SRQ Bal Masqué Performance Partner Preview: Fuzión Dance Artists

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On Saturday, July 26, 2014, SRQ Media’s Marketing and Accounts Development Director Kelly Christiansen and Marketing Associate Devon Tallman attended a dress rehearsal performed by SRQ’s Bal Masqué performance partner, Fuzión Dance Artists.

Rehearsal Picture

As the dancers stretched and warmed up, Christiansen spoke with President of the Board, Muriel Gordon Mayers. (Coincidentally, they had already met as neighbors when Christiansen relocated to Sarasota from Chicago this spring.) In 2006, when Fuzión Dance was founded, Mayers was asked to become part of the Board of Directors, so Fuzión Dance Artists could continue as a professional contemporary dance company.


Mayers said, “I asked one question, ‘Do they look professional?’ and when I saw them, I was blown away by the quality and creativity and have been with it ever since. They have developed into a strong professional dance company and they are the modern dance company in this community.”

For this particular rehearsal, Kira Blazek, dancer, teacher, and choreographer provided guidance to the dancers. With every lift, twist, and turn the dancers made, Blazek noted the strengths and weaknesses of the dance, and presented her guidance to the dancers at the end of the performance. Among the performers was Leymis Bolaños Wilmott, the Artistic Director, Co-Founder, Choreographer, and Community Outreach Coordinator of Fuzión Dance Artists, who Blazek said helped her make the decision to collaborate with Fuzión Dance Artists in Sarasota.

Blazek said, “Leymis came to one of my classes in New York and said, ‘come to Sarasota.’ And we have been in partnership ever since. This company attitude is so warm. It is like a family here.”

 Want more of a behind the scenes look at Fuzión Dance? Click to watch our exclusive sneak peek at these dancers in action and join us on October 4, 2014, for a one-of-a-kind performance by Fuzión Dance Artists at Bal Masqué, held at the Sarasota Opera House. Tickets can be purchased at WWW.SRQBALMASQUE.COM


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