Bal Masque Beneficiaries Dedicated to Serving Children

Leaders the four Bal Masqué Gala beneficiaries gathered at the Sarasota Opera House for a photo shoot celebrating the mission behind the magic of this Saturday’s event. Dressed in elegant finery and donning ornate masks, executives from the Child Protection Center, Circus Arts Conservatory, Suncoast Charities for Children and Suncoast Science Center shared their thoughts about how each organization works in its own way to support the mission of supporting and improving the lives of children in our community.



Doug Staley, Executive Director of Child Protection Center said, “We are committed to breaking the cycle of child abuse through prevention, intervention and education. Through CPC’s five core programs, it serves over 30,000 children per year.  Children are our future and we provide resources to protect and serve children so they can survive and thrive. “

Ping Faulhaber, Executive Director of the Suncoast Science Center said, “We provide a brighter future for our children through science, technology, engineering and math. We open doors to opportunity by providing our children with practical skills, strategic thinking and is a gateway for them to develop their potential, creativity, and provide them with invaluable tools that will lead to success on their career path and in life. “

Lucy Nicandri, Executive Director of Suncoast Charities for Children, said “Through partnerships with 5 various nonprofits, we serve and support approximately 8,000 special needs children and provides them with the services they need to thrive in our community.”

Jennifer Mitchell, Managing Director of the Circus Arts Conservatory said, “In fostering and stewarding the nation’s longest running youth circus with over 10,000 local graduates, we inspire, nurture and develop children’s skills and abilities through circus arts. Through the classroom education and training in the big top, Circus Arts Conservatory melds performance and athletics teaches leadership, team building and self-confidence.”

Buy Tickets: Every ticket purchased online will provide our guests with the opportunity to support one of these great organizations. Join us this Saturday, October 4, 2014 at the Sarasota Opera House for SRQ’s Bal Masqué Gala.


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