gina knows how to keep herself busy. In addition to serving on the SRQ team, she has two part time jobs. In her free time, she enjoys shopping at thrift stores and antique shops, undertaking DIY home projects, traveling, and baking. She is the lucky caretaker of Prince, her brother’s adorable pit bull. “Don’t tell my brother, but I’m not giving him back!”

Gina is Sarasota born and raised. After four years of college in Jacksonville, she is glad to be back to the Sun Coast. Her favorite beach spot is Siesta Key, not only for the beauty of the beach – but because for Gina, it is a perfect piece of childhood nostalgia.


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